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There are a number of Clubs in the School with their set of activities. They are as follows:



Home Science Club

To develop aesthetic skills and make students self-reliant.

Mathematics Club


To recognise the utility of maths in daily life and develop inductive and deductive reasoning

Literati Club

To promote reading, research and creative expression

EVS Club

To sensitise students to environmental issues

Heritage Club

To create awareness and appreciation of Indian cultural heritage

Computer Science Club


To enhance the technical and practical skills of students and increase

awareness about latest software

Photography Club To learn Basics of Photography - Learning to compose a good photograph
Dramatics Club To learn essential acting, directing skills
Calligraphy Club To promote penmanship, to create a calligraphic culture

Additional Activities


I-Care (Social Work), Electronics, Painting, Health & Wellness, Music (Vocal & Instrumental), Consumer Matters & Astronomy

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