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On the Spot Painting Competition by Delhi Traffic Police Department

 On the occasion Delhi Police Week – 2017, 13 students of our school participated in an On-the-Spot Painting Competition on Road Safety. This competition was organized at the India Gate, New Delhi on 20 Feb 2017. The topics for the competition for Middle & Senior Groups were as follows:

Middle Group (VI-VIII)

·         Lane driving is safe driving

·         Wearing helmet is necessary for Men & Women

·         Giving way to pedestrians

·         Wearing earphones and walking on the road is dangerous.

Senior Group (IX-XII)

·         Dangerous School Transport

·         Triple riding

·         Seat belts safety

·         Cross road safety

This was the great learning platform for the students who showcased their enthusiasm through their creative art. 

    The Air force school organised a Parent Orientation for Parents of Class X on 18 Feb 2017, with the aim of comprehensive career guidance & stream selection.

    The workshop began with a career, aptitude & interest based session with the guest speaker Ms. Monica Sharma, a noted Neuro Developmental Psychologist.

    Ms. Monica guided the inquisitive parents with their dilemmas and made them reflect on the aspirations of their young children.

    The workshop included various stream groups, possible courses, vocational guidance and eligibility requirements.

    This made it a truly effective way of presenting career ideas ahead.

     The programme was then followed a presentation by Mr Sujeet Chikkara (MIS coordinator), who explained the admission guidelines with ample of examples to make the process clear.

    In the end the Principal extended vote of thanks to parents for their valuable time and the parents were again briefed about the admission policies followed in the school.

    The orientation familiarised the parents about the subject options. It will help the parents and children to make informed decision for the upcoming stream selection

    The parents appreciated the efforts put by the school. TAFS would continue to hold such informative sessions even in the future.

    Click here to view the presentation - Career Guidance

    Click here to view the presentation - Subject Streams in Class XI & Eligibility Criteria


      Students of the Junior Wing visited the Junior Chemistry Laboratory on 18 Feb 2017. The warm welcome accorded to students by chemistry lab staff was in itself a good experience. Various experiments on water purification such as sedimentation, decantation, filtration and distillation were performed. Along with these experiments students were also educated on the apparatus used in chemistry laboratory, acid-base neutralization, identification of different elements and compounds etc. The experiments performed were indeed an enriching experience for our students. It was a memorable, joyful learning and interactive experience for the students of junior wing.

        The Inter-House Activity Rangoli Making Competition was organized on 17 Feb 2017 at TAFS for classes VI to X. The theme was ‘Spring-Season of Life’. The students participated in this competition with great enthusiasm and came up with amazing ideas. Flowers and color powders were used to design the beautiful Rangoli. Art depicting the colorful Spring Season. Each of the designs prepared by the children was a treat to the eyes.

        The judgement was made by Ms Ritu Walke & Ms Sukhwinder Kaur of Junior Wing TAFS. The Result:

        S No












        KOMAHAL J






        AM CHARRAN































            An Ms PowerPoint Competition was organized for the students of class V which was conducted in two levels. The first round was conducted, on the topic: ‘Input or Output Devices’, during the week 6th to 9th February 2017. The second round was conducted on the topic ‘Solar system’ on 10th February 2017.

            The students showed great creativity and came up with excellent ideas using their knowledge of computer techniques and their techno-skills. They made slides using different features of Ms PowerPoint like- Screenshot, picture, animation, transition etc, to make their presentations commendable.

            The winners are: 




            First Position

            Riya Kalra

            V C

            Second Position

            Daizal Dandona

            Garv Jain

            V B

            V D

            Third Position

            Akshat Chowdhary

            Tejas Hooda

            V E

            V E

            Consolation Prize

            Akshat Parashar

            Priyank Vatsaya

            Aditya Kushwaha

            V B

            V D

            V B



              1st TAFS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT- 08 FEB 2017

              The 1st TAFS Mini Basketball Tournament, for boys & girls of classes IV & V, was organized in the school premises on Wednesday, 08 Feb 2017. Teams from 12 schools of Delhi participated in this event. Before the matches began all participants took an oath promising to play the game in true spirit of sportsmanship and abide by the rules and regulations. The tournament was declared open by Wg Cdr SM Sharma, Executive Director TAFS.

              The young budding basketball stars displayed their extraordinary talent on the court and demonstrated great sporting skills.

              The detailed result of the tournament is as follows:


              Mini Basketball Tournament BOYS

              Mini Basketball Tournament GIRLS

              1st Semifinal

              RS Junior Modern School, Humayun  Road


              Springdales, Dhaula Kuan

              Springdales, Dhaula Kuan


              The Air Force School

              2nd Semifinal

              Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan


              Sanskriti School

              Sanskriti School, Chanakya Puri


              Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute

              Runners up

              Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan


              Sanskriti School, Chanakya Puri



              RS Junior Modern School, Humayun  Road


              The Air Force School



                Citation Ceremony 2016-17
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                The school organized a Citation Ceremony for the outgoing batch of class XII on 4th of February, 2017 at the Aravali Hall.

                The Chief Guest for the function was Wg Cdr SM Sharma, Executive Director, TAFS.

                The ceremony commenced with a traditional prayer seeking the blessings of the Almighty by the Middle School Coordinator, Ms Debolina Mukherjee.

                Our Principal Mrs Amita Gupta in her welcome speech reiterated the importance of upholding the three virtues honesty, integrity and loyalty in life. Ma’am emphasized always has an optimistic approach in life and treasure themselves as a good ambassador of the school.

                The speech was followed by the citations being presented to the students of class XII. As a tradition the students placed diyas on the stage to light up the emblem of their alma mater.

                The distinguished parents – Ms Mohini Arora and Mr PK Rangarajan shared their thoughts and experiences with the students, offering their advice, blessings and good wishes to those leaving the portals of the school.

                The Head Girl, R Deepa read out a message that was penned down by Executive Director, Wg Cdr SM Sharma especially for the outgoing students.

                A vote of thanks was proposed by our Vice-Principal, Mrs Lomina Rajiv.

                The ceremony which saw emotional highs such reverence, unbridled joy and nostalgia came to a befitting end with the Air Force Schools’ Song. 


                  Artificial Wall Climbing
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                  Artificial Wall Climbing

                  Artificial wall climbing is a fun and challenging activity. It not only improves cardiovascular fitness, strength, agility, and coordination but also provides good mental workout.

                  Our school has organized artificial wall climbing activity from 13th Dec 2016 to 31st Jan 2017. Students of class IV to XI got the opportunity to climb the artificial wall. The Artificial wall climbing team was well trained, professional, helpful and encouraging. All safety checks were done before training. Students enthusiastically took part in it. They all enjoyed this adventure activity which has also been a great learning experience for them. School will try to organize many more such adventurous activities for students in future also.


                    Special Assembly Class V
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                    SPECIAL ASSEMBLY CLASS V (03 FEB 2017)

                    THEME- GREEN SCHOOL

                    Classes VC and VD put up a special morning assembly on the theme ‘Green School’ on 03 Feb, 2017. All students of these classes participated in this special event which comprised of a skit, a song and a dance. Through various role plays they conveyed how well the students can contribute in different ways in making the school a ‘green’ area.  A rap song on the ideas of ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ had them conveying the message for an environment friendly surroundings, in a strong yet subtle way. The special programme ended in an enchanting dance that left the audience spell bound and drove home the message of ‘Green School ‘   convincingly.

                      6TH TAFS MINI FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT- 02 FEB 2017

                      The 6th TAFS Mini Football Tournament, for boys of classes IV & V, was organized in the school ground on Thursday, 02 Feb 2017. Teams from 14 schools of Delhi participated in this event. Before the matches began all participants took an oath promising to play the game in true spirit of sportsmanship and abide by the rules and regulations. The tournament was declared open by Ms. Amita Gupta, our Principal.

                      The young budding footballers displayed their extraordinary talent in the field and demonstrated great sporting skills.

                      The two semifinals were played between 

                      1.    Army Public School, Shankar Vihar and Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan 

                      2.    The Air Force School, Subroto Park  and Delhi Public School, Rohini 

                      Delhi Public School, Rohini won the tournament and Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan won the runners up position.

                        Educational Trip to Traffic Park by class II (01 Feb 2017)

                        The students of class II made a trip to the WAC’s Children’s Traffic Park to get a first hand experience of the traffic rules and regulations. This trip formed an interesting part of their EVS curriculum and they learned about the various safety rules & traffic rules to be followed while walking or travelling on roads. They enjoyed this out of classroom session and enthusiastically grasped all the information. The signs and symbols & the rules and regulations of safe travel were reinforced in the classes when the children returned to their classroom.


                          TAFS MUN 2016
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                           TAFS MUN 2016

                          After a series of successful MUN's in the past, the recent edition The Air Force School Model United Nations( TAFSMUN) was held on 26-28 December 2016.The theme for the event was "Rerum.Reform.Rebuild." with the aim to revolutionize the future course, reform the present state and rebuild upon our past miscalculations .

                          In terms of sheer size, TAFSMUN 16-17 was our largest conference till date with a total of 11 committees being stipulated in the conference. the committees were-

                          United nations parliamentary assembly
                          - The Agenda for this committee was  'working on post-2015 development agenda’.  At TAFSMUN, the committee  was set up as a subsidiary organ of UN general assembly, where Parliamentarians were free of instruction, free constraints of raison d’état, free to take a global perspective and exhort governments in General Assembly to take action.

                          Open forum on un reform- The agenda for this committee was 'reforming the united nations'. It was aimed at focusing the attention of individuals towards the much needed reforms in the various organs of the UN. Not restricted to portfolio representation or foreign policy, the committee inculcated genuine suggestions and paved the way for a greater change.

                          Constituent Assembly Of Brazil
                          - the agenda for this committee was 'Drafting the Brazilian Constitution'. After the failure of 7 constitutions in Brazil, this historic committee was set up to ensure a sustained and democratic set up for the largest country in South America

                          United States Senate Select Committee On Intelligence-The Agenda for this committee was "Understanding and mitigating illegal uses of Internet". The Committee was created by the Senate in 1976 to “oversee and make continuing studies of the intelligence activities and programs of the United States Government" and to 'provide vigilant legislative oversight over the intelligence activities of the United States to assure that such activities are in conformity with the Constitution and laws of the United States'

                          Global Economic Meeting Of Bank For International Settlements-The Agendas for this committee were-'Agenda 1: Discussing reforms in the use of Macro-Prudential instruments for ensuring financial market resilience with special emphasis on Basel III

                          Agenda 2: The promotion of global Electronic Asset trading.
                          The Global Economy Meeting (GEM) is the principal discussion forum for central bank Governors during the regular BIS bimonthly meetings. It monitors and assesses developments in the world economy and the global financial system

                          European Court Of Human Rights- The agenda for this committee was
                          "Hirst VS United Kingdom".
                          The European Court of Human Rights is a supra-national or international court established by the European Convention on Human Rights. It hears applications alleging that a contracting state has breached one or more of the human rights provisions concerning civil and political rights set out in the Convention and its protocols.

                          Joint Crisis Committee :The Six Day War- The Agenda for this committee was 'The Six Day War of 1967'.  The Committee was divided into 3 separate bodies which ran parallel to each other- The Israeli Cabinet, The Egyptian, Jordanian,  Syrian  and Iraqi Cabinet and the Historic Security Council ,which aimed to stabilize the crisis through effective resolution process.

                          Discussion  Forum On Education Sector Reforms- Perhaps the most unconventional committee in the conference , the committee was specially organized for government-funded and government aided schools. It formed an understanding amongst those who were affected the most by the Education Sector Reforms. The Agenda was "Suggesting Reforms to Indian Education System"

                          International press
                          -The International press was present throughout the conference and published their magazine "Alfaaz" on the conference days which combined the work done by all the photographers, journalists and cartoonists. the International Press produced 3 newsletters in English and 3 pamphlets in Hindi (for the committee Discussion Forum on Education Sector Reforms)


                            Astronomy Club Activity
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                            Astronomy Club conducted the Activity “Building Telescopes” based on Astronomical devices for classes IX – X  on Thursday,  January 25, 2017. A training session for designing telescopes was conducted one week before the activity in which various methods to design telescopes were discussed. Thirty students were divided in to four groups who enthusiastically   designed small telescopes. Learning by doing approach helps them in understanding the difficult concept of optics and they enjoyed viewing various objects with their telescopes.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the activity which helps them to think out of the box and understands the various principles of optics. 

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                              "The lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson "