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The second round of Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony was held on 12 October, 2019 in the Aravali Hall. A total of 68 students were awarded prizes in both scholastic and co-scholastic subjects. The Chief guest for the programme was Air Commodore J.B. Rane VSM Principal Director (Schools, Adventure and Sports) and Chairman, Managing Committee Air Force Schools. Mrs Anjana J Rane graciously gave away the prizes. 

Principal Mrs Amita Gupta in her welcome address congratulated the meritorious students and emphasized the need for focused hardwork and a disciplined approach in life. 

The programme started with lighting of the lamp and recitation of shlokas. A group song sung by the school choir set the tone of the programme. It was followed by Bihu - a folk dance from Assam.

Air Commodore J.B. Rane VSM addressed the august gathering. He felicitated the student on their success, encouraging them to give their best. He told children that success is a combination of perseverance & dedication. To have these two there should be clarity of aim. He went on to express his gratitude to the teachers who inspire hope and love for learning. He urged parents to trust & follow them.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks given by Vice Principal, Mrs Lomina Rajiv who stressed on inculcating patience, persistence and perseverance, qualities which make an unbeatable combination of success. 


    A Health Talk and workshop was delivered by Yakult Danone India Pvt. Ltd, a leading probiotic manufacturing company for students of classes III, IV & V, on 10 Oct 2019. The workshop was aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle and it comprised of a presentation, interesting digestive system model and a short film on taking care of one’s digestion.

    The trainers demonstrated about the digestive system with an interesting model, explaining various organs, important role of intestines and ways to keep the system healthy. Further the relevance of good bacteria in our digestion and healthy habits were explained to students. Students were also acquainted with good/probiotic bacteria. Further an animated film, ‘Little Hero’ was shown to students explaining the role of good bacteria, importance of healthy food & probiotics for a healthy digestive system & immunity.

    Students enthusiastically participated in this health workshop & discussed their queries as well. Getting to know about their own body was a novel and exciting experience for students. The workshop surely provided an insight to young students about being healthy through healthy habits.  


      The students of Senior school conducted an informative  assembly as a part of the ongoing SWACHHATA HI SEVA CAMPAIGN which aims to reinforce ‘sanitation as everyone’s business’ and is focused on plastic waste management as its key theme.

      The assembly gained momentum with encouraging students to undertake shramdaan for Swachhata. The students took a pledge to completely ban the use of Single Use Plastic like plastic bag, plastic cutlery etc .

      The assembly had  a strong social message. It is an initiative taken by the school towards conserving our dying mother Earth.

      Our humble request to all the parents to cut down the use of single use plastic products.

        MOOT COURT (2019-20) 

        The MUN society of TAFS ardently organized its 1st ever Moot court / Mock Trial Court on 26th , 27th and 28th of September. The event was conducted to provide the NMOLE students with special law preference with an insight into the judicial system of the country and make them more aware about the practicality and legality of the court.

        The topic for the event was “The Bhopal Gas Tragedy” and the students were given different roles accordingly. The council members were professional lawyers, professors and law students. On the 1st day (i.e. 26th Sept)     there was an orientation programme to make children aware about the proceedings of the court. Therefore the children became aware about how to conduct themselves in the court. On 27th, the event started off with the opening statement by prosecution’s counselor and later the witnesses were questioned and then they were cross examined.

        On 28th , the defence counselor presented their evidences. The function ended with the judgement and the certificates were awarded to the best counselor, best witness etc.

        This was learning experience for all students and helps them build up their questioning skills and their confidence. It not only developed their practical thinking skills but also provided them with an exposure into the judicial affair of the country.


          On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi 50 students of our school participated in an historical event for Guinness Book of World Record at Indira Gandhi Stadium on 02 Oct 2019. The event solar Ambassador workshop was a part of Gandhi Global Solar Yatra where in more than 1 million students are given hands on training in the assembly of solar  lamps. The event was the initiative of IIT Bombay where   the previous world record of the largest environmental sustainability lesson was broken. A new Guinness book record is also made for the maximum number of students assembling solar lamps together.

          Around 10 thousand students of Delhi NCR   participated and have taken a pledge to save our mother earth and use maximum of solar energy. Prof. Chetan S. Solanki from Department of Energy Science and Engineering, IIT Bombay emphasized on bringing “Energy Swaraj”. Energy Swaraj is when the communities start generating and consuming their own energy needs. 

          More than 1 million students in 60 countries had  joined  this global event on a single day and  become Renewable Energy Ambassadors to carry the message green energy far and beyond. Every student got a golden opportunity to assemble their own solar lamps and become solar ambassadors in the real sense.


            CLASS VIII 

            The Delhi Government "Under the '10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute' are organising a campaign against dengue, the Hon.Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal addressed the children of various Govt and Private schools through live streaming on 1st October 2019. With the objective of spreading awareness of the menace of Dengue brought by the mosquitoes; students of class VIIIth witnessed the CM address where different methods of preventing dengue were discussed like water from coolers, buckets, inner side of tyres etc should be emptied, covering the water storage containers with lid, wearing clothes covering arms and legs during this time of the year etc.

            The students were encouraged to participate in the drive every week on Sundays and also to motivate people of their surroundings to curb the menace of the disease to make the city Dengue free.

            The children wholeheartedly listened to the address with utmost sincerity to work towards its objective as a responsible citizen of the country. At the end of the session; children came up with creative ideas to spread the message of “Dengue Free Delhi” within the school campus to reach out to the masses with the idea of Prevention is better than Cure.

              PLOGGING AT TAFS - 01 OCT 2019


              Albert Einstein had said about Mahatma Gandhi, "The generations to come will scarce believe that such a one, in flesh and blood, ever walked on this earth."

              In accordance with the ongoing ‘Fit India Plogging Run’ to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi this year as a Clean India - Fit India Campaign, many activities were conducted in the Junior Wing throughout the week. 

              The term PLOGGING has been used for the activity of clearing plastic waste while running or jogging.  

              Drawing inspiration from the Mahatma, who had famously said, "Be the change yourself that you wish to see in the world," the children participated in activities like ‘Shramdaan’, ‘Swachchta Abhiyaan’, tree plantation, and green drive.

              The children decided to follow our Prime Minister, Modi's call to plog for 2km on October 2, to contribute towards a clean and fit Delhi and a clean and fit India. 

              As a part of Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations the students of class V ran a small circuit in the school premises, on 01 Oct 2019, collecting garbage with their little hands and fulfilling two big needs (cleanliness and fitness) with one small deed. 

              To encourage children and make them understand the ethos of Gandhi, a presentation on the life of the Mahatma was shown, and instances from his life were discussed where he had exemplified simplicity and minimalism by his way of living. "There is enough on this earth for everybody's need, but not for everybody's greed”. Gandhiji seemed to have foreseen the problems of the modern civilization nearly a hundred years ago. The present generation is suffering the ill-effects of their own doing. But now, everybody's concern and alertness to save earth and preserve it for the future generations, has grown into a sweeping movement.  

              Our TAFS Juniors have begun their march! 

                A workshop on ‘How to prepare for JSTSE and NTSE” was conducted on 1st October, Tuesday for the students of class IX and X. the speakers Ranjan Solanki and Vivek Rana briefed the students about the pattern of the examination, its importance and also suggested the books which may help them with the exam.

                Overall it was a great experience for the students appearing for the exam where they got the platform to clarify various questions they had in mind. 

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