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Bus Rules

Bus Rules

  • Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before arrival of bus.

  • Wear proper school uniform while travelling in the bus.

  • Carry the bus pass every day & hand over the same to the bus conductor/helper in the morning.

  • No student will be allowed to board the bus without a valid bus pass.

  • If a student is picked up by parents, written information must be given to Vice-Principal/Head Mistress and Transport IC.

  • In case of not being able to board the bus in the afternoon due to any unforeseen reason, report immediately to the Main Office/Vice Principal's office/ any school official. 

  • Listen to the driver and follow the driver’s directions. Refrain from unnecessary conversation with the driver while the bus in the motion.

  • While boarding and deboarding keep a safe distance from the bus. Keep at least 10 FEET away from the bus. Wait for bus to stop before Boarding/Deboarding

  • Enter the bus promptly, remian seated at all times.

  • Do not touch the emergency equipment on the bus (emergency doors, windows, roof hatches, first aid kits, CCTV/GPS, etc.) except as directed by the driver or during an actual emergency.

  • The bus windows should not be opened without permission from the driver.

  • Do not eat or drink while on the bus. Purchasing eatables from outside is not permitted.

  • Do not throw objects outside the bus.

  • Keep the bus clean. Do not litter.

  • Do not damage bus seats or equipment.

  • Do not bring large musical instruments, any animals, balloons, glass containers or objects into the bus.

  • Playing of music by the students in bus is not permitted.

  • Carry a written application by a parent, duly verified by the class teacher/Head Mistress/Vice Principal in case you need to travel on another route for a day. Inform the bus driver and conductor/helper in advance in case of not availing the bus in the afternoon.

  • Parents are not to board the school buses/hired buses at any time, for any reason, whatsoever.

  • Board the school buses/hired buses and service coaches in front of the Junior School in the afternoon.

  • Once the bus has left the school premises from designated point, no bus is permitted to halt in between till they exits from Subroto Park Campus.

  • No stoppage of buses at/near school main gates. 

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