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Work Experience Activities :   Class IX         Class X

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SA-II Examination 2016-17

Class IX

Class X

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WT-4: Date sheet & Syllabus

Solution for WT-4 Question Papers:

Class IX:    English   Social Science    Hindi     Science    Math

Class X:     Math   Science    English    Hindi   Social Science

Solution for WT-3 Question Papers:

Class IX:    English  Social Science   Hindi    Science    Math

Class X:     Math   Science   English    Hindi   Social Science


Math Worksheet 1-Quadratic Equations
Worksheet 2-Arithmetic Progressions
Worksheet 3 - Circles

Worksheet 1 - Linear Equations (Objective Type)
Worksheet 2 - Areas of Parallelogram and Triangles (Objective Type)
Worksheet 3 - Quadrilaterals (Objective Type)

English Reference Material for WT-3
Reference Material - SA II
Reference Material - SAII (Julius Ceaser)
English Reference material for Letter Writing Tasks
Extra Notes for WT-3
Reference material for SA2 (Literature)
Biology Worksheet-1 Biology

Worksheet - WT 2

Physics Worksheet 1
Worksheet 2
Physics Worksheet-WT2

CCE Presentation : 2016-2017 :



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