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    Dear Parents,                                                                                                               

    As we all are aware carrying heavy school bags to school adversely affects the health of the students. It not only affects the shoulders, spine and the back of the body but also may result in abnormal and stunted growth. Keeping this fact in mind the central government (M/HRD) and the Directorate of Education have published guidelines to reduce the weight of the school bags.

    Having recognized this problem we had already taken some decisions, at our school, to reduce the load of the school bags of our students. Further we request your co-operation in this matter.

    The following are the measures taken at school:

    1.    All students are encouraged to carry their note books and books as per the time table for the day. The class teachers also carry out surprise checks of the school bags to see if the bags are packed as per the class time table.

    2.    In classes UKG-II most of the subscribed books, workbooks and drawing files are deposited with the teacher and kept at school.

    3.    We have made a schedule for students of classes I-V according to which the students are required to carry their subscribed textbooks to school. (mentioned on page 23 in the school diary)

    4.    We discourage students to carry Sample books, story books etc in their school bags. 

    Guidelines for the parents

    1.    Please check that your ward packs the school bag as per the class time table and doesn’t carry any extra sample books, story books, personal diary/ note pads etc.

    2.    Avoid hard binding of text books.

    3.    Pouches could be used in place of metal pencil boxes.

    4.    The bag should not be hanging below the midriff but should be held tight against the shoulders.

    5.    Advise your ward to put down the bag while waiting for the bus and after reaching the class room.

    6.    Avoid sending heavy metal water bottles with your child, to school.

    Together lets strive towards helping our children grow into healthy and well developed individuals.

    Warm Regards. 

    Amita Gupta

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