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The Consumers’ Conclave 2017

To involve the students in the consumer movement, An Inter School Competition on consumer awareness was jointly organized by the Gen X consumer club of The Air Force School and Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) on Tuesday, 21 November 2017. The competition included two events, Poster Making-Creative Endeavours for Junior and Senior Level, Jingle Making -Jagriti in which 17 leading schools of Delhi participated.

The objective of the competition was to involve school students in the consumer movement & create awareness among the areas of consumer rights, duties & responsibilities of consumer. It was an effort to make students understand the role & importance of consumer protection & motivate them to come forward to give an outreach to the consumer movement.

The program started with a floral welcome to the Chief Guest & the Judges followed by lighting of the lamp. The Chief Guest for the function was Dr Kamlesh Mishra, Vice Chancellor Ansal University, Gurugram. The other dignities who graced the occasion are Dr. Mamta Pathania , Mr Manish M Badoriya, Mr Madhukar Maithani, Ms Apoorva Mishra, Dr. Sheetal Kapoor & Advocate C S Ashri. The panel of judges evaluated the performance and the results are as follows:

S No

Name of the Prize

Name of the School

Name of the Participants

Creative Endeavour – Poster Making(Jr Group)


III Position

RPVV, Lajpat Nagar



II Position

RPVV, Nand Nagri



I Position

Gyan Bharati School


Creative Endeavour – Poster Making(Sr Group)


III Position

Air Force Bal Bharti School



II Position

RPVV, Nand Nagri



I Position

Venkateswar International School


Jagriti – Jingle Making


III Position

Venkateswar International School


II Position

The Air Force School


I Position

RPVV, Sec-10, Dwarka

Overall Championship


Overall Championship

Venkateswar International School


    The students of class II participated in a ‘Costume Parade’ competition on the theme ‘My Favourite Cartoon Character’, on 20 Nov 2017. The little ones presented various characters, modern as well as old classic, with great gusto. The Charlie Chaplin shared space with Shizuka, Doraemon, Chota Bheem, Shaun the sheep etc. Their imagination and creativity reflected in the most innovative costumes they wore for the event. This event not only helped them in enhancing their social skills and communication skills but also helped them to gain more confidence. Their dialogue delivery and overall presentation impressed all. Certificates of appreciation was awarded to all participants to applaud the effort and enthusiasm they had put into their performance. This event helped them to learn a lot from one another which made it an incredible and magical experience for them! 


      Children of Class V were introduced to the poetic form of ‘Sonnets’ through the recitation competition organized for them on 20 November 2017. The participants recited beautiful sonnets of great early poets and learnt a few things about the old English language and the proper use of rhyme. The children learnt to recite poems with intonation and expression. They tried to understand the nuances of poetry as different from prose. Their efforts could be seen in the way they recited the poems with drama and emotion to impress the judges and the audience. The theme ‘Sonnets’ proved to help them know about famous poets like Shakespeare, Rossetti, Spencer and Tagore. Some were self-composed by our budding poets too.

      The winners of this competition are:




      Anusha Anand (V-A)

      Tanvi Mahotra (V-D)

      Shambhavi Bahuguna (V-E)


      Drishti Goel (V-E)

      Sanskaar Arora (V-C)


      Krupa Puranik (V-B)

      Navya Batra (V-D)

      Aditya Sharma (V-B)

      Swastik Ghosh (V-D)


      Aditi Mishra (V-B)

      Srishti Chauhan (V-E)

      Nishtha Verma (V-A)


        62nd ANNUAL DAY (2017-2018)
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        62nd ANNUAL DAY (2017-2018)

        The Air Force School celebrated its 62nd Annual Day on 09 November 2017. It was a memorablemoment as the school commemorated its journey of 62 years, marking the stupendous celebration.

        Speaking on the occasion Air Marshal C Hari Kumar AVSM VM VSM ADC, expressed his appreciation of the flawless event titled, Aparigraha- The Poetry of Contentment.  He remarked that today’s generation was blessed with competence, confidence and creativity- the hallmarks of success. He urged the students to dream on and think big. Addressing the teachers and parents, he urged them to keep the children safe from the dangers of technology at the same time letting them surge forth with the new advancements.

        Mrs Devika Hari Kumar gave away the prizes to students of classes XI and XII for academic and co-curricular achievements.

        The highlights of the evening were several. The melodious tunes played by the school band ‘Antarnaad’ enthralled the guests. The school band consisting of 29 members,7 girls and 22 boys, played drums and bagpipes,  led by Sachin Kanojia.

        The art and sculpture exhibition, titled Upatyaka-Landscape of the Soul, showcases the theme of “Aparigraha-The Poetry of Contentment.” The exhibits are reliefs and carvings done in plaster of Paris, and paper mache. They revolved around the lives of The Buddha, Guru Nanak Dev and Mahatma Gandhi.

        Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. This was translated into reality by the instrumentalists of TAFS through their mellifluous composition titled Udayan-The Ringing Melody. The school orchestra’s performance was based on classical ragas such as Raag Desh, Raag Kirwani, Raag Shivaranjani, Raag Todi and mishrit. The theme depicts that the night is darkest before dawn breaks.

        The welcome dance was titled Mudir Abhivadanam- The Greetings. This piece was based on Raag Malhaar. It was a fusion of Kathak and Bharatnatyam, and had a lot of mudraas and bhaavs.  The choral cadences titled Aavahan-The Divine Symphony gave the message that the smallest act of caring, has the potential to turn a life around.

        The most spectacular event of the evening was the dance drama celebrating a soul stirring message, the beauty of contentment,a panoramic view of the myriad of ways in which we can touch upon the lives of people and transform the world for a better tomorrow! Through soul stirring dialogues, powerful poetry, music and dance,children created mesmerizing designs replete with powerful messages on stage.

        In her address, the Principal, Mrs. Amita Gupta, recalling the message given by Mahatma Gandhi said that we should not develop the habit of hoarding things. Welcoming the Chief Guest and other esteemed guests,laid out the philosophy of the school. She said, “Our prime motto is to instil in our pupils the will to serve the nation and society while attaining personal enrichment.” Ma’am further said that this year’s celebration has a much broader concept- Aparigraha is the real meaningful education, the architecture of soul, that we aim to impart to our young boys and girls , to transform them into something far finer, into a selfless being which links them all to humanity.

        The evening ended with Vote of Thanks presented by the Vice Principal, Mrs. Lomina Rajiv, followed by everyone rising in honor to the tune of National Anthem. 


          “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”- Robert Frost 

          On the occasion of the Children’s Day an English Poem Recitation Competition was organized for class IV on 14th Nov 2017, in the Junior School hall. The theme for this recitation was ‘Children / Children’s Day’.  The participants showed great enthusiasm and zeal and recited their chosen poems with confidence.  The poems reminded us of the simplicity of childhood in all its innocence, the curiosity and the never ending questions of children. The poems touched upon how children enjoy their time without a care in the world and how they have no worries to stop them from doing all that they find interesting. The presentation of the poems and the diction and expression of the participants impressed the judges as well as the audience. 

          The winners of this competition are – 




          I POSITION


          Nandini Chhetri  (IV C)

          Niranjan Nair  (IV B)

          Sharanya M. Nair  (IV D)


          II POSITION


          Aakarsh Kr. Singh  (IV C)

          Joyce Sarah Kadithala  (IV E)

          Garvika Vats  (IV B)


          III POSITION


          K. M. Krishna   (IV C)

          Angel   (IV E)

          Paripreet Kaur Pardesi  (IV E)




          Shashank   (IV D)

          Vasundhara  (IV C)

          Ayannya Ghosh  (IV D)



            A visit to ICAR-NRCPB
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            A visit to ICAR-NRCPB

            An educational trip to ICAR-National Research Centre On Plant Biotechnology ,Pusa Road New Delhi was organized in the month of November 2017 for the students of class  XII, pursuing biology.

            Senior scientist Dr S.R. Bhatt and Dr Ramcharan Bhattacharya gave a lecture on plant molecular biology and biotechnology. They shared the various ongoing projects and researches undertaken by NRCPB and their significance with our students.

            They provided the students with valuable information about various transgenic crops developed at the centre to improve the quality of agricultural practices like Genomics and molecular markers in crop plant, Biotechnological application for pulses improvement, Adaptation of Wheat to climate change induced abiotic stresses, etc.

            Students observed the various techniques for isolation of desired gene from genome, selection of recombinant from non recombinants, Tissue culture, Confocal microscopy, Gene gun etc

            The students enjoyed the educational trip and they learnt the various processes used in molecular biology.

              Certificate Self Defence Training Programme for Girls 

                Guru Purab Celebrations- Junior School

                Keeping with the secular ethos of the school the students of class IV B & class IV C presented a special assembly programme celebrating Guru Purab, on Friday, 03 Nov 2017 to mark the Prakash Utsav of Guru Nanak Dev. The students recited ‘Shabad’ on this occasion to commemorate & remember the birth & philosophy of Guru Nanak, the first Sikh Guru & founder of Sikhism. The assembly commenced with chanting of the ‘Mool Mantra’, ‘Ek Omkar’. The students enacted various incidents which provided some glimpses of the sacred life lived by Guru Nanak Dev. A short skit highlighting the ‘lungar prashad sewa’ at Gurudwara, where people from all classes and society are welcome, was also put up by the children. The ‘Prabhat Pheri’ or morning procession with devotional chant was taken out near assembly ground. The procession was led by five children who were dressed up as the ‘Panch Pyare’. The festival was thus celebrated by all students with great pride and gusto.


                  AT TAFS

                  The students of The Air Force School (TAFS) were part of an educational and motivational workshop hosted by speakers from IQF Vivekananda Foundation.

                  The idea of the workshop series was to Increase Interpersonal awareness, meditative spirit among students and to strengthen Communication skills amongst each other. The workshop spanned across a week from 30th  October-2ND  November 2017.The speakers was Mr Pankaj Joshi who is an esteemed speaker for these events and he  communicated each activity with enthusiasm to the students. The activities were:

                  ·        TOWER MAKING WITH NEWSPAPERS

                  ·        BALLOON GAME IN GROUPS

                  ·        MEDITATIVE EXERCISE

                  ·        TEAMWORK GAME OF PASSING THE PARCEL

                  The students were aged between 12-15years of age, which made the base for teenagers as active engaging audience who face various issues related to class, peer group and teamwork.

                  The workshop was an exercise based initiative which aimed at getting students to think and make use of their abilities to become more interactive with each other and in touch with their spirituality to increase attention.

                  The Workshop saw the students being engaged in their own thinking using activities and how they made use of various techniques and group activities to apply thinking strategies.

                  It was a unique experience, based on peer interaction and processing knowledge from others to feel better and learn how to pay attention to academics, sports, concentration management etc.

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