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Art & Craft Exhibition Report - Junior School

After an eventful year of fun filled activities, the junior school students presented an art exhibition on 29 March 2017. With the theme ‘Flight of Fantasy’ all classes brought out their artistic talent to the fore and spread the colours of joy all around.  The result was a beautiful blend of art and craft.  The installation of a giant panda made only with newspaper reeds and tree branches bursting with cherry blossoms were catching everyone’s eye. The animals fashioned out of empty boxes, paper chain octopuses and paper plate fishes were a crowd puller too.  Over the previous months, the students had also been working on various other craft projects like mosaic, colourful birds, rainbows on paper plates, wool patterns, jewellery stands, snowflakes, majestic masks, origami lotus, 3D hot air balloons, 3D cactus, jumpy candles, jute bottle craft with mirrors etc . A tribal village installation at the entrance was also a major attraction. It showcased worli art on walls, mud pots, paper mache masks hanging on a tree and a small tribal hut. Another installation depicting water and marine life showcased the creativity of the students at its best. It had an installation of umbrellas and boats and some ‘crazy’ fishes on the wall !  



    A study tour to Parliament House was conducted on the 22nd and 23rd March 2017 for students of class VIII in association with Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training (BPST).

    A group of 45 students accompanied by three teachers visited the Parliament House on both the days. The students were briefed about the functioning of the Indian Parliament, its machinery and law making process in the lecture room of BPST. The students were excited to know that classes were conducted in the same room for our esteemed leaders. Students asked several questions and participated in discussion with enthusiasm.

    After having refreshments, the students were escorted to the lawns of Parliament House for a guided round and photograph, on the first day. They were elated at the sight of the prime ministerial convoy. From a distance , they observed media persons questioning the outgoing parliamentarians about the proceedings of the session.

    Thereafter students were taken to the Parliament House Museum. Located in the library building of the Sansad Bhawan, the interactive museum helped students understand the democratic heritage of our country. Students saw clipping of pre and post independence era as well as heard recordings of our late leaders. It was like walking down the lanes of history.

    This was followed by a brief tour to the parliament library, where the students were told about the process of documentation of the debates held in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. They visited the Nehruana and Gandhiana wing of the library.

    Walking down the corridors of the building the students got to interact with a group from Indian Revenue Services.

    The trip was concluded by the students experiencing the taste of food relished by our parliamentarians in the parliament house canteen.


      Good Luck Party
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      In keeping with the tradition of wishing the class V students good luck, the students of class IV organised a cultural programme for the class V students on 17th March 2017.

      The cultural programme started with a prayer, followed by a medley and a scintillating African dance by students of class IV. They also shared their feelings of gratitude and memories of their interaction and friendship with the outgoing Class V.

      Sthiti Bhaduri, the Head Girl and Keshav Prakash, the Head Boy, in their speeches, thanked their teachers for the love, affection and the rich learning experience they received from the junior wing. Class V students set the stage on fire with their outstanding dance performances.

      Ms. Deepa R Krishnan, the Headmistress, advised them to always remember the values that they have imbibed in the junior wing, strive hard to fulfil their dreams and be their own self.

      The programme culminated with the announcement of Miss and Master Aravali Junior which were bagged by Albina Varkey and Keshav Prakash respectively. 


        UKG Parents' Day
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        UKG PARENTS’ DAY -10 MARCH 2017

        The students of Class UKG celebrated Parents’ day, an Annual Cultural Bonanza, on 10th March 2017 in the Aravali Hall. The dance drama titled ‘Forest-Y- Friends’ was a beautiful depiction of the fusion of times between fairy tale characters and cartoon characters ; together they experience the joys and adventures of each other’s lives.

        The show saw the participation of all children of class UKG. Dressed in bright colourful costumes they danced merrily to numerous peppy tracks like ‘You are my sunshine’, ‘The minions songs’ and ‘Fairy dancing girl’. The gay abundance with which they performed on the stage enthralled the audience.

        To make their journey of learning memorable and full of joy, fun and laughter, the event ended with a beautiful message of enjoying the beauty of mother earth to the fullest in the form of a finale dance, ‘Rainforest’. The little ones were overwhelmed and went home with happy and unforgettable memories of their first year of schooling.

        The chief guest of the occasion, Ms. Geetanjali Kumar, an academician and counselor, congratulated the shining stars for their amazing and enchanting performances. She laid great emphasis on the message conveyed by them through their musical show, the message of love, peace, sharing, caring and protecting the mother earth which needs to be practiced by all for making this world a better place.

        Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal, congratulated the kindergarteners and the teachers for the wonderful show put up by them. 

          DAY ADVENTURE CAMPS- CLASSES UKG - II  (02 & 03 MARCH 2017)

          The little ones of TAFS junior Wing participated in day adventure camps organized for them in the school premises on 02 March 2017 (Classes UKG & I) and on  03 March 2017 (Class II). All activities were conducted during school hours. The camp started at 8.30 am and each child took part in 10 -12 adventure activities as planned.

          Zip Line, Sport Climbing Wall, Commando Net, Commando Crawl, Tug Of War, Double Rope Bridge, Burma Bridge, Hop Scotch etc were conducted with them by trained instructors and class teachers.

          The children were very excited and the pleasant weather added to perfect health quotient. They also enjoyed having refreshments with their team mates and teachers.

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