House System

To create a sense of belongingness and cultivate feelings of loyalty students of the senior school are divided into following House:

Subroto, Arjan, Pratap, Latif and Katre

  • Each house has a house warden who along with a team of house tutors prepares students for IHA (Inter-House Activities)
  • A large number of Inter-House activities are planned for Academic Session.
  • The house T-shirt is to be worn by the students every Thursday for House Assembly and when they participate in IHA.
  • The House on duty will maintain the display board for a month. 
  • Points will be awarded to each House of each IHA.


April      -   Subroto                   

 May      -  Pratap

July      -   Latif.

August - Katre

September- Arjan

October- Subroto

November- Pratap

December- Latif

January- Katre

February- Arjan

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