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    A day adventure cum overnight camp was organized for the students of Class V on 14-15 March 2019 in the school premises. There was an overwhelming participation of the Class V children brimming with excitement. The planning and preparation had begun way back a few months ago. The exams anxiety was over and the children were free from all sorts of pressure. They arrived at school on the morning of 14 March in eager anticipation of the surprises that awaited them. It was a choc-o-bloc day with an extravaganza of activities.

    After settling their paraphernalia that they brought with them in the rooms allotted to them, they assembled before the Camp instructors to be divided into groups. Each group was given their call name, which they identified themselves with till the end of camp. The groups were taken for different activities after a warm up session. Once a good appetite was built up, the children were given a delicious breakfast. The activities continued throughout the day with breaks for healthy and nutritious meals making sure the little stomachs were filled and their little bodies energized.

    The children participated in all activities with unbounded enthusiasm and an impatient frenzy. There were activities like Commando Net, Burma Bridge, Wall Climbing, Zip Line, Trampoline, Zorb Roller, Balance Beam, Spider Web, Mowgli Walk, Archery, Earth Ball, Tug of War, Running Bungee, Commando Crawl, Tyre Tower and many more. To give the children some rest between the activities, a magic show was presented which amazed the young minds as well as tickled their funny bones. This was followed by more activities till the daylight began to fade and the children were engaged in a Treasure Hunt where they were finally able to put their torch lights to proper use.

    They also enjoyed building a ‘Bird House’ replete with an egg. The children tried their hands at ‘Tie and Dye’ and made their own colourful keepsake handkerchiefs. The highlight of the day was a rocking party with the children dancing to the DJ’s happening numbers. The pleasant day progressed to a cool evening with a sumptuous dinner. Post dinner the children went up to their allotted rooms to make their beds and unwind. Of course they were not ready to go to bed. This was the time to bond and chat, share jokes and stories, giggle and squeal.

    It took a long time for the chatter to subside as the tired little juniors fell asleep one by one. Not once did they feel homesick in their second home, their school, in spite of their unusual routine. They slept like babies till they were woken up early morning for some Yoga and exercises. As the seemingly never ending activities came to an end, the children were served a healthy breakfast. Soon it was time to pack up and go back home to their parents. The Camp Conductors gave away badges to a few avid adventurers. The event served an effective purpose of making children self-reliant, confident, social, smart and pragmatic. Apart from having loads of fun the children enjoyed each other’s company and revelled every moment of time spent in such a fantastic way. They created an indelible memory to be proudly cherished and heartily narrated.  

      UKG PARENTS’ DAY – 07 MARCH 2019

      The tiny tots of UKG presented their annual function, “PAW PRINTS IN MY HEART” on 07 March 2019. It was a colourful bonanza in the form of a play with songs and dances depicting scenes in the jungle. The little children dressed in suitable costumes pranced across the stage enjoying their performance as much as entertaining their proud parents with their talent.

      The children sailed through the scenes with utmost energy and enthusiasm, making the audience too sway to the beats of the music while they danced with precise movements perfected by plenty of practice. There was whole hearted participation of all the UKG children.

      The theme of animal life in the jungle and the harmful effects of human ravage were well portrayed by the children through the dialogues, songs and dances. Beginning with their awe at the sight of the beautiful ‘green and clean’ jungle filled with happy animals, the children went on to show exactly how the humans lose track of the benefits and plunder the nature, ignorant of the damage caused.

      But of course, the day is saved when the tribals living there make the children understand the beauty and bounty of nature. The children have learnt about protecting our jungles, respecting wildlife and taking care of our environment. Their message to all was delivered in the most endearing way earning them a huge applause.

      The Chief Guest, Gp Capt Ravindra Bhatnagar, Executive Director TAFS, congratulated the little wonders and showered compliments praising the children for their impressive performance.

      Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal, lauded the splendid show put up by the UKG children. She also commended the parents for their efforts and encouraged them to continue the good work with a positive approach. Wg Cdr Pushpa Thakur, ED AFBBS and Lt.Col. R.K.Jha, the guests of honour also appreciated the  efforts by the kindergarteners.The show, aptly titled, ‘PAW PRINTS IN MY HEART’, was a feast for the eyes.

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