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Dear Parents,

The new academic session 2017 –2018 has started.  We at TAFS strive to actualize the potential of our students by constantly encouraging them to redefine their capabilities.

Providing newspaper is one such endeavor on our part to give the young minds a global platform to update their information bank, re-invent themselves by writing for the paper and participate in a host of competitive programs. Following the tradition of the previous academic session, we have decided to subscribe ‘The Times of India’, student edition (NIE) in the present academic session also.  The subscription amount per student is Rs 300/- for a duration of six months and 10 days (120 days) which will be payable by cheque.

The membership also includes a host of activities like writing for the paper, workshops, industrial visits and competitions which will be spread across the entire session.

Newspapers not only give us information but improve our reading skills alongwith becoming an important learning tool.  Please encourage your ward to subscribe the newspaper.

The membership is open to classes IV & V (Primary) and VI – XI (Senior wing).  The membership is optional.  Last date for giving the consent is 11 May 2017. No requests for membership will be entertained after 11 May 2017.

Note: - NIE membership fee will be paid by cheque in the name of “The Air Force School”. Subscribers from the junior wing will submit the consent form along with the cheque for the subscription amount to their respective class teachers and subscribers from the senior wing will submit the consent form along with the cheque for the subscription amount to their respective English teachers. 

For registering yourself as the NIE member, either take the printout of the consent form given below or just copy it and submit along with the cheque. 

Parents are requested to enter their ward’s name, class and section on the reverse side of the cheque carefully to avoid confusion. 

Newspaper will be given from July 05, 2017.  


Ruchi Gupta

Coordinator NIE

(Sr. Wing)

M: 9910070139


Deepa K Krishnan

Headmistress (Jr. Wing)

M: 7042714479

Amita Gupta



 Click here to download - CONSENT FORM

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