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A time management workshop was held at The Air Force School,on 21st March for class X students. The Speaker was Mr.Harpreet Singh From Jamboree Education,who is an eminent guidance Trainer.
The session focused on How to Manage time and organise Priorities in Class X. How students Should begin from Class X and build Study patterns for the Class. 
Practice methods,writing assignments and Essays,deadlines and application of knowledge were areas of discussion.
Reasoning and memory were discussed,about how child would apply it,in the Indian education system or even Abroad.
The students were enthusiastic and responsive,for the concepts. They participated,and were extremely engaged throughout.
We Hope to keep such sessions like these,in the future along,to enlighten the Students and make them,well aware children.


    The students of classes III-V were taken to Eco- Adventure Camp, Najafgarh, on 15 March 2018, for day camp activities. 491 students participated in this camp.

    Adventure sports are not only fun but also help to inculcate several life skills in children like team spirit, risk taking and collaboration. It’s the sports where everyone is a winner! The camp activities commenced at 9:30a.m with the students being briefed, by the camp trainers, about the activities and the precautions to be taken during the camp. They were divided into smaller groups with each group being supervised by the school teachers and a professional instructor.

    The students gained new perspective as they got to face different obstacles in the form of activities like Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Zip lining, Wall climbing, Beam Balance, Dancing bamboo, Zorb roller etc. They also enjoyed fun activities like magic show, tractor ride, bullock cart and camel cart rides. They also experienced clay modelling on a potter’s wheel and spinning thread on a charkha. Students also tried their hand in grinding wheat on a traditional Atta chakki. They also learned about various commonly found trees, bushes and crops that were growing there in small green patches. The children also enjoyed sumptuous breakfast and lunch and relished the natural and refreshing energy drinks!

    The energy and enthusiasm exhibited by students was enthralling. It was a day of fun and bonding for the students with great learning and they returned home with memories to be cherished forever.


      The students of class UKG presented their annual function, a cultural bonanza, on 07 March 2018. Our adorable little angels put up a splendid dance drama for their parents titled ‘Friendly Fins’. It was a marvellous depiction of the most enchanted, incredibly intricate, delicate & colourful world of deep blue ocean.

      The show saw the whole hearted participation of all children of class UKG. The event began with the introduction of the audience to the marine life. Dressed up in bright colourful costumes they danced merrily to numerous foot tapping songs like ‘Holly Dolly’, ‘Mermaid Party Song ‘, ‘Baby Shark do do ‘ &‘Under the sea’.

      Peppy music, appropriate costumes & above all the gay abundance with which the children performed provided the synergy which conjured up the flavour unique to ocean life. The show also covered the most relevant issue which is influencing our day to day life - Pollution. To make their journey of learning memorable, the event ended with a beautiful message with kids taking an oath to take necessary steps to curb water pollution. They merrily danced to the tunes of ‘Deep Deep Deep’ to conclude the program. Our little wonders were overjoyed and they all went home happily with unforgettable memories of their first year of schooling.

      The Chief Guest of the occasion, Gp Capt Ravindra Bhatnagar, Executive Director TAFS, congratulated the bright shining stars of TAFS for their remarkable performance. He congratulated the students for the enthralling performance presented by them and urged the parents to be good role models to their little ones.

      Ms Amita Gupta, the Principal, congratulated the kindergarteners and the teachers for the wonderful show put up by them.

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