There are a number of Clubs in the School with their set of activities. They are as follows:



Home Science Club

To develop aesthetic skills and make students self-reliant.

Mathematics Club


To recognise the utility of maths in daily life and develop inductive and

deductive reasoning

Sculpture Club


To depict objects in 3D form and encourage creative expression through

various mediums and forms

Aero modelling Club


To promote a scientific temper, mechanical ability, innovation and

application of scientific concepts

Literati Club

To promote reading, research and creative expression

EVS Club

To sensitise students to environmental issues

Heritage Club

To create awareness and appreciation of Indian cultural heritage

Music Club

(Vocal and Instrumental)

To promote expression through melody


Consumer Club

To create awareness on consumer rights and responsibilities

Quiz Club

To light the fire for knowledge

Computer Science Club


To enhance the technical and practical skills of students and increase

awareness about latest software

Electronics Club


To undertake projects that involve making household gadgets and other


Painting Club

To encourage creative expression and still life composition.

Health & Wellness Club

Promoting health awareness and a wholesome lifestyle


Compassionately connecting with the community

Astronomy Club

Inculcating an understanding and knowledge of space and the universe.

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"We can’t take any credit for our talents. It’s how we use them that counts. ~ Madeleine L’Engle "