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Visit to the National Crafts Museum and Hastkala Academy was organized on 19 December 2019 in collaboration with NIE ( Newspaper in Education),The Times of India. This educational trip was solely for the NIE members of classes VI& VIII.  The students were accompanied by two school teachers.

Museum has a diverse and rare range of exquisite display of stone and wood carvings on the doors, windows, lintels and posts. It also has a village complex which was formerly known as the Rural India Complex, which was set up on the occasion of Asiad 1972. Another attraction is the Crafts Demonstration Program where one can see craftsperson from different parts of India, at work.

The visit was fun filled and a window into the enthralling culture of handicrafts


    Basketball matches for boys and girls of Classes IV and V were held from 17-20 Dec 2019 at during school hours. The teams of each section practiced and prepared well in advance. Each team comprised of the best players from their respective sections, selected and trained by the coach during Physical Education classes. 

    All the players put in their best efforts and played in the true spirit of the game. Their well-executed moves coupled with a positive and confident attitude, kept them much in action. Each team was cheered and encouraged by their classmates and the spectators. The connectivity, communication and adaptability of the team members was praiseworthy. Each team had a good balance of shooters, passers, dribblers and runners. None was waiting to let a scoring opportunity go by without giving a good try. It was a tight fight between the matching teams and the spectators were kept guessing the likely winners. The basketball aficionados in the spectators found it hard to contain their excitement and it was quite amusing to see and hear them going "Oooh", "Aaah" and “Ohhh” alongside the commentator's flow. It was a tough challenge for the teams which made it to the finals and a nail-biting finish for the winners.  

    The result is as follows -






    1.            Akanksha Yadav

    2.            Shreya Joshi

    3.            Himanshi

    4.            Jaanvi Sahoo

    5.            Aanya Kukreti


    1.            Reya Vashishtha

    2.            Siffat Kaur

    3.            Kritika Sharma

    4.            Swapnil Singh

    5.            Rudranshi Bhaduriya




    1.            Samrat Kaonia

    2.            Rudra Mehrotra

    3.            Vaibhav Kumar

    4.            Kushagra Kartik

    5.            Parv

    6.            Sarthak Sharma



    1.            Aaditya Raj

    2.            Vansh Adgotra

    3.            Shaurya Khokkar

    4.            Swastika Mishra

    5.            Ronit Rana

    6.            Bhavya Goel



    1.            Khushi

    2.            Harshal Singh

    3.            Antra Kumari

    4.            Shipra Biswal

    5.            V. Ananya

    6.            Ananya Mishra

    7.            Vidhi Singh



    1.            Manya  Verma

    2.            Arunima Bhat

    3.            Sejal Patnaik

    4.            Stuti Sinha

    5.            Ritika Jaiswal




    1.            Aditya Kumar Yadav

    2.            Shaurya Singh

    3.            Shivam Kumar

    4.            Pratiyush Kumar

    5.            Utkarsh Mishra

    6.            Ayush Singh

    7.            Piyush Mandal



    1.            Abhiraj Gagan Singh

    2.            Ayaan Nanda

    3.            Akshat Srivastava

    4.            Swarit Chauhan

    5.            Yash Vardhan Trivedi

    6.            Arpit Senger

    7.            Kamal Malik



      A workshop for students of class XII (Science Group) was held on 20th December 2019.

      The purpose of the workshop was to give students a complete detail about the JEE mains exam and how students can utilise the remaining time for preparation. The workshop focused on the new pattern of mains exam and the tentative marks requirement to qualify JEE advanced. The last minutes revision tips were discussed with the students. They were also told about the streams available in various IITs.  

      Overall it was extremely enriching and learning experience for the students. 


        "I pray this winter be gentle and kind- a season of rest from the wheel of the mind." -John J. Geddes

        What's Christmas without little angels, all dressed in red and white. At TAFS the little angels of class UKG presented a Christmas programme with fun and enthusiasm. The Special Assembly began with a special prayer seeking blessings for all including the less fortunate children of the world. The Christmas cheer quickly infected everyone and brought a warm merriment on this cold December morning of 20th December 2019, with Carol singing, merry dancing, pretty faces and beautiful smiles. The kindergartners brightened up the day and wished everyone Merry Christmas.  The decorations included everything Christmassy- bells, baubles, stockings, balloons, candles and candy sticks, a loaded Christmas tree and a very happy Snowman. The highlight of the celebrations was the visit by the Father Christmas, who came on a ‘Scooty-sleigh’ with a beaming Rudolf, bringing sweets and goodies for the eager children. The beloved ‘Santa’ asked the children to spread happiness all around, care for and help the needy and be grateful for the good life. The show ended with good wishes for the season and a safe and healthy winter vacation. 

          In continuation with the activities designed for celebration of Constitution Day, the next Activity was conducted on 19th Dec. 2019 in class VII. The activity was conducted for students in their respective classrooms.

          The students presented an informative talk on the Fundamental Duties as mentioned in Article 51 A (Part IV of the Indian Constitution). Few of the Fundamental duties discussed are as mentioned :-

          ·         To abide by the constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem.

          ·         The citizens of India must cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired the national struggle for freedom. 

          ·         To uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India- 

          ·         To defend the country and render national service when called upon to do so 

          ·         To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture

          It was an informative session and the children appreciated the importance of the Fundamental duties for maintaining a spirit of patriotism and upholding the unity of India. 

            Workshop on The Science of Language Learning and Introduction to Karadi Path 

            The English Department of The Air Force School, Subroto Park, organised a workshop on ‘The Science of Language Learning and Introduction to Karadi Path’ in collaboration with Karadi Path Education Company, on 14 December 2019. Teachers from English Department, Senior School TAFS, Junior school TAFS, Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute and Air Force School Bal Bharti participated in the workshop.

            The workshop aimed to bring to light the path breaking approaches to teaching English language to the young learners, making the learning environment not just interesting but enriching also. Music, theatre and mime were important tools in reimagining the English Classroom.

            The workshop raised issues like how one learns languages naturally, the manner in which the teacher could create an atmosphere of how language learning in a classroom. Other areas discussed were the types of intelligence that come into the picture while learning a language and how language proficiency impacts learning in all subjects.  The key elements to the new approach by Karadi Path were voice and facial expression, actions and the ingenious use of objects and visuals. In this way the teacher could create language memories that would be long lasting

            Through a series of interactive exercises and discussions the speaker, Mr Rex Sathya Danny, Educator and Teacher Training Resource -person, threw light on new insights into linguistic intelligence and the process of learning and language acquisition. The two- hour long workshop not just aimed at revealing skills for students to learn English but also aimed at improving the overall academic experience of not just the student but also of the teacher.




              Our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has inaugurated a scheme for girls called BETI BACHAO, BETI PADHAO. It is to save the girl child and educate the girl child all over India. The program was started in 2015 and has been doing well in most parts of our country.

              As a part of the ongoing programmes run by the Ministry OF Women and Child Development our school conducted various competitions like slogan making, pamphlet and poster making for classes VI, VII and VIII respectively.

              The objective was to make the children aware about this initiative taken by the government and to develop awareness about the social evils against the girl child in our society.

              The success of this scheme will add tremendously to the economic growth of the country.

                A visit to ICAR-NRCPB

                A workshop was organized for the class XII biology students, at ICAR-National Research Centre On Plant Biotechnology, Pusa Road New Delhi on 5th December 2019.

                A lecture was organized by Principal scientist Dr S.R.Bhatt and on plant molecular biology and biotechnology . He shared the various ongoing projects and researches undertaken by NRCPB and their significance with our students.

                They provided us with valuable information about various transgenic crop developed at the centre to improve the quality of agricultural practices like Genomics and molecular markers in crop plant.  Biotechnological application for pulses improvement , Adaptation of Wheat to climate change induced abiotic stresses, etc.

                Students observed the various techniques for isolation of desired gene from genome, selection of recombinant from non recombinants, Tissue culture, Confocal microscopy ,Gene gun as well as phytotron facility where the plants were grown in a controlled atmospheric conditions. The students also performed hands on activity for loading the DNA sample in the gel well. They also observed the crop fields as well as horticulture fields.

                The students enjoyed the workshop and they learnt the various processes used in molecular biology.

                  WORKSHOP OF CLASS 10TH AND 12TH


                  5TH DECEMBER 2019

                  A career workshop of students of class X & XII was held on 5th December 2019. The workshop was conducted by Mr Jitin Chawla, Director and founder of Centre for Career Development. 

                  The purpose of the workshop was to help the students with exam anxiety, memory techniques, time management and how to stay motivated.  The workshop also focused on the various career options they can opt for and how they can apply for higher studies abroad. it covered not only the conventional careers like the civil services, law, technology and medicine, as well as a host of new options in event management, cellular programs design film animation music technology social media marketing and many more.

                  Thus, making the students aware of the career options and a better process of studying. This was an extremely enriching experience for the students.

                    64th SPORTS DAY ‘KHEL UTSAV’
                    The Air Force School celebrated its 64th Sports Day – “SUSTHITHI-THE WEALTH OF WELLNESS” on 07 December 2019.
                    The sports ground at TAFS reverberated with the enthusiastic sounds of drills, march past and relays under the warmth of the winter sun. This celebration was the culmination of the year round sporting activities. The Chief Guests for the event were Air Marshal Vibhas Pande VSM, Director General (Aircraft) and Mrs Ruchira Pande.
                    The event witnessed hundred percent participation from Junior School with the heartwarming drills by the little ones. The day started with the Welcome dance ‘ABHINANDANAM’ presented by UKG. Other enthralling presentations were Swasthta-starting early by class I, Badhta Chal-the tafsathon by class II, Swaraksha-the strategy brought alive by class III, Yog-music of the soul by class IV and Sampada-health is the only wealth by class V. In all these drills the message that there is no opportune time or age for one to realize the benefits of healthy living, rang loud and clear.
                    Other highlights of the day were the Sports report – read out proudly by the Sports Captain (Girl) and the Head Boy, March Past where each house vied for the first position as they marched in crisp synchronization to the tune of the school band along with NCC cadets. 
                    The athletic events included the Balloon Relay Race for class I, Sub Junior Boys 200 m, Junior Girls’ 200 m race, Senior Girls 200 m race and Senior Boys 4x100 m relay. 
                    Speaking on the occasion, Air Marshal Vibhas Pande VSM, Director General (Aircraft) commented on the excellent academic and sporting environment provided to the students. He said that one can feel good only with physical activity. Speaking about the initiative taken by the government in this direction, he stressed on the importance of sportsman spirit. 
                    In her welcome address, Mrs Amita Gupta, Principal, TAFS, said that the effort at school is to integrate physical activities with scholastic subjects. She stressed on the importance of good health, adding that it enhances one’s efficiency and productivity.  
                    Mrs Ruchira Pande gave away the prizes to the winners. As the ground resounded with the proud cheering of the winners, TAFS geared itself for the next year’s sporting activities.
                    The trophy for March Past was proudly lifted by Katre House while Pratap House stood first in Athletic Events.
                    The day came to an end with Chief Guest Air Marshal Vibhas Pande declaring the Khel Utsav of the Air Force School closed.

                      ANNUAL ATHLETIC MEET 2019-20

                      “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” – Vince Lombardi

                      The Air Force school (TAFS) organized the much-awaited Annual Athletic Meet, which was held on November 29- 30, 2019, with great zeal, excitement and gusto. The meet began with Ms. Amita Gupta, Principal, welcoming the Chief Guest for the day, Wing Commander Pushpa Thakur, who is also the Executive Director of TAFS. This was followed by the Oath taking ceremony, wherein the House Captains of Subroto House, Arjan House, Katre House, Latif House and Pratap House took the oath to respect and follow the rules and regulations which govern them and with the desire to participate in the true spirit of sportsmanship for the honour of their school and for the glory of the sport.

                      Thereafter, Wing Commander Pushpa Thakur, addressed the students and asked them the one thing which ‘sport’ teaches us.  This created a lot of excitement among the students and they were invited to share their responses. She motivated the students with her inspiring words and urged them to focus on their aim, in order to, achieve it. She also insisted that we all should be grateful for what we have and appreciate all that life has to offer us, by accepting it and not giving up under any circumstances. With these inspiring words Wing Commander Pushpa Thakur, declared the Sports Meet open.

                      The students entered into the spirit of the occasion in a grand way and participated with vigour in various sporting events. Once the races began, the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for the young athletes.

                      Students of classes VI to XI, divided in Sub- Junior, Junior and Senior categories, competed in various events like, 100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump, Shotput, etc., which was an exhilarating experience for all gathered. Getting into the mood of the occasion, the teachers from senior school, junior school and the Admin dept., participated in the races.

                      At the end of the two days meet, Pratap House stood at the top, followed by Subroto House, Katre House, Arjan House and Latif House respectively. 


                        International Day for Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) was celebrated at ‘The Air Force School’ Junior Wing, on 3rd Dec. 2019. Through this we tried to create awareness amongst students, sensitize them and also make them more empathetic towards differently-abled persons. The theme for this year’s celebration was to make the future accessible which our students do by involving their differently-abled classmates in all activities at school.  

                        Various videos were shown to students on the theme, followed by class discussions in which students actively participated. They ensure that all their friends, despite their differences, are accepted and equally valued.

                        A drawing and colouring competition was conducted for students with special needs. Their work was displayed at school and these artists were given prizes for their art work. The school also observed ‘Mute time’ during the day when all students and staff members used only nonverbal means of communication to interact with each other.  The objective was not only to help children imbibe empathy for the differently-abled but also to appreciate the blessings they have in life.  

                          STRESS ELIMINATION WORKSHOP

                          A stress elimination workshop of students of class X & XII was held on 2nd December 2019. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Pawan Kumar & Ms Sheetal of The Art of Living Foundation, a volunteer based humanitarian and educational organization.

                          The purpose of the workshop was to engage and involve the students in meditation process. Thus making them aware of the transformation that can be achieved through the practice. The workshop created positive and mindful experience for students by providing insights on meditation techniques and how they can overcome board exam stress through it. The speakers shared their experiences on how life can be changed and calmness can prevail by following yoga and meditation techniques. 

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