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Junior school celebrated ‘Health Awareness’ week from 24 Apr to 28 April 2017 through a variety of activities.

A general health check up was conducted, for all students, by the school doctor at the school clinic. The students were made aware of symptoms of common ailments, personal hygiene and cleanliness, importance of clean surroundings, healthy eating habits, balanced diet, water intake, adequate rest and sleep, prevention of diseases etc through power point presentations and class discussions. Display boards showcased posters made by students on health awareness and class discussions were conducted.

A team from the dental department of R & R Hospital visited the school on 26 & 27 April 2017 and conducted an oral health check up for all students. A health card was issued to all students with information on the status of their oral health on it. Demonstration on the right way of brushing teeth and good oral habits were also discussed and movies and videos on the theme shown to the children.


    IHA-Debate Competition
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    The Inter-House Activity Debate Competition was organized on 28 April 2017 at TAFS for classes VI to XI. The topic of English Debate was ‘Freedom of Expression is more important than Religious Sensitivities” and topic for Hindi Debate was “ekrk&firk & vfHkHkkod ;k nksLr". The students participated in this competition with great enthusiasm and came up with amazing ideas. Most of the participants showcased their talent of public speaking skills and mesmerized the audience with their ‘Gift of Gab’. Overall it was a great learning experience for everyone.

    The judgement for English Debate was made by Ms Bindia Rajpal, HOD English (Sr Wing) & Ms Rajshree Rathore, PRT (Jr Wing) and judgement for Hindi Debate was made by Mr GN Dwivedi, TGT-Hindi (Sr Wing) and Ms Manita Casshyap, PRT (Jr Wing). The Result:


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    S No



























      Healthy Snack Making
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      Healthy Snack Making Competition was held for class IX in the Home Science Lab on Thursday 27th April 2017. The student participated with zeal. The Home Science Lab brimming with young talent and lovely aroma all around.

      Rishita Tiwari of class IXE bagged the first prize with her Oat Banana Cookies and Wheat Cake.

      Soumya Tiwari made Shahi Tukra French Mango Toast and came a close second. The recipe was an original and was very nutritious. She represented class IXD.

      Abhinab of class IXE came third. He made Soyas vegetable Manchurian.

      Other entries were also greatly appreciated.


        Dramatics Club - Nukkad Natak
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        For the holistic and overall development of our students TAFS introduced Dramatics Club from this year. The dramatics club organised its inaugural activity “Nukkad Natak” on April 27, 2017 in the Activity Hall. Fifty Five Students from classes VI – VIII were divided in to five teams (A, B, C, D, E) where they enthusiastically showcased their talents through the following Street plays:

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        cqtqxksZa dk lEeku] gekjs ?kj dh 'kkuA


        ut+j vankt+ er djks] 'kk;n fdlh dh ekSr gksA


        Lkgh ernku] ns'k ds fodkl dk vkogkuA


        Tky gS rks Hkfo"; gSA


        vax nku egk nku













          The Quest 2017
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          The Quest 2017

          The Air Force School hosted The Quest 2017 , A two day Festival of Debating (Conventional and Parliamentary Debate),Creative Expression(Creating offline Tweets), Nukkad Natak(Consumer Rights), Pictorial  Story Board(Consumer Rights) , Scientific Experimentation and Science Quizzing on April 25and April 26, 2017. Participants from schools all over Delhi and NCR participated in  various events.

          The preliminary round of the debate was extempore with topics drawn through a draw of lots 10 minutes before the speaking time. The topics centered around the general theme of Freedom of Expression.The semi final round with a selected six schools debated on the topic, “The house believes that the State should be the sole authority to develop History textbooks. The final round of Parliamentary debating on the topic, ‘The house believes that Anti-nationals Should Be Part of the Nationalist Narrative.” saw a faceoff between the Air Force School and Modern School Barakhamba Road.

          The debate was watched by the students participating in the final round of Creative Expression, which consisted of creating a set of tweets based on the speakers’ arguments. The preliminary round had consisted of mock tweets on six contemporary situations and responses to other participant’s tweets. Humour and creativity formed an important part of the whole process.

          The Nukkad Natak based on the theme of safeguarding consumer rights by being an aware and enlightened customer saw enthusiastic participation .The ‘Canvas Expression’ in a story board format was also related to consumer awareness. Students skilfully created situations depicting how the consumer may be duped, if he is not alert to malpractices.

          The science section of the festival saw the event, ‘Endless Innovation’ conducted in a wonderful manner on the theme, ‘Reducing the Carbon Footprint.’ The students were questioned on the feasibility, economic viability and practical application of their models. Working models received special attention from the judges.

          Quiz Whiz was an interesting event that tested the mental ability and scientific knowledge of students. Four teams qualified for the final round.

          The various events were judged by a panel of the following accomplished judges:

          1.    Mr Vipul Nanda, an alumnus of the National Law School  with experience in debating in various national and international competitions.

          2.    Naomi Hazarika a TAFS alumnus is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Political Science from Jawaharlal University, Delhi. She is an alumnus of Miranda House College, Delhi University. She has participated in and won over twenty national and international debating competitions representing Miranda House College.

          3.    Ms Kanak Kataria, an alumnus of Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. She has beenthe General Secretary of the English Debating Society at the college and has wonseveral awards at debate competitions in the country.

          4.    Mr Aniket Basu an ex student of our school is currently pursuing his law degree. He has been an active debater at college and has participated in several competitions that brought him laurels.

          5.    Dr Sheetal Kapoor is a global face in the field of consumer affairs.As a consumer advocate, she has been actively pursuing the subject of Consumer Affairs that focuses on consumer awareness and protection. She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Commerce at Kamala Nehru College.

          6.    Mr S K Virmani has over 40 years’ experience in techno-commercial operation, IT implementation, Business Process re-engineering, Consumer Protection Act.

          7.    Dr. Mamta Pathania holds a Doctorate Degree in Public Administration. Ma’am is currently working as Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the Center for Consumer Studies, IIPA.

          8.     Professor Rakesh Gupta has been professor of Urban Management at Indian Institute of Public Administration, and has an experience of over 38 years. He has authored several publications, and has been the Assistant Editor of Nagarlok, a quarterly journal of Urban Management.

          9. Dr Ekta Kapoor is Scientist `E’ in the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India has a Doctorate in Pharmacy (Pharmacology). Dr Kapoor has over a decade of experience in Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and looks after the Indian GLP Programme in DST. She represents India in the meetings of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development  (OECD) Working Group on GLP

          10.  Dr. Rajkumar Joshi has PhD from Department of Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia (Central University) New Delhi. He is working as Scientist in Department of Science and Technology (DST), New Delhi; a Government Department which has a mandate to promote basic research in India. Recently, he has been given opportunity to look after matter related to Autonomous and Professional Bodies under DST. He has extensively worked for the promotion of research and capacity building in Chemical Sciences and.His areas of interests are Environmental Sciences and Solid waste management.


          S No

          Name of the Prize

          Name of the School

          Name of the Participants



          Best Proposition

          The Mother’s International School

          Sarvagrian Sahu

          Air Force Golden Jubilee



          Best Opposition

          Indraprastha International School

          Sidhant Khanna

          KIIT Worlds School

          Sarv Sharma


          Best Interjector

          Army Public School

          Ateen Das


          Best Speaker (Debate)

          The Indian School

          Aatif Hussain


          Best Speaker (Parliamentary Debate)

          The Air Force School

          Ekansh Sharma



          Runners Up (Parliamentary Debate)

          The Air Force School

          Ekansh Sharma


          Vivek Kr Singh



           (Parliamentary Debate)

          Modern School

          Aryamaan Sood

          Uday Goel

          Rayaan Singh

          Creative  Expression


          III Position

          Army Public School

          Sharannya Mukherji


          II Position

          The Indian School

          Arham Mehta


          I Position

          Air Force Bal Bharati School

          Tushar Renjhen

          Nukkad Natak


          III Position

          Delhi Public School, C-5 Vasant Kunj

          Rohan Bhatia

          Akshay Raj Dua

          Muskan Gupta

          Muskan Sharma

          Rohan Hiranandani

          Jayson Ahuja


          II Position

          DAV Public School, Sec-14 Gurugram

          Prakhar Seth

          Kshitij Hasija

          Yashvardhan Gaur

          Yajus Gakhar

          Riya Soni

          Khushi Tak


          I Position

          TAFS, Subroto Park



          Ananya S




          Endless Innovation – Hands on Activity


          III Position (POOL A)

          KR Mangalam World School, GK-II

          Akshyae Singh

          Gracey Sachdewa

          III Position (POOL B)

          Indraprastha International School, Dwarka

          Arosha Zalke

          Yashaswini Panigrahy


          II Position (POOL A)

          Delhi Public School, C5, Vasant Kunj

          Karanpreet Singh

          Aditya Shukla

          II Position (POOL B)

          The Indian School

          Gitansh Raj Satija

          Ayushi Verma


          I Position (POOL A)

          Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok Gurugram

          Shann Sapru

          Shrey Aggarwal

          I Position (POOL B)

          Modern School. Barakhamba

          Saushtav Roy

          Aishani Goel

          Quiz Whiz


          III Position

          Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad

          Shashwat Garg

          Harsh Gupta


          II Position

          DAV Public School, Sec-14, Gurugram

          Adri Maji

          Rojit Sharma


          I Position

          The Indian School

          Srinjoy Mukherjee

          Shashwat Saxena

          The Canvas Expression – Poster Making


          III Position

          DAV Public School, Sec-14 Gurugram

          Medhavi Verma

          Adarsh Yadav


          II Position

          Nirmal Bhatia School, Sec-4 Dwarka

          Gaurangini Monga

          Tanvi Dua


          I Position

          Springdales School, Pusa Road

          Sudiksha Samanta

          Vinti Nanda

          The Champions


          The Indian School



                                                                                   Held on 22 April 2017 

            An orientation program for the parents of the students of class X (Session 2017-18) was held at The Air Force School, on 22 April 2017. The event was conducted at the school’s Activity Hall from 08:30 am to 10:00 am. It was attended by parents of over 200 students. The objective of the orientation was to apprise the parents of the new system of examination and evaluation under the CBSE pattern of education, with the Board Examinations in 2018. The other important objectives were to educate them about the rule and codes of conduct at the school, along with the role of parents in raising a teenager. 

            The first part of the session was taken up by the Class X Representative, Ms Mithun Sarkar, as she started it with a short prayer for the students. She presented the rules, ethics and codes of conducted that the students are expected to follow, while at school. She told the gathering of the CBSE’s stress on discipline and attendance for students. She also highlighted the home work and class work schedules, the need to maintain notebooks and submit them on time, and the work education and club activities that the school offers to the students. 

            The second section was taken up by school counselor Ms Ashima Verma, and senior teacher of Psychology, Ms Anchal Dewan. They highlighted the several nuances of bringing up a teenager, so that they grow up into healthy and happy individuals. 

            The third section of the program was taken up by Mr Sujeet Chikara, senior teacher of Physics, as he explained in detail, the new patter of examination and evaluation, under the CBSE’s curriculum for the Board Examination, to be held in 2018. 

            The Principal of the school, Ms Amita Gupta addressed the gathering, and spoke at length to the parents about their role in helping their ward stay stress-free and contended, as they are at a very crucial stage of their lives. She advised them, drawing instances from her experience of over 25 years, that they should be a guide and friend to their children, rather than imposing their wishes and ambitions on them. 

            The program ended with a vote of thanks, extended by the Vice Principal, Ms Lomina Rajiv. 

            The parents opined that the session proved to be a worthwhile experience for them, as they got clarity on the curricular and co-curricular activities that their ward will have in class X. They expressed hope that the new academic session will bring great achievements and learnings for their wards.

            Click here the view - Power Point Presentation (Examination System)



              A Journey of Thousand Miles begins with a single step!!!!


              With the commencement of the new academic session 2017-18 the TAFS Family at senior wing warmly welcomed the parents of the students of Class IX as they stand on the threshold to start their journey on the next lap of education. 

              An Orientation programme was conducted on 22 April 2017 from 10:30am to11:30am in the School Activity Hall.  

              The session took place in varied segments; the first one was led by the Class Representative of Class IX, Ms. Manbeer Kaur followed by a session on the handling of adolescents by the school counsellor Ms. Ashima Verma and Psychology teacher Ms. Aanchal Dewan. Mr Sujeet, the MIS Co-ordinator informed the parents about the examination pattern. 

              The programme highlighted the following core issues: 

              ·                     Conduct of students at school.

              ·                     Importance of rules at school.

              ·                     Issues like cleanliness, abstinence from using foul language and use of electronic gadgets within the school premises, emphasis on being regular, diligence towards work were also looked upon.

              ·                     Importance of Work Experience and Art Education as part of our Co- Scholastic areas.

              ·                     The emphasis on recently introduced subjects - Life skills and Value education for an all round development of the learner at school.

              ·                     Changed Examination System

              ·                     Division of Specifications pertaining to the weightage and nature of Activity and Notebooks.

              ·                     Importance of active participation in co –scholastic activities .

              ·                     Adolescent issues and our approach towards handling such issues. 

              The orientation programme proved to be an enlightening experience and shall hopefully help the parents in facilitating the overall development of the child.

              Click here to view - Power Point Presentation (Examination System)


                Educational games and puzzles are one of the best ways to take out the drudgery out of learning. Crossword puzzles are of great use in teaching learning process. They give a gentle break, allowing the students to work together, relax and still they will be learning while they do them. Keeping this in view, the Mathematics department conducted an activity – MATHEMATICS CROSSWORD PUZZLE on 20th April 2017, Thursday. The students were divided into the groups and each group was given the unsolved crossword puzzle. The hints were shown on the smart board. With the help of hints, students solved the puzzle. The crossword puzzle was based on basic geometrical terms and definitions. The group who solved the puzzle firstly and accurately was declared as the winner from each of the five sections. The students enjoyed a lot and developed positive attitude towards Mathematics. They realized that Mathematics can be fun too!!!

                The names of the winners are :

                ·         IX A –Ansh Srivastava, Ishpreet Singh, Nityam Gupta, Pranay Gupta, Yajat Baweja

                ·         IX B –Aakansha Yadav, Anmol Ramani, Kanishk, Rishika Mukherjee, Kashish Ramani

                ·         IX C – Arham, Achint, Akash Gupta, Ekansh, Gauransh

                ·         IX D – Abeer Halder, Aryan Khatana, Kshitij Sharma, Shreyas Garg, Yash Rekhari,

                ·         IX E – Amisha, Anahita Hira, Gautami Kulkarni, Juhi Singh, Siddhi Katyal



                  A Journey of Thousand Miles begins with a single step!!!!


                  With the commencement of the new academic session 2017-18 the TAFS Family at senior wing warmly welcomed the parents of the students of Class VI as they transited from the junior wing to the senior wing with zeal and vigour. 

                  An Orientation programme was conducted on 22 April 2017 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm in the School Activity Hall.  

                  The session took place in varied segments; the first one was led by the Class Representative of Class VI, Ms. Shruti Sharma followed by a session on the handling of adolescents by the school counsellor Ms. Ashima Verma and Psychology teacher Ms. Aanchal Dewan. Mr Sujeet, the MIS Co-ordinator informed the parents about the examination pattern. 

                  The programme highlighted the following core issues: 

                  ·   Conduct of students at school.

                  ·   Importance of rules at school.

                  ·   Issues like cleanliness, abstinence from using foul language and use of electronic gadgets within the school premises, emphasis on being regular, diligence towards work were also looked upon.

                  ·   The transition from the junior wing to senior wing.

                  ·   Importance of Work Experience and Art Education as part of our Co- Scholastic areas.

                  ·   The emphasis on recently introduced subjects - Life skills and Value education for an all round development of the learner at school.

                  ·    Examination System

                  ·    Division of Specifications pertaining to the weightage and nature of Activity, Notebooks.

                      ·   Importance of active participation in co –scholastic activities . 

                  The orientation programme proved to be an enlightening experience and shall hopefully help the parents in facilitating the overall development of the child.

                  Click here to view - Power Point Presentation (Examination System)

                    Earth Day Assembly

                    24 April 2017

                    A special assembly was presented by EVS Club of The Air Force School, Subroto Park to celebrate Earth Day 24 April 2017. It began with beautiful poems on the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and Earth Day by two students of class VIII. This was followed by a fabulous dance performance by the students of class VI. Dancing with colourful Pom Poms, these green warriors won the hearts of everyone in the audience. A very inspiring speech by a class VIII student was next in line. With great enthusiasm and energetic expression, he was able to move the audience and think about conserving our environment by not littering.

                    The EVS Club has initiated an Anti- Littering Campaign, which is being taken forward by the Green Warriors in each class. Various competitions like Poster making, Bookmark making and Pamphlet making had been conducted based on the theme ‘Our Earth- Our Responsibility’, and the prize winners were awarded by Principal Ma’am. A melodious song was sung by the school choir, which presented the idea of Waste Management with perfect rhythm. The assembly was successfully concluded by a stimulating pledge which will certainly motivate everyone to be more concerned and caring to our earth.

                    Principal Ma’am, Ms. Amita Gupta lauded the efforts of one and all with her kind words of appreciation, and encouraged the students to conserve and optimally use the available resources in a judicious manner.  

                      EARTH DAY CELEBRATION- JUNIOR SCHOOL (22 APRIL 2017)

                      The Earth Day was celebrated in the Junior wing with great fervour on Saturday 22 April 2017. Various art and craft activities were organised for all classes and the celebration continued for 3 days culminating on 22 April 2017.

                      Class UKG – did ‘Leaf Printing’ activity using dry leaves picked from under the trees. They first collected the dry leaves fallen on the ground, studied the shape and veins on it and used green water colour to do leaf printing on A-4 sheets. They also took a pledge not to pluck leaves or branches from plants and to take care of all vegetation around them.

                      Class I - The students conveyed a strong message on conserving electricity by making ‘Lights Out’ cards showing an electric bulb with a message on it. Their motto ‘Lights Out, When we go Out’ was to bring awareness about saving power by switching off lights when we are not in the room and thereby stopping wastage of electricity. 

                      Class II – students made ‘Save Earth’ wrist bands and promised to be the ‘Green Warriors’ who will protect the Earth’s resources at any cost.

                      Class III, IV & V- did poster making activity on themes on saving natural and other resources. Class V did an on the spot painting activity outdoors, in the school gardens, and displayed their paintings with catchy slogans on conservation of the earth and its resources.

                      All young TAFSians have decided to continue the ‘Conservation Drive’ through the year so as to make a positive difference in our environment.

                        Proficiency Awards Ceremony (classes I-V) - 21 April 2017


                         TAFS Junior Wing held its annual event 'The Proficiency Award Ceremony', for the academic session 2016-17, on 21April, 2017, to recognise the hard work and proficiency of students in various skills. 

                        Wing Commander SM Sharma, Executive Director,TAFS, graced the occasion as the chief guest. He congratulated the award winners and stressed on the role of parents in supporting their children to pursue their passion. He also encouraged the young tafsians to reach higher through hard work and dream bigger. Sir, gave away the awards and interacted with the winners with words of motivation.  

                        60 students received awards in different categories of Fine Art, Music, Dance, Recitation, Oration, Spell Bee, Mental ability and General knowledge. 

                        Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal, congratulated the young achievers and appreciated their consistent  effort.  

                        The Junior School Choir presented an inspirational song in Hindi,  'Aashayein........' conveying the importance of hope which should be held as a beacon to show light through the darkness.  The students of classes IV and V performed a tribal dance, depicting the celebration after a successful hunt and the worship of gods.The rhythmic beat of the music and synchronised steps transported all the audience to the jungles and the primitive and humble lifestyle of the tribals.

                        The event culminated with 'The Air Force School Song', presented by the Junior School Choir. 


                          ACTIVITY - MAKE YOUR OWN MANUSCRIPT

                          An endeavor to unfold the mystery behind history!

                          Learning by doing ensures holistic development of a child. Based on the same ideals a meaningful, joyful and creative activity titled 'MAKE YOUR OWN MANUSCRIPT' was conducted on 20/04/17 by Social Science department in which the students of Class VI-A,B,C,D and E participated. The aim of the activity was to acquaint the students with the writing of historical sources.

                          It was a spectacle to see the think tanks of TAFS put in their vivid imagination and creative best to make the activity a success.

                          History is surely going to be a delight for the students now!!


                            Pamphlet Designing Activity for class VIII on Waste Management


                            In order to create awareness among the students ,Biology Department of The Air Force School, Subroto park organized Pamphlet Designing Activity for students of class VIII on Waste Management. Students participated enthusiastically and   expressed their views on managing waste by various drawing images and writing quotes inorder to manage waste which could actually be converted to potential resource by utilizing various ways to mange it. This activity  helped to  enlighten the  students as they realize that it is quiet important to keep their Mother Earth Clean.

                            This activity was judged by the following judges  , Mrs.Rashmi Puri and Mrs.Pooja Sethi and the results are as follows:

                            1)    I Prize -  Jiya Elsa        – VIII A

                            2)    II Prize- Sakshi Trivedi - VIII B

                            3)    III Prize- R.Aparajita   -   VIII C

                            Prizes will be given to the winners on the occasion of Earth Day which will be celebrated in the form of special assembly on 24th April,2017(Monday).


                              Astronomy Club - NAC 2017
                                 ...News & Updates

                              ASTRONOMY CLUB

                              REPORT NAC-2017

                              The Astronomy club of TAFS has been conducting various activities for the students to enhance their scientific temper and skills. Active members of the club have accomplished laurels in All India Astronomy workshops. Our mission is innovation, passion and total commitment to our vision of spreading the knowledge of Astronomy and Space Sciences among the students. 

                              The Astronomy Club of TAFS conducted the National Astronomical Challenge -2017 (NAC-2017) on 20 April 2017 within the school premises. 

                              A total of 164 students from classes VI –X participated in the NAC-2017. 

                              The National Level Astronomy Competition, NAC 2017 was conducted in collaboration with The STEM Research & Innovation (SRI) committee. SRI together with Scientific Development Research Organization (SDRO) is proud to bring an opportunity for the student that facilitates a deeper understanding of practical Astronomical and Astrophysics Knowledge.  

                              Dr. Sarvesh Bhardwaj, Chief Astrophysicist, SDRO has been be the knowledge partner and Mr. Mike Simmons, President of "Astronomy without Border (USA)" has externally supported the event. 

                              The result of the NAC-2017 will be announced by the fourth week of May 2017. 

                              The result will be declared online as well as in the offline mode to the school.

                              ·            Top 10 National Champions will attend 3 days Astronomy Camp in Singapore.

                              ·            Certificate of Merit & Participation will be given to all challengers of NAC-2017.  

                                 The students prepared for the competition with full zeal and spirit. We had collaborative sessions and also one to one interactions for sharing information and learning new concepts. The entire event was conducted very successfully   . It was a great experience and opportunity for our students.

                                POSTER MAKING COMPETITION

                                The Department of Chemistry organized a poster making competition on 20th April, 2017 in the school premises for the students of class 9th. The theme of the competition was  

                                ‘CHEMISTRY : TOUCHING LIVES’

                                Four students from each section of class 9th participated in the competition with great enthusiasm. The topic was chosen to expose the young buds to the miracles of chemistry which are touching their everyday life in one way or the other.

                                Children participated earnestly in the competition. They came up with amazing creativity. Their efforts and initiative was appreciated by one and all. Each of the posters prepared by the children was a treat to the eyes.

                                Following are the winners of the competition-

                                1st- Aaditi (IX-C)

                                2nd- Aniket Kumar Singh (IX- C)

                                3rd- Vanshita Srivastava (IX- E)

                                Many congratulations to the winners.

                                  MATHEMATICAL  ACTIVITY  HELD ON  13TH APRIL, 2017

                                  POSTER MAKING ACTIVITY

                                  TOPIC: SYMMETRY IN NATURE

                                  CLASS VIII

                                  Many mathematical principles are based on ideals, and apply to an abstract, perfect world. This perfect world of mathematics is reflected in the imperfect world, such as in the approximate symmetry of a face divided by an axis along the nose. More symmetrical faces are generally regarded as more aesthetically pleasing. Not only in faces but “Symmetry “ is found everywhere in nature and is also one of the most prevalent themes in art, architecture, and design — in cultures all over the world and throughout human history. Symmetry is certainly one of the most powerful and pervasive concepts in mathematics.

                                  In order to make the students realize more importance of ‘Symmetry in Nature’ and to harness their maximum creativity regarding the topic, Mathematics Department conducted a ‘POSTER MAKING ACTIVITY’  on the topic “ SYMMETRY IN NATURE “  for class 8th during the zero period. Students showed great enthusiasm and really enjoyed learning Math with the help of colourful activity. They  made very beautiful and expressive posters. The astonishing posters made by the students very well expressed the theme of the Activity.


                                    Story Telling - Class VI
                                       ...News & Updates

                                    Departmental Activity (English) for Class VI

                                    Story Telling

                                    The students of class VI participated in a story telling activity on 13 April 2017. Five students of each section took part in this activity. They recited stories, with the help of light props.

                                    The students showed great enthusiasm as they engaged their classmates in an interesting & enthralling story. The audience applauded the spirit of their young friends.

                                    The activity was aimed to encourage reading habits among children. It aimed to instill love for stories and to develop a liking for recitation & narration among students.


                                      Class UKG Puppet Show
                                         ...News & Updates

                                      CLASS UKG PUPPET SHOW – (12 APRIL 2017)

                                      Puppets are fun for all ages and puppet shows are used as a means of entertainment and story telling.

                                      The tiny tots of UKG enjoyed a puppet show conducted by their teachers during the morning assembly on 12 April 2017. Stories about friendship, good manners, use of magic words and healthy eating habits were depicted through this show. The use of hand puppets of a variety of animals and birds and the interesting narration kept the young audience enthralled.

                                      The children loved the imaginative puppet play and enjoyed using the puppets to talk during the circle time, later. This role play not only helped them to develop confidence but also develop communication skills and express their ideas and feelings. They were also thrilled to enact their favourite animals, using hand puppets.

                                        Audio On
                                        "The lover of nature is he whose inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson "