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As is the tradition at TAFS Junior Wing a ‘Good Luck Party’ was organized by Class IV students for the outgoing Class V students, on 20 Feb 2020, at the Aravali Hall. E-invites had been put up on the smart boards in the respective sections by the juniors and preparations were on for quite some time. The Class V students were dressed in colour coordinated dresses and were given a special title each by their class teachers. The cultural programme, presented by the students of class IV, was marked by nostalgia, fun and gaiety. Dances, speeches and beautifully made power point presentations made it into an unforgettable event. The dances were choreographed on various themes depicting the school life of class V students. It ranged from the responsibilities held by them as the senior most class of the junior wing, to their novelty of using a pen at school, basketball and football game times, the awareness programme for various causes like conservation of resources, celebrating birthdays etc.

The crowning moment was the declaration of Master Aravali Junior and Miss Aravali Junior titles, to the best all-rounders of class V, which were won by Aditya Kumar Yadav (V A) and Sudhiksha Singh (V B) respectively.

The cultural programme was followed by some fun games organized by the teachers for class V. 


      4th TAFS MINI BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 2019-20 (13-14) FEB 2020

      The 4th TAFS Mini Basketball Tournament for boys and girls was organized on 13-14 February 2020. 18 teams of boys and girls from 10 prestigious schools of Delhi-NCR participated in this tournament.

      The event began with the participating teams taking an oath to be true to the game and play with honour and sportsmanship. The bright sunshine and the cool spring breeze created the perfect atmosphere for a challenging event. The children exhibited flexibility and smartness in their game using well executed moves, strategic dribbling, passing, blocking and shooting techniques.  The brilliant power lay-ups, fast-breaks and cross-over were loudly cheered by the spectators. The enthusiasm and resilience of the players made this event a great success.


      The Tournament concluded with the Air Force Golden Jubilee School, Subroto Park, winning the boys’ tournament and TAFS boys’ team claiming the Runners’-Up position. In the girls’ tournament, TAFS girls took home the Winners trophy  and  Shikshantar School, Gurgaon girls team claimed the Runners’-Up position. Wg. Cdr.Pushpa Thakur,ED TAFS and the Principal  Ms Amita Gupta  gave away the trophies.

        Rock Painting Competition

        An Inter House Activity: Rock painting competition was held on Wednesday, 12th Feb., 2020 in the school. The theme “Flora & Fauna” was displayed in a beautiful and innovative way using different colours. Each beautifully designed rock was a spot of cheer for the students and teachers. It was an enjoyable event for the students of classes VI-VIII. It was an opportunity for them to connect with and admire the Mother Nature.

        The results are as follows :-

        House No




















            Class IV English Debate Competition (11.02.2020)

            An English debate competition was held on 11.02.2020 for class IV students. The topic of the debate was – ‘Should marks in exams be affected by handwriting’. A very relevant topic considering the fact that in today’s technology driven world, the written word is fast becoming an outdated concept. In fact most exams are also being conducted online.

             The students enjoyed speaking for and against the topic, with confidence and conviction. With arguments ranging from doctors having bad handwritings and being brilliant students to people with bad handwriting preferring text over putting pen to paper. All in all an extremely engrossing experience, which impressed everyone in the audience and the judges.

            The winners are as follows-


            FIRST POSITION


            THIRD POSITION


            IV A

            Gurbani Singh

            Samrat Kalonia & Jaanvi Sahoo

            Kumari Aditi & Akanksha Yadav

            Daksh Giri


            IV B

            Gauri Sharma

            Kaustubh Pathak & Ambar Jha


            Bhavyaa Srivastava & Suhani Kumari


            Apurv Singh

            IV C

            Aarav Parida


            Shikhar & Saanvi


            Lakshita & Dakshika


            Prachi Tanwar


            IV D

            Aadya Upadhyay


            Abhinav Gopi & Amrita Thakur

            Nishika Mittal & Aastha Yadav


            Alana Ameen


            IV E

            Siffat Kaur

            Praneet S Ware & Chesta


            Kamya Singh & Rashmi


            Kritika Sharma



              LIBRARY ACTIVITY - VII D

                LIBRARY ACTIVITY - VI B


                  “When one journey ends ,another one begins”

                  A special assembly was organised to bid farewell to Class XII students by the students of Class VI on 22nd January 2020.

                  The students of class VI presented a heartwarming and alluring assembly as they bid farewell to their seniors of Class XII. The students of Class XII  were enthusiastically welcomed in the assembly by the school band. The programme showcased many events starting with an energetic welcome song “ FOREVER YOUNG” which echoed all our hearts. A play on the school life “ Our School Days” was performed .The assembly reached its zenith with the mesmerizing dance performance by the students.

                  Seniors are the mentors of their juniors. They guide them the right way , inspire them in a true sense and become their role models, A special gesture was made by class VI students when they handed over a small token of their love-beautiful handmade bookmarks to their outgoing seniors. The students of class XII were seen overwhelmed with joy and nostalgia.

                  The Principal, Mrs Amita Gupta wished good luck to the students in all their future endeavours in life. 

                  The special assembly came to a close with the thank you speech by the Head Boy and Head Girl on behalf of Class XII students.

                  As the students of class VI said GOODBYE,they reminded themselves that farewells are neither meant forever, nor are they the end. They are simply words to say that everyone in the school will miss them and remember them fondly.

                    The Citation Ceremony, to felicitate the students of class XII, was held on the 1st of February, 2020, at the Aravali Hall.The Chief Guest for the occasion was Wg Cdr Pushpa Thakur, Executive Director, The Air Force School. 

                    The program began on an auspicious note, with lighting of the ceremonial lamp, to dispel darkness and ignorance, and to spread the Almighty’s grace and divine energy. The guests joined in prayer, in hope that The Almighty stays as their compass towards a bright future. 

                    The Citation Ceremony is symbolic of the students’ flight into the undiscovered. They have been trained to never yield to the hardships that life can bring. They have learnt to look at things from a new, higher perspective, to be patient with the present, and be prepared for the immense possibilities that the future holds. 

                    Principal, Mrs Amita Gupta Ma’am extended a warm welcome to the guests and blessed the students for their future endeavours. In her address, she guided the students to be more decisive and independent in deciding the course and destiny of their lives. She encouraged them to be confident and perform to the best of their abilities. 

                    The cultural program included a lyrical rendition for the students, that no matter what befalls them, they must not quit. Following the group song was a Guru Vandana. It was a thanksgiving from a student to his teacher. This piece was a blend of the Kathak and Bharatnatyam forms.

                    The Class Teachers of Class XII conferred their wishes to the students in the form of citations. The teachers celebrated the incredible journey of TAFSians and talked about their unique experiences at school and their aspirations from life. The Chief Guest and the other esteemed guests graced the occasion and extended their warm blessings to the students. 

                    Parents play the most crucial role in a child's development, and in his journey through school. Group Captain S Sukumar shared his reflections with the gathering, highlighting the essential elements of being an ideal human being. 

                    A presentation titled ‘My World Down The Ages’ followed next. This motion picture was a collection of some very fond memories that our students have gathered along their days at TAFS. 

                    The vote of thanks was accorded by our Vice Principal, Mrs Lomina Rajiv Ma’am. She thanked everyone for their valuable presence and assistance in making the function a great success.

                    The guests were invited to enjoy the beauty of flowers that were put together in a splendid and colourful arrangement called the ‘Ikebana’. A rich spread of confectionaries, baked by the students of the Home Science Department, was another interesting highlight of the function. 

                    The TAFS family wishes the outgoing batch of Class XII, every success and the very best in life!

                      FLOWER ARRANGEMENT- CLASSES IV &V (31 JAN 2020)

                      The Japanese art of flower arrangement, 'Ikabena', is not merely arranging flowers but to make flowers come alive. Flowers are the pride of spring, exuding the joy of life and what better way to celebrate the arrival of spring and the beauty of flowers than to put them together in splendid and colorful arrangements!

                      The TAFS junior wing organised a ‘Flower arrangement’ competition for classes IV and V on 31 Jan 2020. The children participated in this group activity with a lot of enthusiasm, creating eye catching and remarkable arrangements. It was indeed fascinating to see the use of many recycled materials like a cycle tyre, a shoe and even a letter box to arrange flowers!

                      Children gathered information about seasonal flowers and the basics of flower arrangement during the build up to the competition from their teachers. And on the day of the competition, they put in their effort as a group thereby learning the essential life skills of team spirit and cooperation.

                      The classrooms looked bright with fresh flowers everywhere as the judges walked around to assess them. The arrangements were awarded prizes based on colour, harmony, balance and proportion and creativity. The various groups in each class were adjudged for the best two. The details of the winning teams are as follows:


                      FIRST POSITION

                      SECOND POSITION

                      IV A

                      1.   VAIBHAV KUMAR

                      2.   SARTHAK

                      3.   DIBYO SAURABH BORA

                      4.   ANAY SINGH KUSHWAHA

                      5.   PARV                               

                      6.  SHLOK SAMADHAN PAWAR

                      1.             NISHKA S BHAT

                      2.             SHANVI YADAV

                      3.             AANYA KUKRETI

                      4.             SHREYA JOSHI

                      5.             JAANVI SAHOO

                      IV B

                      1.             DARPINDER KAUR

                      2.             VAISHNAVI U V

                      3.             RADHIKA SATISH PAWAR

                      4.             GAURI

                      1.             NIKUNJ JAKHAR

                      2.             CHIRAG VIVEK SARMA

                      3.             YATHARTH DAGAR

                      4.             UTKARSH KUMAR

                      5.             ABHIRAJ ANAND


                      IV C

                      1.             1.GAUTTAMI VERMA

                      2.             LAVANYA SHEKHAWAT

                      3.             ANUSHKA SINGH

                      4.             SAKSHI BAIDYA

                      5.             5.DWIZ

                      6.             6. VAIGA N

                      1.             DAKSHIKA CHAUHAN

                      2.             LAKSHITA

                      3.             ANUSHKA K. SINGH

                      4.             SAANVI POKHARIYAL

                      5.             5. PRACHI SINGH

                      IV D

                      1.             SAMRIDDHI JAIN

                      2.             AADUSHI KUMAR

                      3.             DIVYJYOTI HANDA

                      4.             SHWETIKA SUHAG

                      5.             HEMAKSHI TIWARI

                      6.             AMRITA THAKUR

                      7.             JIA ANEJA

                      1.             RONIT RANA

                      2.             SAMARDEEP SINGH

                      3.             VANSH ADGOTRA

                      4.             ANSH ADGOTRA

                      5.             AADITYA RAJ

                      IV E

                      1.             SIFFAT KAUR

                      2.             SWAPNIL SINGH

                      3.             SRISHTI YADAV

                      4.             KAMYA SINGH

                      1.             HANSIKA YADAV

                      2.             CHESTA

                      3.             ADVITA V MENON

                      4.             RIYA SUJITH

                      5.             MSS HASINI REDDY

                      V A

                      1.             STUTI SINHA

                      2.             SEJAL PATNAIK

                      3.             GAURI NAIR

                      4.             SUMIT


                      1.             SHAURYA PRATAP SINGH

                      2.             SIDDHANTA VASHISHT

                      3.             BHAVYA KUMAR

                      V B

                      1.             ARYAN GARG

                      2.             MAYANK SINGH

                      3.             IHIT LAHA ROY

                      4.             KESHAV TRIPATHI

                      5.             SARTHAK SEBAIT

                      6.             S. SRINIVASAN

                      1.             SUHINA NAIR

                      2.             ESHANIKA

                      3.             SHAGUN

                      4.             KAMYA CHOUDHARY

                      V C

                      1.             AARNA Y RAJ

                      2.             J. SAHASRITHA

                      1.             DARSHIT

                      2.             JAI

                      V D

                      1.             SWASTIK SHARMA

                      2.             DHAVIT NAHAR

                      3.             SWARIT CHAUHAN

                      4.             P. KRISHNA CHAITANYA

                      5.             KRISHNA PANDEY

                      1.             KAMAL MALIK

                      2.             AARAV SANGURI

                      3.             KARTAR SINGH

                      4.             RACHIT KARTIKEY

                      5.             DHANVIN H

                      V E

                      1.             AARYAN M VERMA

                      2.             B.R. MANIDEEPAK REDDY

                      1.             UTKARSH TRIPATHI

                      2.             UTSAV

                      3.             KARMANYE CHOUDHARY

                      4.             RAGHAV SHARMA

                      5.             SHREY KATARIA

                      6.             OM ANAND

                        YOUNG REPORTERS’ MEET 2019-2020

                        NIE (Newspaper in Education), a Times of India initiative, recently organized the Young Reporters’ Meet. The meet was held on 29 January 2020 at Sri Sathya Sai International Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

                        Snehil Smriti (XI B) and Tanisha Pal Singh (XI E) attended the meet, representing TAFS as young reporters.

                        An evaluation exam followed by a press conference was the highlight of the meet. The occasion provided the young reporters with a chance to challenge themselves on the aspects of general awareness, writing style, creativity, quality of thought and ability to conceptualize and report.

                        It also provided the young reporters with a forum to voice their opinions and concern. They interacted and shared their views with senior editors of The Times of India and other noteworthy and intellectual personalities.

                        Former Indian Cricketer, Surinder Khanna, renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Sameer Parikh and a teen Aditya who has taken steps towards creating a healthy environment at school were among the chief dignitaries.

                        Issues like role and importance of media in all spheres of life and the duty of being responsible reporters who would remove the veil of ignorance from the reader’s mind formed the topics of discussion

                        The event was quite enriching and a one of its kind experience.

                          VISIT TO DANBRO BAKERY

                          Danbro bakery, a bakery outlet from Milan, Italy, serves 40 varieties of bread, waffles, cakes, and cookies along with some delicious Italian dishes. The new Italian boulangerie and patisserie opened its first store in Kailash Colony, Delhi recently. The interior of the bakery is elegant.

                          NIE members of classes VII, IX, X & XI visited this bakery on 28 & 29 January 2020. The visit not only opened a window into the world of finest baked sweet and savory Italian snacks but also brought the students vis-à-vis the nitty gritty of baking. The students were served with delectable snacks and flavorful appetizers.

                          A workshop on table manners only added to the charm of the visit. The NIE members were given pointers on how to use various pieces of cutlery while eating, how to behave and the appropriate body language to be adopted while sitting on a table for a meal.

                           All in all the visit was definitely a grand success. 

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                            "Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. ~ Princess Diana "