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Astronomy Workshop - Classes VI-VIII
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Dear Parents,


The Astronomy club of TAFS has been conducting various activities  for the students to enhance their scientific temper and skills.

Our mission is innovation, passion and total commitment to our vision of spreading the knowledge of Astronomy and Space Sciences among the students.


The Astronomy workshops for the Academic Year 2018-19 have been designed in association with ASTROPHILE,  to provide an opportunity to the students for an independent out of the box thinking and enhance the scientific skills of the students.They will be providing  science kit, material, modules and content for the workshops. Resource persons from the organization will assist in presentation of the workshops and in conducting of hands on experiment/Activity.       


The workshops aim to enhance scientific temperament, understanding the usage, calibration and manipulation of scientific instruments with follow up data collection and interpretation. The key focus is on training young minds in the science of Astronomy and Space Sciences. The whole experience also aims at engaging young minds in carefully supervised indoor and outdoor hands on learning activities.

We look forward to all children participating.



Stomp Rocketry

Students understand the basic principles of rocketry while making their own rockets. Further they investigate the foundational concepts of physics by launching their rockets and testing the rocket launch by varying the parameters defining the rocket trajectory.


·         Investigating the laws of motion.

·         Understanding action reaction principle.

·         Understanding the various important features of rocket design.

·         Understanding trajectories at different measured angle of launch.


Sun our Day time star

Observing the Sun through high technology equipment like the specialized Cornado Hydrogen-alpha solar telescope enables students to see the various spectacular features of Sun like the sunspots, solar prominences. They get an insight into the dynamic solar environment and understand the physics behind Sun.


·          Safe Solar Observation techniques

·          Sun in different lights- Observing the Sun with different filters

·          Understanding the image of Sun- observation using Sun-spotter

·          Observing the features of Sun using hydrogen alpha solar telescope

·          Understanding the features of Sun like sunspots and prominences

·          Observing the features of Sun like sunspots and prominences using hydrogen alpha solar telescope, sun spotter and solar goggles.

·          In-depth study of the Solar physics - Plasma, magnetic field, magnetosphere and auroras

·          Understanding the dynamics of Solar environment


Optical system

The ability to perceive things through vision is one of the greatest treasures bestowed on living beings. In this activity, students will explore the various properties of light and develop an in-depth understanding of ray optics. They will also investigate practical applications of reflection, refraction and rectilinear propagation of light by experimenting with various shapes of lenses and mirrors to identify the focal points and understand image formations. 


·          Types of lenses and mirrors

·          Reflection, refraction, Total internal reflection

·          projection of Images

·          image formation

·          optics used in telescopes


TIME OF THE DAY -   During school hours.


COST OF WORKSHOP-       Rs 550/- (it’s a package of 3 workshops)

Workshop fee is payable by cheque drawn in favour of The Air Force School, Subroto Park.


*Note : Students will be participating in 3 workshops in 3 different days.

             The schedule, venue and timings will be informed through SMS


Ms Vyanjana Tyagi (9910919716) Ms Anupama (9810225003) & Mr. M.Yameen(9210656149 ).




Click here to download - CONSENT FORM


    Circular - Annual General Body Meeting
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      JSTSE Examination 2018-19 Conducted by NCERT

      Dear Parents, 

      Science Branch, Directorate of Education, Delhi is conducting the Scholarship Examination, Junior Science Talent Search Examination (JSTSE), for the students of class-IX of recognized schools of Delhi. Details are given below : 

      Eligibility                    : Any student of Class-IX who has secured atleast 65% marks in class   VIII

      Examination Fee        : No examination fee

      Date of Examination  : Sunday, 20th January 2019

      Type of Examination :  The examination consists of two papers:

      1.General Knowledge

      2.Science & Maths 

      Students who are interested in participating in the above mentioned exam are required to submit a Photo copy of their Class-VIII Annual exam result sheet to the following coordinators latest by Tuesday, 11th September 2018. 

      IX (A,B,C,D,E)   :       Ms Kanika kaushik (8826131917)

                               :       Ms Divya Tyagi (9899778940)


      (Lomina Rajiv)                                                                        (Amita Gupta)

      Vice-Principal                                                                           Principal



        NTSE – 2018-2019 Conducted By NCERT
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        NTSE – 2018-2019 Conducted By NCERT 

        Dear Parents, 

        The National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) is conducted by NCERT every year for class X students to provide 1000 scholarships across India. The state level exam will be held in the month of November 2018 i.e. on 04.11.2018 (Sunday). 

        Eligibility criteria:

        Name of the Exam

        Parental Annual income for the year 2017-2018

        Class as on 31.07.2018 in which studying

        % of marks for general & OBC category

        % of marks for SC/ST/PH category


        No Limit

        Class X

        60% marks in class IX during 2017-18

        55% marks in class IX during 2017-18


        State Level Exam includes two parts:

        1.      Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

        2.      Mental ability Test (MAT)


        SAT consists of the subjects (science, maths and social science) , MAT consists of logical reasoning and aptitude questions

        All students who are in receipt of NTSE scholarship from NCERT for class VIII are ‘NOT ELIGIBLE’.


        The interested students need to submit the consent form along with a Photostat copy of their class IX Annual exam result sheet to the following coordinators positively by 11.09.2018 i.e. Tuesday.


        X (A B C D E)           -        Ms.  DIVYA TYAGI (9899778940)

                                                Ms.  PRABHA KATHAIT (9968755421) 



        (Lomina Rajiv)                                                                          (Amita Gupta)

        Vice-Principal                                                                             Principal



          Dear Parents,

          As you are aware the parents form the vital link between home and school for children. Parents not only influence their children’s attitudes about learning but also help in making the school a better place for them to learn and grow. Researchers have established the fact that successful parent-teacher partnerships have resulted in improved educational outcomes for students. Keeping this purpose in mind we are planning regular ‘Follow-up Activities’ for our students of classes UKG-II, in a bid to create more opportunities for parents to involve themselves in school activities. 

          The basic objective of these activities is to improve the abilities and skills of students, to reinforce what they have learned at school, to develop study skills and life skills, instill a sense of discipline and responsibility and help in engaging the child with the parents while working and playing. The activities would range from observation of surroundings, visit to different places with the parents, learning a poem/ speech, collecting pictures/ objects, writing sentences, drawing pictures, practicing a song, playing a game, solving a puzzle, doing hands-on activities, practicing objective type questions etc. These activities will not only help in enhancing students' school performance but also will allow the parents to participate more in the process of their children's education.

          For class UKG the follow-up activity will be mentioned in their note books/ school almanac by their teachers or through hand-outs. The activities for classes I & II will be uploaded on the school website. Please access the Homework link on for the ‘Follow-up Activities’ of classes I & II.

          Together let’s create high standards of learning experiences for our children!

          Warm Regards


          Ms. Deepa R. Krishnan

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            "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. ~ Albert Einstein "