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Physical fitness is an important part of growing up the healthy way. Our school with its vast, green campus and plenty of open spaces is a beautiful place for walk and exploration.  With the idea of experiencing new sights, sounds and smells, and add to the environmental awareness a ‘Nature Walk’ was conducted for classes I & II on 28 Aug 2018, in the school premises.

The students were encouraged to observe the natural foliage around the school. They picked up dried leaves and they felt the difference of the texture with the fresh ones. They looked around for birds and their nests. They listened to and watched and observed the tiny insects and birds. They also appreciated the variety of leaves on different plants.

Children, being naturally inquisitive, asked many questions and tried to guess some of the answers themselves. They ran, jumped and hopped as they walked excitedly along the trail. They interacted with their classmates enthusiastically and were more happy and relaxed when they returned to their classes and shared their observations. It felt like a magical event for them who had a lot of stories to tell about the day!

    Biology Departmental Activity

    A departmental activity was conducted by biology department on 30th August, Thursday in which all the students of class 6th was involved. The students prepared pamphlets on the topic ‘Let’s make our earth a little greener’. Students prepared beautiful pamphlets in which they expressed their views on deforestation, planting more trees and why should we protect our forests. It was really fun and entertaining for the students, they learned a lot from this activity and this created a lot of awareness. 

      27th Vasant Valley Drama Festival ( 29.08.18 – 31.08.18)

      ‘Acting is magical. Change your look and your attitude, and you can be anyone’

      Twenty students of class V performed at the 27th Vasant Valley Drama Festival on 29 August 2018 at The Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park. The theme of this festival was ‘Mystery Reports’ and our students presented a play titled ‘The case of the missing Mummy!’. A total of 17 schools took part in this drama festival which was conducted from 29 Aug to 31 Aug 2018. Our school put up a stupendous performance which was well appreciated by all.

      With some help from their teachers these children developed the play, scripted the dialogues and situations and improvised on their acting skills during their practice sessions. This gave them a rich opportunity to develop numerous social skills, showcase their creativity and improve their self expression. For these students it was a peek into the colourful world of theatre, on how to emote on stage and express themselves on a given topic.

      This festival was preceded by a drama workshop on the topic, ‘Creating suspense in a play’, which was held on 24 July 2018 at Vasant Valley School. 



        The I-care club of TAFS, in collaboration with the NGO ‘Goonj’, organised a flood relief campaign from 23 Aug 18 to 25 Aug 18 to help our fellow countrymen affected by floods in Kerala.

        Students were sensitised about this issue at various forums and the modalities were put up on the school website. There was whole-hearted cooperation of students (from senior as well as junior wing) and staff alike to take part in this noble cause. The relief material thus collected was sent to ‘Goonj’ for further distribution.  Through this activity, students were once again subjected to the humanitarian aspects of sharing and caring which forms an integral part of any education system.

          Library Activity

          30 Aug 2018


           1. Presentation on the book "BFG by Roald Dahl" by Angel, VIE

           2. Presentation on the book "The Witches by Roald Dahl" by Ayush Uttam, VIE

            A Wall of Valour has been put up in The Air Force School as a mark of respect & gratitude for all the recipients of Param Veer Chakra. 

            The wall was inaugurated by Chairman Managing Committee Air Cmde M Mohanta. He was accompanied by the Executive Director Gp Capt R Bhatnagar, Principal, Vice-Principal, staff & school children.

            Chairman lighted the lamp in front of the wall & offered the flowers.


              Children have an innate love of stories. Stories teach us about life, about ourselves and about others.  Story telling is a unique way for students to develop an understanding, respect and appreciation for other cultures and help in promoting a positive attitude towards people from different lands, races and religious.

              To enhance the confidence and speaking skills of the students of class I a Hindi Story telling activity was organized on 23 Aug 2018. These young story tellers used a variety of props to make their story interesting and expressive. Children narrated their stories with expression and enthusiasm and concluded by highlighting different values of life. This activity not only helped to build their confidence but also provided fun and joy in language learning.   


                An inter house salad making competition was held on 24th august 2018, Friday. Students from class IX- XI participated in the competition very enthusiastically. It was a great learning experience for the students as they incorporated lots of creative ideas and put in lots of efforts to prepare the salads. A team of three students participated from each house who prepared delicious salads of high nutritional value. It was a great learning experience for the students. The salads were judged by a team of 02 teachers. The house positions are as follows:


                NAME OF PARTICIPANTS




                ANANYA BHALLA – XI A

                SRISHTI AGRWAL – X B

                SANA – IX A












                SAMARTH LAHAR – IX B

                UDHAY MARWAH – IX B

                AARNA AJMANI – IX E




                AAKANSHA YADAV - X B


                MANASHWITA – IX D




                  An MS PAINT Competition was organized for the students of Class III in two phases during the week 20-24 Aug 2018. The first round was conducted with the entire class on 20THAug 2018 on the topic: ‘My Favourite Animal’. The second round was conducted on the topic ‘Product Advertisement’ on 24th Aug 2018.

                  Children used various features of MS Paint like tools, shapes, brushes, colors etc. to create beautiful presentations. They expressed their thoughts with imagination, precision and talent. Their presentations were highly commendable, creative and appreciated.

                  The winners of this event are:

                  Student’s Name

                  Class & Sec


                  Aanya Kukreti

                  III A


                  Aarav Parida

                  III C


                  Lakshya Kumar

                  III A


                  Praneet Santosh Ware

                  III E


                  Divyjyoti Handa

                  III D


                  Edha Roy

                  III B

                  Consolation Prize

                  Shaurya Pratap Singh

                  III C

                  Consolation Prize

                    MATH CLUB ACTIVITY FOR CLASSES IX - X  


                    Math club conducted a QUIZ on 23rd August, 2018 – Highlighting the importance of the mathematical topics and connection between the concepts of mathematics. The QUIZ tested the logical and analytical thinking of the students. The students participated enthusiastically in the Activity. Five teams of two students (taken from classes 9th  and 10th ) were formed. Then rounds of questions were conducted based on Geometry, numbers, time and logic. Based on above rounds, the following students were declared winners :

                    SANSHRAY - 9C

                    RISHABH RAJ - 10 C


                      Math club conducted a QUIZ on 23rd August, 2018 – Highlighting the importance of the mathematical topics and connection between the concepts of mathematics. The QUIZ tested the logical and analytical thinking of the students. The students participated enthusiastically in the Activity. Five teams of three students (taken from classes 6th , 7th and 8th ) were formed. Then five rounds of questions were conducted based on Geometry, numbers, time and logic. Based on above rounds, the following students were declared winners :

                      SWASTIK – 6A

                      PRANAV SHUKLA – 7A

                      BHUVAN 8A

                        CLASS II DRAWING COMPETITION (21 AUG 2018)

                        A drawing competition was held for class II, on the topics- ‘A rainy day’, ‘In the play ground’ and ‘A birthday party’, on 21 Aug 2018. Drawing is one of the most important ways in which children communicate easily and happily. It’s a potent form of non verbal communication through which small children develop their motor skills effortlessly and efficiently. Children use their problem solving and critical thinking skills to deal with various aspects of drawing and coloring. It’s not only a great way for children to display their imagination and creativity but also helps in development of visual-spatial skills and to become more confident. Their drawings were a visual treat and were displayed in their class rooms.

                        The class wise winners are:-   


                        I POSITION

                        II POSITION

                        III POSITION



                        II A

                        Samara Kartik

                        Ananya Kumari

                        Shreya Saxena

                        1. Aryan Das

                        2. Mahima Singh

                        II B

                        Sani Srivastava

                        Ivana Ahuja

                        Aditi Sharma

                        1. Tanishka Pundir

                        2. Sejal Aggarwal

                        II C

                        PM Parvez

                        Arkita Ojha

                        Lakshya Choudhary

                        Saksham Dahiya

                        II D

                        Tanishqka Saikia



                        1. Ananya  Kumari

                        2. Vaishnavi Das

                        II E

                        Ashmita Singh

                        Ashish Ranjan

                        Siddharth Singh

                        1. Selvi Sejal

                        2. Akshit Sharma

                          CLASS IV EXHIBITION – ‘COMMITTED TO CONSERVATION’ (16-20 AUG 2018)

                          Little hands and imaginative minds of class IV came together in a creative burst of energy to put up a class exhibition, on the theme ‘Committed to Conservation’. The exhibition was open for parents and students from 16 Aug to 20 Aug 2018, in the Junior School hall. The students of class IV made innovative models of abacus, parts of speech creatively displayed on three-dimensional trees, puppets depicting the rich culture of our country and various decorative and useful items from different waste materials. They used reusable and recyclable materials like newspapers, shoeboxes, ice-cream sticks, strips of cloth pieces, wool, coir and may more such items to make their exhibits.

                          The wonderful, amazing models on display left everyone totally impressed. It helped children to imbibe important values like conservation of all available resources and ways of management of resources like refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle.  It was a demonstration of the noble act of caring for our environment. It was indeed an exhibition which helped create deep awareness about conservation of resources where children also gained confidence to present their thoughts and creative ideas. 

                            CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACTIVITY

                            Educational games and puzzles are one of the best ways to take out the drudgery out of learning. Crossword puzzles are of great use in teaching learning process. They give a gentle break, allowing the students to work together, relax and still they will be learning while they do them. Keeping this in view, the Mathematics club conducted an activity – MATHEMATICS CROSSWORD PUZZLE on 16th August 2018, Thursday. The students were divided into the groups and each group was given the unsolved crossword puzzle. The hints were shown on the smart board. With the help of hints, students solved the puzzle. The crossword puzzle was based on basic geometrical terms and definitions. The group who solved the puzzle firstly and accurately was declared as the winner from each of the five sections. The students enjoyed a lot and developed positive attitude towards Mathematics. They realized that Mathematics can be fun too!!!

                            The names of the winners are :

                            ·       IX A – Aditya Pandey, Angad Chauhan, Anirudh Singh, Sujal    
                                        Shawak, Swayam Shree

                            ·       IX B – Harshit Shukla, Aditya Kumar, Tanu Priya, N Pranav,  
                                        Paridhi Shah, Varsha Aggarwal

                            ·       IX C – Dhun, Rishita, Annanya, Riddhi

                            ·       IX D – Shrey Kothari, Shushant Prakash, Stanzin, Stuti, Suhaani,
                                        Syed Mohammad Abbas

                            ·       IX E – Samyak Dhyani, Pranjwal Jha, Sajjal Bhalla, Abhishek   
                                        Dhaked, Rajat Khanduja, Devesh Chillar

                              72nd INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS

                              The students and staff of The Air Force School commemorated 72 glorious years of freedom with celebrating the spirit of sacrifice made by the brave hearts of the India’s freedom struggle on 13 August 2018. As the air reverberated with the same spirit, the enthusiastic participants eagerly awaited the arrival of the Chief Guests, Air Commodore NPS Taprial Provost Marshal (Air) and Mrs Neeta Taprial. The Guest of Honour was Group Captain Ravindra Bhatnagar, Executive Director, The Air Force School.

                              The day unfolded with the unfurling of the Tricolour and everybody proudly singing the National Anthem.

                              The Principal, Ms Amita Gupta, welcomed the esteemed guests and emphasized that the sacrifices made by the great freedom fighters. Ma’am reiterated that freedom comes with responsibilities and it is important to free oneself from the mindset that does not allow one to see beyond personal interest.

                              After the welcome address, the five houses brought alive the trauma, the struggle and the sacrifice that our brave hearts made to achieve freedom. Aptly titled, the cultural programeDHADKAN HAI APNI AZAADI: HAI PRAAN SE PYAARI AZAADI,’ took everyone down the memory lane showcasing the struggle of the Indian Renaissance, the pain of partition, the brutality at the Jallianwala Bagh, and the sacrifices of the brave hearts.


                              The momentous day came to an end with the inspiring words by the Chief Guest. Sir emphasized that though personal growth is important, one should not forget the growth of the nation. It is important to remember the soldiers serving at the border and must pay gratitude to them. His words filled every young heart with the feeling of patriotism.

                              The Chief Guest released the school magazine ‘The Aravalian’ for the academic session 2017-2018, on this occasion. It was a moment of pride for the entire team of ‘The Aravalian’, comprising of budding writers, editors and artists.

                              The event ended with the vote of thanks presented by the Vice Principal, Ms Lomina Rajiv. The result for IHA (Independence Day) is as follows:



















                                CLASS I DRAWING COMPETITION (14 AUG 2018)

                                A drawing competition was organized for class I on 14.08.18 at the junior wing. The objective of this event was not only to encourage children to showcase their talents in fine art but also to help them experience infinite joy and freedom of expression through drawing and colouring. Children did an applaudable work by letting their imagination come into life on paper! Their drawings on the given topics, ‘A garden scene’, ‘The sea world’ and ‘A rainy day’ were beautifully drawn and vibrantly coloured. Efforts put by all the participants were highly appreciated.

                                The result of the event is as follows:


                                I position


                                II Position


                                III Position


                                Consolation Prize


                                Praheli (I A)

                                Prapti Ghosh  (I B)

                                Akshta Pandey (I C)

                                Aarav (I C)

                                Chhaya Krishti (I D)

                                Hargun Kaur Bhatia

                                (I E)

                                Sammiridhi Panigrahi

                                (I E)

                                Arman Yadav ( I A)

                                Nidhi Singh ( I A)

                                Lavitra Prajapati (I B)

                                Awwal Bhasin (I B)

                                Thanishka (I C)

                                Yug Rathee (I D)

                                Smriti Negi (I D)

                                Vansh Vishal Nayak

                                (I E)

                                Jayshree (I E)


                                Divjot Sujith (I A)

                                Aarush Bankoti (I A)

                                Auranshika Tripathy

                                (I A)

                                Arshiya Parihar (I B)

                                Aakarsh Raj (I C)

                                Vaanya (I C)

                                Ranvijay Singh (I D)

                                Vihaan Debnath (I D)

                                Vaishnavi Gayakwad

                                (I E)

                                Priya Bhushan (I E)

                                Ayush Sharma (I E)


                                Arshiya Chaudhary

                                (I B)

                                Maira Kathuria

                                (I B)

                                Atharv Raghav

                                (I D)

                                Vani Dubey (I D)

                                Aradhya Baral (I D)



                                  English Department Activity

                                  Poster Making on synonyms, antonyms and contronyms

                                  Vocabulary (the knowledge of words and word meanings) is one of the key building blocks in learning a new language. The more words a learner knows the more they will be able to understand what they hear and read and the better they will become at expressing what they want to when speaking or writing. The larger a student’s vocabulary becomes, the easier it will be to connect a new word with words they already know.  A large vocabulary raises achievement and confidence and aids the student in becoming an independent learner.

                                  To further their love for language an  intra-class activity of poster making on synonyms, antonyms and contronyms was conducted for the students of class VIII by the English Department on Aug 16,2018. . The activity was conducted during the regular English period in the classroom.

                                  The objective of this activity was to  encourage children to use a range of vocabulary in their writing.The students participated in large numbers with great zeal and enthusiasm. 

                                    ‘QUOTE-UNQUOTE’- Famous Speeches Competition by Class V


                                    The students of Class V participated in a competition ‘QUOTE-UNQUOTE’, famous speeches by great leaders, held in the school on14 August 2018.  The participants put in great efforts and stepped into the shoes of great people to feel like them and speak like them. This activity helped open the children’s minds to various events and issues in which famous people like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and the like were involved. In the process, they learnt about famous people and their contributions to the world. It was an amazing display of confidence and oratory skills.  The children quoted famous personalities and leaders with great fervour and expressions. The confidence and enthusiasm displayed by the speakers was laudable. The efforts of the contestants were greatly appreciated.  

                                    The winners of the competition are: 


                                    I position


                                    II Position


                                    III Position


                                    Consolation Prize


                                    Angad Singh Beasley (V D)


                                    Sharanya M. Nair (V D)


                                    Pranjal Dixit   (V B)


                                    Divit Nigam (V B)

                                    Prabeera Dixit (V B)


                                    Riddhi Dua (V B)


                                    Anshika Indu (V D)


                                    Abeira Wazir (V D)


                                    Jahnvi (V C)


                                    Paripreet Kaur (V E)


                                    Aryaman Gupta (V E)


                                    Joyce Sarah Kadithala (V E)


                                    Shourya Pratap Singh  (V B)


                                    Tanishq Tada (V C)


                                    Harshita Bhatt (V C)


                                    Laurel Arora (V D)


                                    Antriksh (V D)


                                    Shreyas Dhabekar (V D)


                                    Chinmoy Roy  (V A)


                                    Pallavi Negi (V E)


                                    Hanshika Anand

                                    (V E)


                                     Asmita Bansal (V A)


                                      INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS - JUNIOR SCHOOL


                                      Junior School celebrated 72nd Independence Day, on 13 Aug 2018, with great fervour and patriotism. The young Tafsians of class III A, B and D enthralled the audience with their spectacular performance. Group Captain R Bhatnagar, Executive Director TAFS and Mrs. Amita Gupta, Principal TAFS graced the occasion.

                                      The programme began with the welcome speech by Mrs. Deepa Krishnan, headmistress Junior Wing. The cultural programme ‘Azadi ki Gatha – The Story Of India’s Independence’ started with a patriotic song ‘Ae Vatan Mere Vatan Aabad Rahey Tu’. The students took everyone down the memory lane showcasing the struggle and sacrifices of our brave legends through dance drama in colourful costumes with amazing props.

                                       The great leaders of our country like Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabh Bhai Patel, Mangal Pandey Rani Laxmibai, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Jawaharlal Nehru were portrayed by the young students. The revolutionaries Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev and Chandra shekhar Azad, all came alive on the stage shouting slogans.

                                      The students presented an electrifying dance performance, on the medlay of patriotic songs which was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. This was followed by a pledge to make India clean and rid the country from the problems of poverty, illiteracy, corruption and pollution.

                                      The momentous day continued with the inspiring words of the chief guest. He reminded us that though we have achieved a lot in these 72 years, we still have to keep striving for national development. His words filled every young heart with the feeling of patriotism. He further emphasized that as a responsible citizen of India we need to be more alert and each one of us have to do their bit to keep our country clean.

                                        INVESTITURE CEREMONY - CLASS VIII

                                          INDEPENDENCE DAY 2018 ACTIVITY

                                          VENUE: Library, SR Wing

                                          From 1st Aug 2018 to 9th Aug 2018 


                                          TOPIC : NATIONAL FLAG

                                                  CLASS                FORMAT

                                          ·      VI CLASS             Rectangular shape

                                          ·      VII CLASS            Kite shape

                                          ·      VIII CLASS           Flying shape

                                          ·      IX CLASS             Square shape

                                          ·      X CLASS              Round shape

                                          ·      XI CLASS             Button shape with a pointer

                                          ·      XII CLASS            Button shape with a frame

                                            There was a workshop on "Upcoming Careers in Science” for Class XI-XII students held at The Air force School on 9th August 2018.

                                            The Workshop was hosted by NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) executive Speaker Mr.Ramesh Mishra.

                                            The highlight of The Workshop was themes of B.tech, B.Pharma, data sciences, MBA and M tech programmes in India and Various universities that offer the same. 

                                            The Discussion Was based On How Careers are more technology or Marketing Oriented than Purely Research and Development Based. 

                                            The students got a glimpse of what they Can Apply for in the Future after 10+2, taking Sciences and Research as their aim.
                                            They even introduced their university and its Undergraduate Courses that children can apply for.

                                            It was an informative and knowledgeable interaction.

                                              On 8th August 2018, The Peer Educator Students of Class IX attended the Peer education Workshop, at National Science Centre at Pragati Maidan. 

                                              With the theme being Family and Parent Communication, the children were extremely engaged with other school students in role plays, discussions and poster making on Family styles.

                                              They performed Skits and acted on strategies to communicate better within a joint and nuclear families keeping in mind siblings and Generation Gaps.
                                              It was an enriching and insightful sharing experience.

                                                VAN MAHOTSAVA 2018

                                                EVS Club (TAFS) celebrated Van Mahotsava on 2nd August 2018. A special assembly was organized by the students of EVS Club to mark the occasion. It began with a powerful speech by Kanika Mehrotra (IX-D), stressing on the need to change our attitude towards environment which was followed by an awe-inspiring poem recitation by Tanya Mudel (IX-D). It also held a mirror to our society sensitizing all, about a horrifying prospective reality deprived of the precious gifts by Mother Earth. A skit, performed by the students of class X was next in show, which related the importance of trees in our lives, and how they should always be our first priority. The choir mesmerized the audience with their harmonious tunes, and expression of our Mother Nature’s feelings.

                                                The commendable efforts of the students and teachers in organizing the assembly were highly appreciated by our respected Principal Ma’am, Ms. Amita Gupta. Ma’am also stressed on the need to be protective of nature as it responds to us the way we treat her. Her insight on this give-and-take relationship between Man and Nature was truly enlightening. The audience enjoyed the show thoroughly and expressed their appreciation with a loud round of applause. 

                                                  THE WORDSMITHS’ MEET  2018 (03 AUG 2018)

                                                  The 7th edition of our annual interschool literary event ‘The Wordsmiths’ Meet’, was organized on Friday, 03 August 2018, during school hours. The theme for the event this year was ‘Everyone loves a good mystery’. For a detective, it’s always the smaller pieces that make the big picture. This makes mysteries all the more fun! 

                                                  Three non-competitive events were organized for students of classes III, IV & V. 

                                                  1.  ‘Mystery Mail: Word Detectives ’-  a clue solving event  for class III

                                                  2.  ‘Whodunnit: Codes n Clues’’ - a crossword puzzle on Sherlock Holmes  for class IV

                                                  3.  ‘It’s Elementary! – mystery play presentation   for  class V 

                                                  The idea was to provide a joyful learning experience to students where they could celebrate their talents, quick thinking and analytic language skills in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere. 13 prestigious schools of Delhi NCR region participated in this event. Children had great fun showcasing their talents in public speaking and critical thinking. All participants were given certificates of participation and everyone went back a winner!

                                                    CLASS I ENGLISH RECITATION COMPETITION (01 AUG 2018)

                                                    An English recitation competition was organised for class I on 1.8.18 at the Junior Wing. As poetry recitation helps children to develop memorization, skills in self-expression, intonation and confidence, all students were encouraged to participate in this event. Children were happy to exhibit their talent and chose a variety of topics for their recitation like – nature, trees, flowers, mother, teacher, etc. They presented their poems with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and the audience as well as judges were impressed by their display of talents.

                                                    The following are the winners:






                                                    I A

                                                    Auranshika Tripathy

                                                    Irvin Philo Toby

                                                    Atharv Bhardwaj

                                                    Swayamdeep Sahoo

                                                    Adhyayan Rai


                                                    Namit Reddy

                                                    I B

                                                    Arshiya Parihar

                                                    Lavitra Prajapati

                                                    Vaishnavi Tomar

                                                    Harshit Kumar Singh

                                                    Aishita Sambyal

                                                    I C

                                                    Shonima Singh

                                                    Pari Singh


                                                    Manit Chug

                                                    D. Thanishka Naik


                                                    Aavarsh Raj

                                                    Arnav Pal

                                                    Shreyaj Rathore

                                                    I D

                                                    Aradhya Baral


                                                    Chhaya Krishti

                                                    Vihaan Debnath

                                                    Smriti Negi

                                                    Arunima Panda

                                                    I E

                                                    Vaishnavi Gayakwad

                                                    Sammiridhi Panigrahi


                                                    Yash Sharma

                                                    Srinika Das

                                                    Siddhiksha Kumawat


                                                      Library Activity

                                                      01 August 2018

                                                       Presentation on the Book "The Witches" by Roald Dahl" by VI B students. Names of the students are:

                                                               1. ABHIMAN     

                                                               2. SAKSHAM

                                                               3. ADITYA KU SINGH

                                                        Audio On
                                                        "The truth is rarely pure and never simple. ~ Oscar Wilde "