Online Fee Payment



For the Desktop and Laptop user need to follow below steps.

1. Type in the address bar and press enter.

2. Signup with basic details


Mobile Number

Email ID


3. After sign up done useR will login with email and password

4. Select the category "School"

5. Type City "Delhi"

6. Type "The Air Force School"

7. Type Student Admission Number (Without ZERO on the left side, Eg - If admission Number is 00356, then type 356)

8. Click on Proceed

9. Ask for the OTP Send. Click on "Send" (OTP will be send only on Registered Mobile number with school database

10. enter the OTP

11. User received a pre filled form with fee details

12. click on submit/proceed

13. Select payment mode

14. User reach to banking site and pay the fee


Mobile User can download the App (


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