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Inter House Activity

Solo & Group Song (Western)

Inter House Activity – Solo & Group Song (Western) was conducted on 12th May 2017 in the Aravali Hall at TAFS.

The participants of every house mesmerized the audience with sweet melodies and creating musical rhythm with different dynamic beats & chords. The atmosphere became musical in the real sense of the word.

The judges for the event were Mr Atul Sharma & Mr Parminder Singh – the versatile music ‘Duo’. Dr Rohit Kumar, the vocal music teacher added musical serenity to bless the entire TAFS family in the year 2017. The result is as follows:


Sl No


Name of the Participant




Manas Bohat & Ananya




Shinal & Anmol




Janhvi & Fiza




Arushi Dubey








Sl No




















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    The children of Class XII witnessed a unique English vocabulary & Root method workshop on 8th May 2017,for improving the language, organised by TIME management organisation.

    The Speaker for the same was Mr. Amit Poddar, who is a leading Educationalist with over 14yrs of experience. The speaker , introduced language, word formation and root methods to understand grammar in Senior classes.

    He also engaged the students in various English riddles and how to score better overall. The Root method was a way to get better marks and knowledge of words, and meanings.

    Keeping in mind the board exams, the workshop aimed to highlight the importance of English language and its writing method effectively. We are certain, students learnt from the experience.



      The students of class X attended an interesting workshop on personality development, with the theme as Group discussion & General awareness skills on 8th May 2017.

      The workshop highlighted the various skills required by a student to perform better in areas of body language, general awareness knowledge, group discussion & Public speaking.

      The speaker for the workshop was Mr Amit Poddar, expert at TIME MANAGEMENT organization with over 6 years of experience.

      The children had various queries regarding language skills, tone of any conversation, communication and how to prepare for competitive examinations ahead.

      The speaker addressed their doubts with great interest and even demonstrated how language and modulation plays a role in any interview, or communication ahead in life.

      We hope to enhance the personality skills of the student to develop the overall outlook of the child with such endeavours.


        Visit to 'UMEED' at AFGJI
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        The students of Class II visited ‘Umeed’ at AFGJI as a part of ‘out of the classroom’ learning, on 08 May 2017, during school hours. There the children were shown the entire process of cloth making right from spinning the yarn to weaving the cloth. They had learnt about Cloth making in their EVS syllabus, so this visit helped them get a hands on experience to how a loom and a charkha worked.

        In addition spinning and weaving, they also learned the process of candle making. The students at ‘Umeed’ explained in detail, by demonstrating the process step by step, how candles of different designs were made. The visit not only provided the students with an exposure to first hand learning, making it very interesting, but also helped to fuel their imagination!

        These young TAFSians bonded very well with the students at ‘Umeed’. Some new bonds of friendships were made and they came back with an enriched experience and fond memories.

          Departmental Activity

          Street Play (Nukkad Natak)

          Class VII

          A Departmental Activity was conducted by the Social Science Department for class VII on Tuesday, 9th May 2017 in the Activity Hall. The students of class VII presented a “Street Play” (Nukkad Natak) on the topic – “Safeguarding Our Environment”.

          The students participated in the Activity very enthusiastically. They presented their ideas very innovatively about safeguarding the environment.

          The participants were judged by Ms Vyanjana Tyagi (Dramatics Club).

          The Activity helped the students to understand the value of preserving the Environment through creative ways and how to work in a team.

            Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony (VI-IX)

            The first round of Annual Prize Distribution ceremony was held on 6th May 2017 in the Aravali Hall. A total of 44 students from class VI, VII, VIII & IX were awarded prizes for scoring CGPA-10.

            The programme started with lighting of the ceremonial lamp and reciting of shlokas. This was followed by a group song and a dance, which left the audience gasping in wonder.

            The Principal, Mrs Amita Gupta, gave the welcome address. She appreciated the role played by parents in the success of their children.

            Mrs Nisha Singh and Wg Cdr SM Sharma blessed the students and gave away the prizes to students & class VI, VII & VIII.

            The chief guest for the occasion Air Cmd Surat Singh AVSM, VM, VSM blessed the students and gave away the prizes to students of class IX. Sir motivated the students with his speech. He stressed on the role played by the parents family and teachers in making the children achieve their goals. Highlighting the importance of Guru in their life, he encouraged children is participated in various activities for this would lead them to success.

            The programme ended with a vote of Thanks given by the Vice-Principal Mrs Lomina Rajiv. The entire gathering stood to sing the national anthem with pride.

              Mathematical Rangoli Cards by students of class VI

              4.5.17            Class VI

              Rangoli and Mathematics go hand in hand because both need symmetry. Symmetry is the reason for existence of world. The beauty of Rangoli design is only and only in symmetry. Keeping this in view, the Maths department conducted an activity of Mathematical Rangoli card making on 4 May 2017, Thursday. It was an individual activity. Children had actively participated in it. They used their creativity and drew the different mathematical shapes. Some of the students used geometrical instruments for making these designs and exhibited different varieties of colour combinations. 

              The names of students with the best five designs are as:

              1.    Albina Varkey VI A

              2.    Nishta Jaiswal VI A

              3.    Prakrit Gupta VI D

              4.    Keshav Prakash VI D

              5.    Saumya VI A


                Photography Club Activity
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                The Photography Club of The Air Force School organised an activity called ‘Explore the Unexplored’ on 4th May 2017 for classes VI-VIII. Two students from each section of VI,VII & VIII participated. The students enjoyed the activity. They took photographs in the open areas of the school.

                The activity aimed at creating a love for photography among the students. It also aimed at developing skill of appreciating Nature & being observant.

                  Heritage Club - Rock Painting Activity


                    UKG Ice Cream Party
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                    UKG ICE CREAM PARTY (08 MAY 2017)

                    To beat the heat and to have some fun in the warm weather an ice-cream party was organized for class UKG on 08 May 2017. It was a day of super fun at school for the kindergartners!

                    The children not only relished the yummy creamy ice-cream but also enjoyed watching the smart board modules on ice-cream making. They gaily sang the ice-cream songs and danced away happily.

                    During the craft activity the cut-outs of ice-cream cones were coloured in their favourite colours. While enjoying the party they learned about the sense organs, different seasons, weather and about ice-cream making.


             painful, continual and difficult work to be done in kindness, by watching, by warning,...  by praise, but above all -- by example.”

                      -- John Ruskin

                      With the commencement of the new academic session 2017-18 , a  Parent Orientation Program was conducted for the the parents of the students of Classes VII & VIII .

                      The Orientation program was conducted on 6th May from 11 a.m to 12:00 p.m in the Aravali Hall.

                      The objective of the program was to:

                      Ø  Familiarize the parents with the different aspects of school rules and regulations.

                      Ø  Make them aware about the facilities available at the senior wing for the overall development of their ward.

                      Ø  Equip them with the understanding of the essential components of  the revised Examination structure .


                      The session took place in varied segments, first led by the Class Representative of Class VIII Ms.Priti Parashar followed by the second one led  by Class Representative of Class VII, Ms. Harshita Bakshi , the third one on the handling of adolescents by the school counsellor Ms. Ashima Verma and PGT Psychology Ms. Aanchal Dewan and last but not the least a comprehensive  and in depth understanding of the New Examination structure, provided by Mr.Sujeet Chhikara.

                      The first, second and third  segment highlighted the core issues pertaining to:

                      Ø  Conduct of students at school.

                      Ø  An insight into the importance of rules at school-Discipline, School transportation, importance of uniform etc.

                      Ø  Issues like cleanliness, abstinence from using foul language and use of electronic gadgets within the school premises, emphasis on being regular, diligence towards work were also looked upon.

                      Ø  Importance of Work Experience, Physical Education, Art Education in enabling the students to harness their maximum potential.

                      Ø  The emphasis on stimulation of students through General Knowledge and Value education for an all round development of the learner at school.

                      Ø  Issues pertaining to adolescents and their effective handling.

                      This was supplemented with an overview of the newly implemented Examination system  followed at the school.

                      The orientation program indeed proved to be an enlightening experience and shall hopefully enable the school and the parents to enter into partnership  in the noble mission of guiding  the budding TAFSIANS on the path of progress, facilitate them to soar high and attain their goals with diligence and enthusiasm.

                      Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations.

                      Click here to view - Power Point Presentation (Examination System)


                        The Dramatics Club of TAFS organised Drama script writing activity for classes IX and X on MAY 4, 2017. Forty students from classes IX-X participated enthusiastically in the activity. Students were divided into seven groups. The theme given to them was “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT” & “SAVE WATER SAVE FUTURE”. Script writing aims to enhance their creative thinking and language skills. All the students took part very enthusiastically and came up with very creative scripts. It was totally new learning experience for all the students.



                          Physics Symposium - Class IX
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                          Departmental Activity (Physics)

                          Class IX – 04 May 2017

                          The Physics Department of TAFS conducted a Symposium for the students of class IX. The topics for the Symposium were:-

                          1.    Amazing Physics in Nature

                          2.    Bon Voyage to Moon – A reality

                          3.    Fifth Generation Cell Phones

                          4.    Driverless cars – Are we ready?

                          Two students from each section participated in the Symposium. The students supported their content with power point presentation and videos. The ideas put forward by the students were innovative and original. The topic ‘Driverless cars – Are we ready’ was depicted with the latest innovations in the field.

                          The judge for the event was Mr Sujeet Chhikara PGT Physics. The Presentation, Relevance to Topic, Creativity & Originality & Content Delivery. Mr Sujeet addressed the students and elaborated on the topics and the presentation by students.

                          The results are:

                          First Prize : Ojas Tyagi (IX E) & Vanshita Srivastava (IX E)

                          Second Prize: Daksh Mathur (IX C) & Anhad Sharma (IX C)

                            Support Staff Day Celebrations - Junior School


                            Junior school TAFS celebrated the International Labour Day by organising a special assembly to felicitate the group D staff fondly called as bhaiya and didi by the students. 


                            The children spoke about the critical role these bhaiyas and didis play in the smooth running of the school. The bond between the students and the group D staff is more of care and safe keeping than just a helper. A feeling of gratitute, appreciation and acknowledgement was felt among the children as they handed out hand made cards and chocolates to these irreplaceable members of the school community.


                            The children also recited poems and couplets in praise of their didis and bhaiyas and also sang songs for them. They were touched by the love and gratitude expressed by the young tafsians. 


                              Support Staff Day-Sr School
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                              All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.


                              Martin Luther King, Jr.


                              The I –Care Club of the Air Force School, Subroto Park held a Special Assembly to observe ‘Labour Day’ so that the students learn that labour is one of the greatest elements of society, the great substantial foundation on which we stand. He who labours diligently need never despair; for all things are accomplished by diligence and labour. It is labour indeed that puts the difference on everything.

                              The program began with a vivid description on the origin and significance of ‘Labour Day’. A Street Play signifying dignity of labour was the highlight of the programme .  A soulful song sung by the students and a Visual presentation as a tribute to the Support Staff of the school was a great spectacle to marvel at.

                              The school campus wore a festive look of gleeful faces and streams of thank you cards all set to celebrate the unsung pillars of The School.

                              Children also thanked all the helpers of the school for their support and dedication. Gifts of gratitude were handed over to the helpers of the school. 

                              From field to field, and desk to desk your hard work makes our Nation the Best


                                Literati Club-Puppet Show
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                                Puppet Show by students of Literati Club

                                Class X

                                02 May 2017

                                The students of the Literati club of class X put up a puppet show on the theme “Religious Sensitivity: Understanding Dissimilarities”.

                                The students made finger puppets to present their ideas. The activity was performed in the form of a short play. The students used the current times as the setting of their play. The activity was aimed at developing skills of storytelling & narration. It also aimed at creating awareness among the youth of social matters that are plaguing our country.

                                The students participated with enthusiasm & came up with brilliant arguments to prove their points. The activity was taken up in the classroom, and during the Literati Club (work experience) periods. The students expressed a keen desire to take up more such activities during the academic session.

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