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The kindergartners of The Air Force School enthusiastically participated in the ‘Show and Tell’ activity organised for them on 18 Aug 2017. The theme of the activity was ‘My favourite fruit’. The children spoke confidently about their favourite fruit and the health benefits of these fruits.  They conveyed the idea that ‘each day a fruit keeps the doctor away’. The crunchy red apples, juicy oranges, sweet and sour grapes, king of the fruits mangoes and soft, supple bananas were the favourites of these young TAFSians. The circle time discussion that followed the activity included a discussion on seeds, how a plant grows into a big tree and bears fruits and the tasty dishes made out of fruits like salads, shakes, cakes and custard. They also enjoyed drawing and colouring their favourite fruit. This activity helped to enhance their general awareness about fruits and their health benefits. It also helped in boosting their confidence and enhanced their oratory skills.


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    A special assembly was put up by the students of EVS Club to celebrate Van Mahotsava on 17 August 2017. It began with a beautiful poem by Sia Verma, stressing on the need to change our attitude towards environment. This was followed by a skit which related the importance of trees in our lives, and how they should always be our first priority.  A soul- awakening speech by Parmeet highlighted the adverse effects of excessive deforestation practised in the name of development these days. Then came a choir of singers, who swayed the audience with their melodious tunes and expressed our Mother Nature’s feelings. The pious act of planting a sapling was the next in the row, and it was done by our respected Principal Ma’am, Ms. Amita Gupta along with respected Vice- Principal Ma’am, Ms. Lomina Rajiv.

    The audience enjoyed the show thoroughly and expressed their appreciation with a loud round of applause. The assembly was concluded with Principal Ma’am’s words of appreciation and Class VI students planting more saplings in the school campus. 




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        Campaign for Flood Relief
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        The I-care club of TAFS and the members of student council-Isha Singh and Akshita Yadav , in collaboration with the NGO ‘Goonj’, organised a flood relief campaign from 09 Aug 17 to 11 Aug 17 to help our fellow countrymen affected by floods, especially in Gujarat and North East India.

        Students were sensitised about this issue at various forums and the modalities were put up on the school website. There was whole-hearted cooperation of students (from senior as well as junior wing) and staff alike to take part in this noble cause.The relief material thus collected was sent to ‘Goonj’ amidst for further distribution.  Through this activity, students were once again subjected to the humanitarian aspects of sharing and caring which forms an integral part of any education system.

          Visit to Gandhi Ek Pravasi Museum

          Class Xth Students of Heritage club visited Gandhi Ek Pravasi Museum on the 8th of August 2017.

          Located in the Pravasi Bharatiya Kendre, Ministry of External Affairs, the museum is first of its kind. The interactive museum aims to instill the values of ‘Peace truth Ahimsa’ in the present generation.

          The museum has a very rich collection of original relics; books; journals; documents; photographs; audio visual material and other memorable things closely connected with Mahatma Gandhi.

          Many original clippings of Mahatma Gandhi were shown to the students. They also got the privileged to take selfie with the man in virtual world.

          It was indeed a learning experience taking us back to our roots.

            71st INDEPENDENCE DAY 2017-18

            It was to celebrate this spirit of sacrifice that the students and staff of The Air Force School came together on 11 August 2017, commemorating 71 glorious days of freedom. As the air reverberated with the spirit of sacrifice, the enthusiastic participants eagerly awaited the arrival of the Chief Guest, Air Commodore M Mohanta, Chairman  Managing Committee AF Schools & Principal Director (School, Adventure & Sports)and Mrs Bandita Mohanta

            The day unfolded with the unfurling of the Tricolor and everybody proudly sang the National Anthem.

            The Principal Ms Amita Gupta, welcomed the esteemed guests and emphasized that we are fortunate to be born in free India, but, we should remember that freedom comes with responsibilities and we have to follow the path of discipline and devotion, to maintain the same. Ma’am said that she had great faith that the students of TAFS will sincerely perform their duties and contribute to make India a great nation. 

            After the welcome address, the five houses brought alive, the struggle and the sacrifice that our bravehearts made to achieve freedom. The cultural programe, “VEERON KA BALIDAN, HINDUSTAN KI SHAAN”, took everyone down the memory lane showcasing the Struggle and scarifices of our brave legends – Chatrapati Shivaji, Rani Lakshmi Bai, Mangal Pandey, Bhagat Singh & other leaders of India, through a plethora of group songs, dances, skits and dance drama in colourful costumes with amazing props.

            The momentous day continued with the inspiring words of the chief guest. Sir reminded us that though we have achieved a lot in these 71 years, we still have to keep striving for national development. His words filled every young heart with the feeling of patriotism. He further emphasized that as a responsible citizen of India we need to be more alert and keep ourselves aware for making India more secure.

            The school also released the school magazine ‘The Aravalian’ for the academic session 2016-2017, on this occasion. It was a moment of pride as the creative team of ‘The Aravalian’, consisting of budding writers, editors and artists shook hands with the chief guest.

            The programme concluded with the vote of thanks by the Vice-Principal, Ms Lomina Rajiv. The result for IHA (Independence Day) is as follows:







            Latif & Pratap



            Arjan & Katre



              Independence Day Celebrations, Junior Wing – 11 Aug 2017

              The Junior wing celebrated the 71st Independence Day of our country on 11 Aug 2017 with great patriotic fervour. A special assembly was presented by the students of classes III C, D and E.

              The cultural programme began with a patriotic song, ^mBks t+oku ns'k fd olqu/kjk iqdkjrh--------^ This was followed by a skit on different freedom fighters who laid down their lives for our motherland. Children depicted the role played by Mangal Pandey, Rani Laxmibai, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi. The highlight of the skit was the story of an unsung hero, ‘Birsa Munda’ who sacrificed his life for the rights and freedom of our countrymen. Birsa Munda, a tribal freedom fighter and religious leader who belonged to Munda tribe, that lived in the modern day Bihar and Jharkhand, laid down his life at a young age of 25.

              Children also presented a dance drama on the theme, child labour, and mesmerized the audience. They conveyed the message that the tender hands of children are meant to hold books and pencils and not the tools of labour.

              The programme ended with a pledge taken by the children also to strive hard to become good citizens of India. They promised to take care of all resources and stop pollution and destruction of our natural resources.


                Costume Parade-Class I
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                COSTUME PARADE CLASS I – 11 Aug 2017

                On Friday, 11 Aug 2017, students of class I participated in a ‘Show and Tell’ competition on the theme ‘Things you see in the sky’. Students dressed as rainbow, stars, moon, aeroplane, butterfly, bird, parachute etc represented things found in the sky. It was truly a delight to watch them speak confidently with appropriate actions and expression. This activity not only helped them to improve their oratory skills but also in building confidence.


                First Position

                Second Position

                Third Position

                I A

                Kavni Kathuria, Reyansh Pandey

                Samara Karthik,

                Reyansh Shukla,

                Hammad Khan

                Mahika Prabhakar,

                Mahima Singh,

                Rishabh Verma,

                Anmol Dwivedi

                I B

                Prashi Thapar,

                 Rudra Pratap Singh

                Kushal Banthia,

                Jai Singh Sohal,

                Ayaan Sagwal


                Mukul Goyal,

                 Ivana Ahuja

                I C

                Cheitransha Ahuja, Japman Kaur

                Anveet kaur,

                Priyanshu Nayan

                Aasa Singh Sabharwal, Gurlal Singh,

                Rajhav Nand Kumar, Ojas Bains

                I D

                Advait Singh Kotra, Arsh Singh Kotra

                Sehaj Kaur,

                Naitik Mahto, Syona Singh, Saahitya,

                Hiteshi Bhakar


                Suhana Singh,


                I E

                Pranya Singh, Manasi Kashyap

                Vibhor Chaturvedi, Aarush Kapil,

                Mehith Shiv Kumar, Aarav Mangrulkar

                Ayaan Panda, Ritwik Rai,

                Tanishiq Mishra, Aastha,

                Rohit Jakhar


                  English Poem Recitation Competition Class II – 08 Aug 2017

                  The budding poets of class II enthusiastically participated in the English Poem Recitation Competition on 08 Aug 2017. The confidence, diction and the expressions with which the little ones recited the poems were praise worthy. The efforts of these little talents were applauded by the audience and appreciated by their teachers. The names of the winners are as follows:-


                  I Position

                  II Position

                  III Position

                  II A

                  Aaena Tiwari

                  Shaurya Tejpal, Shreya Joshi

                  Reva Mishra, Kushagra Kartik, Samrat Kalonia

                  II B

                  Reyansh Katyal

                  Naemat Chopra

                  Sohil Narayan Singh, Kushaggra Tanotra, Darpinder Kaur

                  II C

                  Gauttami Verma

                  Dakshika Chauhan, Akshaj Rawat

                  Aarav Dixit,

                  Daksh Bisht, Hridhaan J Mehta

                  II D

                  Abha Aju Kumar

                  Abhinav Gopi, Divyjyoti Handa, Navya Sharma

                  Hargun Kaur,

                  Ronit Rana

                  II E

                  Sarakshi Yadav, Praneet Santosh Ware

                  Ankur Raj, Omshreyansh,

                  Anvi Chaturvedi

                  Advita V Menon, Siffat Kaur,

                  Agrima Singh



                    THE WORDSMITHS’ MEET 2017
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                    THE WORDSMITHS’ MEET  2017 (04 AUG 2017)

                    The 6th edition of our annual interschool literary event ‘The Wordsmiths’ Meet’, was organized on Friday, 04 August 2017, during school hours. The theme for the event this year was ‘The Dictionary- A book lost in time’ and three non-competitive events were organized for students of classes III, IV & V. 

                    1.  With Words We Wow’-  a poetry recitation in pairs for class III

                    2.  The last word’’ - a debate for class IV

                    3.  Quest for Words’ - solving puzzles in 3 different and challenging rounds for   class V 

                    The idea was to provide a learning experience to students where they could celebrate their talents, hard work and language skills without any stress or anxiety. 19 prestigious schools of Delhi NCR region participated in this event. Children had great fun showcasing their talents in public speaking and critical thinking. Every child received a certificate for participation and went home a winner!



                      Visit to Doordarshan Kendra
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                      Students of Class-XII A (Humanities) visited “Doordarshan Kendra” on 2nd Aug 2017.

                      Children got a chance to interact with Mr. Tapa Bhattacharya, an eminent editor. They learnt about various procedures related to ‘News Bulletin’ and also visited main news panel, recording studios, feed room etc. Students also interacted with the news reporters and witnessed A line news formation of the Lok Sabha Session.

                      Overall it was a very informative and learning trip for the students.


                        English Poem Recitation Competition - Class I (03 Aug 2017)

                        Poetry recitation plays a vital role in the learning and language development of children. It enhances not only the joy of learning but also the confidence and many other skills. Keeping this in mind an English poem recitation competition was organised for class I on 03 Aug 2017.

                        Children participated earnestly in the competition and recited many beautiful poems like ‘Judge Menot’, ‘How beautiful the world is’, ‘In the heart of seed’ etc.  The audience cheered them for their enthusiasm, expression and voice modulation. The result is as follows.


                        I Position

                        II Position

                        III Position

                        I A

                        Samara Kartik, Hammad Khan

                        Pranjal Singh

                        Rishabh Verma, Reyansh K. Shukla, Reyansh Pandey

                        I B

                        Prashi Thapar, Aarav Tanwar

                        Turvi, Mukul Goel, Jas Singh Sohal

                        Ivana Ahuja, Kushal Banthia

                        I C

                        Cheitransha Ahuja

                        Arnav Datta, Ridhima Sharma

                        Aasa Singh Sabharwal, Bhavesh, Gayatri kohli

                        I D

                        Syona Singh, Arsh Singh Kotra

                        Advait Singh Kotra, Reina Dhingra

                        Nimisha Singh, Anshuman, Hiteshi Bhakar

                        I E

                        Gauri Mohla, Vibhor Chaturvedi

                        Pranya Singh, Aarav Mangrulkar, Rohit Jakhar, Akshit Sharma, Rosebel M Sijo

                        Aarush Kapil, Nishtha, Aastha, Anurag, Saksham, Anshul Ojha, P Vivek, Mehith Shiv Kumar



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                          The 4th edition of 'TechFest', an interschool event, was jointly organised by the 'Techno Geeks' and 'Infinity Club', on 02 Aug 2017 by TAFS. 
                          The objective of this event was to inspire students to greater achievement in programming skills, knowledge of CS theory and problem solving ability. Students from 18 leading schools of Delhi participated in the following offline and online events related to Math and Computer Science. 
                          1. Code- E- Thon
                          2. Total LANAGE
                          3. Power It!
                          4. Conceptualise
                          5. Colloquium 
                          6. Junior Quiz
                          7. Synchronise
                          These events provided the students with a challenging mathematical and computing experience, testing their knowledge of important mathematical and CS concepts and their analytical and problem solving skills. 
                          These events were judged by professionals with great expertise in their respective fields. They were impressed by the enthusiasm, potential and confidence of the participants and motivated them to achieve greater heights. The participants eagerly listened to their inputs and gratefully accepted the guidance provided to them by these esteemed judges.

                          Ms. Lomina Rajiv, the Vice Principal, gave away the awards and certificates to the deserving and winning teams. The 'TechFest' winners trophy was bagged by Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar.  

                          S No



                          First (1st)

                          Second (2nd)

                          Third (3rd)



                          PARTH KHANDAIT




                          NABIN SAHOO



                          ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL, DHAULA KUAN

                          ADITYA AGRAWAL

                          SHASHWAT GOEL


                          DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, RK PURAM


                          Total LANage

                          DHRUV BOHRARA


                          AIR FORCE GOLDEN JUBLIEE INSTITUTE

                          DIVYANSH VERMA


                          THE AIR FORCE SCHOOL

                          NIRBHAY KWATRA


                          MODERN SCHOOL, BARAKHAMBA ROAD



                          SREESHA SURESH

                          ARYAN SINHA

                          PRATHAM DHARA

                          RAHUL THAREJA



                          POOJA GERA

                          RAGHAV GERA

                          RITIK SAINI



                          N.C. JINDAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, PUNJABI BAGH

                          NILOY BISWAS

                          VAIBHAV BHARDWAJ


                          ASEES SINGH




                          Power It!

                          SAANVI PURI

                          DEVTRAI JHA


                          VENKATESHWAR SCHOOL SEC-10, DWARKA

                          ANYA KATHPALIYA

                          AKSHAT GUGLANI


                          AIR FORCE BAL BHARTI SCHOOL, LODHI ROAD

                          GARGI TANDON

                          ISHIKA SHARMA




                          Junior Quiz

                          ARUNABH ROI

                          VIR MALHOTRA


                          DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, RK PURAM

                          CHIRAG GARG

                          BANEET PUKHRAM BAM



                          SIDDHARTH N KURUR

                          TEJAS GUPTA


                          THE MOTHER’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL



                          SHREYA M SINGH

                          SUVYA KAPOOR


                          THE MOTHER’S INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

                          PRIYANSHI CHAWRASIYA

                          ISHITA NAMJOSHI



                          MEDHAVI DIDI

                          AADYA AGARWAL


                          DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, RK PURAM



                          VIVEK KUMAR SINGH



                          THE AIR FORCE SCHOOL

                          ROHIT RANJAN

                          SACHIN BHARDWAJ


                          AIR FORCE BAL BHARTI SCHOOL, LODHI ROAD

                          ASTHA DHAWAN

                          AANCHAL TYAGI





                            INVESTITURE CEREMONY 2017-18

                            The Air Force School celebrated its Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2017-18 on 28 July 2017 to formally invest its student council with their duties and powers.

                            The event started with welcoming the Chief Guest, Air Commodore M Mohanta, Principal Director School, Adventure and Sports, and the Guest of Honour, Wing Commander S M Sharma, Director of Education, The Air Force School. This was followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp.

                            Other highlights were the school choir which presented the group song and the group dance which was a classical fusion highlighting the eternal bliss of the fruition of hard work and sincerity. The rhythmic beats and synchronized movement lent an air of gaiety to the otherwise solemn occasion.

                            In her welcome address Ms. Amita Gupta, Principal, The Air Force School, said that a good leader never imposes his leadership. The aim of instilling leadership in the young TAFSIANS is to influence them to do things willingly. Ma’am also observed that everyone can become a leader in his own way by just doing the right things at the right time.

                            Chief Guest Air Cmde M Mohanta graced the Oath Taking ceremony and formally invested the school appointees. In continuation with the proceedings the Head Boy and the Head Girl invested the house appointees.

                            Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest congratulated the new leaders, reminding them that their actions should take them to the ultimate goal of making significant contribution to the betterment of the school. He reiterated saying that future belongs those who work hard. He said that the sky is the limit as there are footprints on the moon.

                            The Vote of Thanks was given by Ms Lomina Rajiv, Vice Principal, The Air Force School. Thanking everyone for their contribution in making the event successful, Ma’am expressed the hope that the new appointees would live up to the expectations of the institution.

                            The ceremony came to an end with everyone rising to the tune of the Air Force Schools’ song.

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