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MUN Society of TAFS organized an Intra MUN for IX – XI classes on 28 & 30 August 2019. The committee which was set up was All India Peoples Party Meet (AIPPM) and the topic simulated was ‘Morality and Legality of Article 370’.

On the first day the executive board members oriented the students about rules and procedure of MUN which was followed by a training session.

The next day the committee started its procedure to formulate ideas and policies towards the topic.

It ended up smoothly and was a great learning experience for all the students.

    The Air force school organised a space themed workshop on Chandrayan-2 by astronomy members, and National Geographic institute on 29th August 2019.


    The Students of VII & VIII were audience to it, with Mr Ajay Talwar as a guest speaker, who is an astronomer and space researcher. 


    The interactive session saw various video clips and presentations on Space missions, Planets and why Chandrayan 2 was a milestone for Indian History.


    The students enthusiastically watched the various space missions of India and the world, thereby understanding how spacecraft, aeroplanes and atmosphere interact.


    For young minds with a scientific insight, they were Curious and intrigued by the space related ideas, with many students, raising queries to the speaker.


    The workshop was a good venture into science and space, making it an interactive engaging day.

      English Department Activity


      Theme- Exam Time!

      An activity ‘Comic Strip Making’ was organized by the English Department for the students of class VII on 31 August 2019. Comic Strip Making enables the students to think creatively and express their thoughts in a humorous manner. This would also help them take some stress off their minds, which comes with exams!

      Each entry was judged on the following rubrics:

      ?       Element of Humour

      ?       Presentation

      ?       Language and Expression

      The activity was done in pairs. A short discussion was taken up on the theme and then few examples were shown. Students first, shared ideas with each other then made their strips. They also enjoyed decorating their entries with vibrant colours.

      It was an excellent opportunity for them to gain confidence through peer interaction and creative writing.  


        ‘Swavlamban’, an all girls meet and panel discussion was organized by Centre for Career Development in association with Sadhu Vaswani International School on Thursday, 29 August 2019. Sixteen class XII students from TAFS participated in this informative session.

        This event focused on making students aware of the unconventional careers they can choose and achieve success in. Various eminent speakers not only discussed their personal success stories but also motivated students to think beyond the conventional career options.

        Mr. Jitin Chawla (Career Counsellor), Ms. Rekha Gupta (Councillor North Delhi) and Ms. Sakshi khattar (Online Nutritionist) were some of the influential speakers in the panel. Various prestigious Universities as well as Institutions like Pearl academy, UPSC and Institute of Hospitality, were a part of this meet to provide one-to-one information to students who are a stage of commencing their career.

        This enriching discussion surely broadened the career options for students and triggered their minds towards many promising unconventional career options too. 

          Fit India Movement Launch 

                    On the occasion of national sports day, Hon’ble prime minister launched the “Fit India Movement” along with fitness pledge at the Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex in New Delhi on 29th August 2019. The event was broadcasted  live by Doordarshan. Around 150 students from our school witnessed  the same. They were very enthusiastic and happy to hear the speech of Hon’ble prime minister Sh. Narender Modi.

                    Fit India Movement is a nation-wide campaign that aims at encouraging people to include physical activity and sports in their everyday lives. On this day a great sportsperson was born, Major Dhyan Chand. He amazed the world with his fitness, stamina, and hockey stick.

                    Stressing on the need to be fit, PM Modi said that a healthy India is his goal and called for strict control on people's lifestyles. He also emphsasised on the importance of fitness, especially in the times we live in and added that people must change their mindsets when it comes to physical fitness.

          Finally the programme was concluded with fitness pledge and the national anthem.


            The Air Force School today (26 August 2019) proudly added yet another feather in its cap as the students and teachers gathered to celebrate the opening of the newly constructed art block, named ‘Tejas’ in the school. It is from the avenues of this block that talent in the various forms of art- instrumental, dance, sculptor and painting has been nurtured over the years. It is from the portals of this avenue that children give wings to their dreams in the forms of various art skills. 

            The chief guest for the occasion was Air Marshal Pradeep Padmakar Bapat VSM, Air Officer-in-Charge Administration and Mrs Smita Bapat. Other guests of honor were Group Captain JB Rane VSM, Chairman Managing Committee, Air Force Schools and Mrs Anjana J Rane.

            The occasion was marked by the welcoming of the esteemed guests followed by a colourful and uplifting recital by the orchestra. The school choir came together with the soulful melodious rendition of Saraswati Vandana invoking the blessings of the goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning.

            This was followed by the group dance, Shubh Swagatam. The synchronised steps and the fluid movements captured every heart.

            Welcoming the Chief Guest, Mrs. Amita Gupta, Principal, said that every champion was once a contender who refused to give up. Hence it is the duty of the school to give each student with all they need to excel at their craft. Ma’am further said that the new art block has been named ‘Tejas’ which means brilliance, with the hope that every student shines with brilliance in all they do.

            Addressing the gathering, the chief guest, quoting Pablo Picasso said,” Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist.” Appreciating the efforts of the school, Sir further said that the school has always excelled in and struck a harmonious balance between classroom teaching and extra –curricular activities.

            The event came to an end with the Vote of Thanks.


              Idol immersion has become an intrinsic part of festivities and celebrations of some festivals in our country. This has resulted in pollution of rivers and other water bodies resulting in diseases and destruction of aquatic life.

              The ‘Green Club’ of TAFS Junior Wing undertook a campaign to spread the message of not polluting the river by performing idol immersion during ‘Visarjan’ time. The students very enthusiastically thought up creative ideas for skits and presented them focussing on three aspects- traditional celebrations during Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja, problems caused due to the idol immersion and possible solutions of the problems at hand. They used ingenious props to drive the message home that throwing pooja materials or any other material like food grain, oil etc into any water body other than the sites designated by the government, is prohibited.  

              The audience appreciated the effort and left club with a newly added perspective and awareness for the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi and puja festivities.



                To improve presentation skills and inculcate the habit of good handwriting a ‘Calligraphy’ competition was organized in TAFS Junior Wing for classes IV and V on 22nd August’19. The aim was to bring focus of the children on the importance of neat and beautiful handwriting. Calligraphy not only improves writing skills but also teaches students about their unique structure and beauty of the script and lettering of any language. It has been proven by various writing experts that our handwriting style depicts our personality traits. All students of classes IV & V actively participated in it. The results are as follows:

                Class IV A

                FIRST POSITION-           Kumari Aditi

                SECOND POSITION-       Nishka S.Bhat, Shreya Joshi

                THIRD POSITION-          Saanvi Sah, Saumya Yadav, Aanya

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Akanksha Yadav, Samrat Kalonia, Vaibhav Kumar, Sarthak Sharma

                Class IV B

                FIRST POSITION-           Apurv Singh

                SECOND POSITION-       Nikunj Jakhar, Kavya Khandelwal

                THIRD POSITION-          Darpinder Kaur, Anik Maji, Sohil Narayan Singh

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Vaishnavi, Mohnish Ajay, Pratham Mittal, Kaustubh Pathak

                Class IV C

                FIRST POSITION-           Dakshika Chauhan

                SECOND POSITION-       Aarav Parida, Vaiga N.

                THIRD POSITION-          Sakshi Baidya, Vanshika Singh, Samarth Singh

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Anushka Singh, Siddharth S. Parihar, Shikhar Shukla, Gauttami Verma

                Class IV D

                FIRST POSITION-           Amrita Thakur     

                SECOND POSITION-       Aadya Upadhyay, Ronit Rana

                THIRD POSITION-          Shwetika Suhag,  Anshaj Gopinath, Navya Sharma

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Dali Praneet, Aaditya Raj, Shaurya Khokar, Anushka Gupta

                Class IV E

                FIRST POSITION-           Hansika Yadav

                SECOND POSITION-       Siffat Kaur, Kamya Chaudhary

                THIRD POSITION-          Chesta,  Sristi Yadav, Abhya Singh

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Aryan Dhruv, Simran Kumari, Aditi Thakur


                Class V A

                FIRST POSITION-           Arunima Bhat

                SECOND POSITION-       Anushka, Dhruv Marathe

                THIRD POSITION-          Dhairya, Aditya Kumar Yadav, Shaurya Singh

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Piyush Mandal, Lavee Yadav, Bhavya Kumar, Siddhant Vashishth

                Class V B

                FIRST POSITION-           Aarohi Vashist

                SECOND POSITION-       Sudiksha Singh, Aryan Garg

                THIRD POSITION-          Naitik Kumar, Kunal, Varish Mishra

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Ansh Phogat, Shree, Keshav Tripathi, Shruti Sain

                Class V C

                FIRST POSITION-           Snigdha Ruhil

                SECOND POSITION-       Shambhavi Kashyap, Mrigangani

                THIRD POSITION-          Nitya Kumari, Priyanshi, Shanwi Kumari

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Arushi Singh, Aarna Y Raj, Darshit, Aahana Kashyap

                Class V D

                FIRST POSITION-           Bhavya Singh

                SECOND POSITION-       Daiwik Mitra, Dhavit Kumar Nahar

                THIRD POSITION-          Serina Choudhary, kashika Jakhar, Ayaan Nanda

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Shaurya Sharma, Kamal Malik, Yash Vardhan Trivedi, Rakshita Sharma

                Class V E

                FIRST POSITION-           Arshiya Sharma

                SECOND POSITION-       Atulya Tripathi, Utkarsh Tripathi

                THIRD POSITION-          Shrey Kataria, Abhinav Singh, Piyush Yadav

                CONSOLATION PRIZE-    Harsh, Utsav, Antra Kumari, Amit Kumar Singh


                  An MS Paint Competition was organized for students of Class III in two phases during the week 19 - 23 August 2019. The first round was conducted with the entire class on 20 August 2019 on the topic: ‘My Favourite Land Animal’. The second round was conducted on the topic ‘Clean and Green India’ on 23 August 2019.

                  Children used different features of MS Paint to make their drawing attractive. They used tools like shapes, brushes, colors, pencils, text, etc. to express their imagination, creativity, thoughts and talent which was highly appreciated. The result of the competition is as follows:

                  Student’s Name

                  Class & Sec


                  Ayush Kumar

                  III E


                  Vibhor Chaturvedi

                  III E


                  Praveen Kumar Bharti

                  III C


                  Tanishqka Saikia

                  III D


                  Naitik Mahto

                  III D


                  Vedant Sharma

                  III B

                  Consolation  Prize

                  Rishabh Verma

                  III A

                  Consolation Prize

                  Ojas Bains

                  III C

                  Consolation Prize


                    An exhibition was organized in TAFS Junior Wing from 16 Aug to 19 Aug 2019 by classes III, IV and V which focused on showcasing the scientific temperament of young tafsians and ingraining creative attitude in our children to make them understand the interdependence of science, technology and society by hands on experience. Children had utilized their summer break in making these exhibits creatively. It provided a platform to them to display their knowledge and talent.

                    Class III took the theme of Air and outer space and collected facts on the outer space and presented them on the cutout of telescopes, which were beautifully displayed on the board. They also made a 3 D model of nests and discussed and explored more about these amazing flying creatures called birds.

                    Class IV did their research work on Water and made posters on save water.  They also made 3 D working models of water filters and still models on sources of potable water. They learnt the application of science in using the potential of water by making 3D models of dams and rain water harvesting.

                    Class V children took up the task of making the Earth green, they worked on getting more knowledge about earth, plants, and various ploughing techniques. They made models based on that and also planted trees at their home and adopted them by taking a pledge to take care of them. Children also displayed various cultures of different lands by making colourful and attractive masks of those regions.

                    The exhibition was fun and enriching one which motivated the children to research, create and display their work aesthetically.

                      INVESTITURE CEREMONY 2019-20

                      Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. —Warren Bennis


                      The Air Force School celebrated its Investiture Ceremony for the academic session 2019-2020, on 9th August 2019, an occasion, where the newly selected prefects of Class VIII were officially vested with their powers and positions.

                      A special assembly was organized for the Oath Taking Ceremony, which was administered by the respected Principal ma’am, Ms. Amita Gupta. Donning the mantle of accountability, they also pledged to bestow their duties to the best of their abilities.

                      While addressing the assembly, Principal ma’am motivated the young prefects to lead with a firm hand and a humble heart. She emphasized on the virtues like diligence, perseverance and dedication that a prefect should be an embodiment of. Ma’am congratulated the freshly invested prefects and advised them to deliver their duties with utmost sincerity.

                      The assembly concluded with the national anthem.

                        Famous Speeches Competition - Class V (14 Aug 2019) 

                        The students of Class V participated in a competition of famous speeches by great leaders, held in the school on14 August 2019.  The participants put in sincere efforts to recreate the profound feelings of erudite individuals of the past and present, who delivered legendary speeches which caused deep impact on society and managed to stir the people to act upon relevant issues. The children prepared themselves with earnest zeal and presented their oratory skill with confidence and conviction. This activity helped open the children’s minds to various events and issues in which famous leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda, Subhash Chandra Bose and even our present Prime Minister, Narendra Modi spoke about. In the process, they learnt about these leaders and their contributions to the world. The children quoted famous personalities and leaders with great fervour and expressions.  There were 87 participants and their efforts were greatly appreciated.   

                        The winners of the competition are: 

                        I Position   –       Priyan Raj (V C)


                        II Position –        Yash Vardhan Trivedi (V D),

                            Dhavit Kumar Nahar (V D),

                                                     Shaurya Sharma (V D),

                                                     Vitasta Pathak (V D),

                                                     Simrit Singh (V D),

                                                     Raghav (V A)


                        III Position –      Ayushi Singh (V D),

                                                    Mahim Chawla (V A),

                                                    Priyanshi (V C)


                        Consolation Prize –      Arunima Bhat (V A),

                        Vedant Rawat(V B)

                          EVS Club (TAFS) celebrated Van Mahotsava week from 5th to 9th August 2019. A special assembly was organized by the students of EVS Club to mark the occasion. It began with a powerful speech by Head boy of the school stressing on the need to change our attitude towards environment. It also held a mirror to our society sensitizing all, about a horrifying prospective reality deprived of the precious gifts by Mother Earth. A skit, performed by the students of class X was next in show, which related the importance of trees in our lives, and how they should always be our first priority. The choir mesmerized the audience with their harmonious tunes, and expression of our Mother Nature’s feelings.

                          The commendable efforts of the students and teachers in organizing the assembly were highly appreciated by the Vice Principal Ma’am. She also stressed on the need to be protective of nature as it responds to us the way we treat her. Her insight on this give-and-take relationship between Man and Nature was truly enlightening. The audience enjoyed the show thoroughly and expressed their appreciation with a loud round of applause. 

                          This week also went by the slogan go green in which students of class VI planted saplings which is the part of legacy of The Air Force School

                            73rd INDEPENDENCE DAY 2019-20

                            We bow our heads in reverence of our martyrs and late national leaders who laid their lives so that we could breathe the air of a free country. The independence movement in India was carried on by the freedom fighters who underwent a hard and severe struggle. This day reminds us of that struggle and inspires us to love our country. We are the future of our country. And, we should be ready to sacrifice everything for her.

                            It was to celebrate this day and to remember this spirit of sacrifice that the students and staff of The Air Force School came together on 13 August 2019, commemorating 73 glorious years of freedom. As the air reverberated with the spirit of sacrifice, the enthusiastic participants eagerly awaited the arrival of the Chief Guest  Air Commodore Rajeev Sharma, Air Commodore  Education at Directorate of Education, Air Headquarters (RK Puram).

                            The Guests of Honour were  Mrs Anjana Rane, Group Captain Ravindra Bhatnagar, Executive Director, The Air Force School and Lt Col RK Jha.

                            The day unfolded with the unfurling of the Tricolor and everybody rising to the tune of Jana Gana Mana…

                            The Principal, Ms Amita Gupta, welcoming the esteemed guests said that this day is celebrated remembering the sacrifices of the great freedom fighters. Ma’am said that freedom comes with responsibilities and it is important to free oneself from the mindset that does not allow one to see beyond personal interest.

                            After the welcome address, the school came together to present a cultural extravaganza called Mukti Parv-Desh Ka Garv. The programme consisted of school choir, play and dance bringing alive the spirit of sacrifice, love and dedication for the nation. The presentations brought alive the trauma, the struggle and the sacrifice that our brave hearts made to achieve freedom, taking everyone down the memory lane showcasing the struggle of the Indian Renaissance, the brutality of the Britishers, and the sacrifices of the brave hearts.

                            After the wonderful presentation, came the moment of declaring the result. The five houses vied for first position even as the gate decoration by each house again brought alive the spirit of freedom struggle and the great stalwarts who laid their life down for the nation. Subroto House stood first followed by  Arjun, Katre, Pratap and Latif House.

                            The momentous day came to an end with the inspiring words of the chief guest. Sir said that our mindset holds us back. He said that with freedom comes responsibility. Though the brave hearts of India have given us this free nation, it is now our responsibility to take it forward. His words filled every young heart with the feeling of patriotism.

                            The school also released the school magazine ‘The Aravalian’ for the academic session 2018-2019, on this occasion. The theme is ‘ Winds of Change’ It was a moment of pride for the entire team of ‘The Aravalian’, comprising of budding writers, editors and artists.

                            The event ended with the vote of thanks presented by the Vice Principal, Ms Lomina Rajiv followed by the pledge.

                              UKG RHYME RECITATION ACTIVITY (08 AUG 2019)

                              Beauty is the realm of poetry and children enjoy the beauty of expression, thoughts, rhyme and rhythm especially when they share the experience with their class mates. Taking all these facts into consideration a rhyme recitation activity was held for our youngest TAFSians on 08 Aug 2019 at school. It gave them an opportunity to exhibit their talents with confidence. They were inspired to come forward and recite their poems in front of their classmates and had a lot of fun in the process. The children enjoyed reciting poems like traffic lights, old McDonald had a farm, I am special etc. Their zeal and enthusiasm were impressive. The presentation of poems with actions and props was a real treat to eyes!


                                The Junior Wing celebrated the 73rd Independence Day of our country on 13th August 2019 with great patriotic fervour and zeal. A special assembly was presented by classes IV A, B and C on this occasion.

                                The beginning was marked by the recital of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s iconic speech at midnight followed the poem, “Where the mind is without fear….” by Rabindranath Tagore. This was followed by a mesmerizing dance performance ‘KASUMBI RANG’ depicting the orange colour of bravery and sacrifice. The cultural programme consisted of a skit showing glimpses of some of the remarkable events like the British gaining control over India, the mutiny of 1857, the revolt by Mangal Pandey, Jalianwala bagh massacre and Gandhiji’s Swadeshi movement. The role of lesser known female freedom fighters like Jhalkari Bai, Begum Hazrat Mahal and Velu Nachiyar was also emphasized through the skit.

                                The dance performance ‘Vijayi Bhav’ added to the patriotic essence of the atmosphere and won the hearts of the audience.

                                Group Captain Ravindra Bhatnagar, the ED, TAFS, and the Chief Guest for the day, addressed the children and guided them to be true to their work and respect their freedom. Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal, also send her greetings to the students on this special occasion.

                                The children also took a pledge to keep the country’s pride high by respecting the sacrifices made by all the freedom fighters and taking care of all the natural resources. They also vouched to be responsible citizens of the country. This was followed by the National anthem.

                                  INDEPENDENCE DAY’2019 ACTIVITY

                                  VENUE: Library, SR Wing

                                  From 5th Aug 2019 to 9th Aug 2019 (as on library timetable)


                                  1. VI TO VII  : PAPER FANS

                                  2. VIII TO X  : TRICOLOR BOOK MARK

                                  3. XI TO XII : AIR SHOW / ANY OTHER TRICOLOR COLLAGE CRAFT

                                    VASANT VALLEY DRAMA FESTIVAL (07-09 AUGUST 2019)

                                    “Acting is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to"

                                    Twenty students of class V participated in the 28th Vasant Valley Drama Festival held from 07 Aug to 09 Aug 2019 at the Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park. They presented a play titled, ‘Reviving Time’, based on the theme of the festival this year- ‘Living in a loop’.

                                    The children beautifully brought out the different aspects of modern day living which is proving detrimental and how reviving the yesteryears lifestyle can be a solution to many of our present day problems. They developed this idea into an enlightening and thought provoking play with the help of their teachers. They put up a lively performance full of fun and frolic which garnered a lot of appreciation. The participating children greatly benefitted from this experience which gave them an opportunity to boost their confidence, creativity and team work. During this 3-day festival these young artists not only performed and watched the plays presented by the students of other schools but also enjoyed an interactive session with other participants.

                                    The festival was preceded by a drama workshop held on 11 July 2019 at Vasant Valley School which set the tempo to this enriching and fun filled activity

                                      MARINE TURTLE EXHIBITION (07 AUG 2019)

                                      Class V students were taken to the World Wide Fund House at Lodi Road, New Delhi, to participate in the ‘Marine Turtle Exhibition 2019’, on 07 Aug 2019, during school hours. The exhibition organizers divided the children into groups and then conducted various interesting activities with them. The children were provided with a plethora of information about the life of the marine turtles. They were made aware of the dangers that the turtle population is facing due to the pollution of the oceans and how indifferent killing of this beautiful species by humans has led them to the brink of extinction.

                                      The students enjoyed the activities organized for them, such as colouring, stamping, turtle toy race to reach the destination and cleaning the beach. It was a wonderful experience for the children and they have returned enriched with facts and awareness about these turtles. They carried home a turtle calendar and handouts on these species. This experience has also helped them to be sympathetic towards wildlife in general and marine turtles in particular.

                                        CLASS I ENGLISH POEM RECITATION (06 AUG 2019)

                                        Poem recitation is an art of expression of thoughts and emotions. It is a medium to reflect the latent talents of young ones. Poem recitation helps not only to develop speaking skills but also for children to express their feelings through facial expressions and gestures.

                                        To enhance the public speaking skills and boost the confidence of our students an English poem recitation competition was organized for class I on 6th Aug 2019. It provided an opportunity to children to exhibit their talents and confidence.

                                        Children participated enthustically in the competition and chose a variety of topics for the recitation like pollution, nature, weather, mother’s joy etc.  They presented their poems with handy props and used different actions and appropriate expression. The presentation was appreciated and enjoyed by the entire Grade I. The result is as follows:   


                                        FIRST POSITION

                                        SECOND POSITION

                                        THIRD POSITION


                                        EMIRA KHAN KRISHANG RAWAT AVI DHANKAR

                                        ANAYAH AHMED RUDRAVEER SINGH OLA

                                        HRIHAAN AMANRAAJ

                                        PRITISHA JHA  SHASHWAT BAJPAI


                                        ARADHAY UPADHAYAY DEVARSH P NAIR

                                        PAKHI KIRTY

                                        DEVAANSH MARWAH

                                        GURSEVAK SINGH


                                        GURBANI KAUR BHATIA


                                        AHANA NAHAR




                                        KAASHVI SHARMA VIHAAN.S.VISAKH

                                        DIYA MARIA BIBIN

                                        NIYA SINGH

                                        SAANVI THAKUR ANWESHA GUPTA  AAHAN CHOUDHARY



                                        SARTHAK YADAV

                                        SANIKA GUPTA

                                        VANI SHARMA

                                        ABHINAV KALITA ARNAV PATHI KESHAV RANJAN

                                          THE WORDSMITHS’ MEET  2019 (02 AUG 2019)

                                          The 8th edition of our annual interschool literary event ‘The Wordsmiths’ Meet’, was organized on Friday, 02 August 2019, during school hours. Celebrating 50 years of the historic landing on the moon, the theme for this event this year was ‘One small step for man, a giant leap for mankind’. 

                                          Three non-competitive events were organized for students of classes III, IV & V. 

                                          1.  ‘Moonwalk’- A Poem recitation  event  for class III

                                          2.  ‘Space Wars - A debating event  for class IV

                                          3.  ‘Blast from the Past’ – A  play presentation   for  class V 

                                          The idea was to provide a joyful learning experience to students where they could celebrate their talents, quick thinking and analytic language skills in a relaxed and fun filled atmosphere. 13 prestigious schools of Delhi NCR region participated in this event. Children had great fun showcasing their talents in public speaking and critical thinking. All participants were given certificates of participation and everyone went back ‘moonstruck’ and a winner!

                                            INTER SECTION KHO-KHO MATCHES (GIRLS)

                                            Click here to view the report

                                              DISASTER DRILL

                                              The school organized a mock disaster drill today i.e. 01 Aug 2019 during the 4th period. Following steps were taken for the smooth conduction of drill:

                                              ·         Students were addressed in the assembly and all the instructions regarding the safe evacuation were given to the students. They were asked to stay calm & composed during the evacuation drill.

                                              ·         Class Teachers explained the exit route in their respective classes along with the PE teachers and urged the students to follow the exit map given in their school almanac.

                                              More than 1600 students including the teachers and admin staffs were able to evacuated the school building within a short span of time recorded to be 4 mins 50 seconds.

                                              The drill saw sincerity and coordination among students and staff, thereby, making this as another successive drill conducted in the school.

                                                Audio On
                                                "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. ~ Princess Diana "