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BACHPAN  --Childrens’ Theatre Festival 2014


TAFS Junior Wing participated in the prestigious annual inter school event ‘BACHPAN’  --Children’s Theatre Festival 2014(a non competitive event). The theme for this year’s  festival  is  ‘Shakespeare’.  Eighteen   students of class V staged the play Macbeth on 22 April, 2014   at Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar .

It was a great learning experience for the students to understand the essence of Shakespeare’s work. Dressed in period costumes they delivered a befitting performance to a script that was rewritten to convey a positive message to a discerning audience.

Their play was appreciated by all and the students were presented with  comics and books.



               The junior wing Investiture ceremony was held on 26 April 2014 at the newly inaugurated Aravali Auditorium. The Chief Guest,

    Ms. Jyoti Bhutani, Ex-Headmistress, Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute and Ms. Deepika Thapar Singh, Principal TAFS, lighted the auspicious lamp amid chanting of shlokas by our choir, to invoke the blessings of God.


                The programme began with an address by the Headmistress welcoming the chief guest and the privileged parents. This was followed by an inspirational song, melodiously rendered by the nightingales of our school choir.


                As the student council members were invested with their honours, a wave of applause from the audience, congratulated them. A surge of pride was evident on the faces of the honoured children and their parents as they took their oath.


               Ms. Jyoti Bhutani, the Chief Guest, appreciated the perfectly coordinated programme and spoke words of encouragement and wisdom. The student council members were reminded of their great responsibility by a simple quote whichJyoti Ma’am shared – “There is no rainbow without rain, and no gain without pain.”


                The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks and the Air Force Schools’ song.


                The Junior School Student Council members are –

    §   Head Girl - Nishita Saraph  - V E 

    §   Head Boy - Ahmed Faraz Alvi - V A

    §   Vice Head Girl - Vanshika Gupta – V A

    §   Vice Head Boy - Vikramaditya Sahni – V E

    §   Games Captain (Girls) – Ashna Sinha – V D

    §   Games Captain (Boys) – Reshav Sawarn – V A

    §   Games Vice Captain (Girls) – Esha V C

    §   Games Vice Captain (Boys) – Priyanshu Kumar V D



    The Discipline Prefects are –


             V A                         V B                               V C                                   V D                              V E

    Tanisha Aneja       Tarini Negi                 Harsh Tyagi             Shambhavi Tripathi        Mayank Zade                        

    Anjali Krishnan      Manya Khattar         Medhavin Chabra          Jiya Elsa James                Prajjwal Sharma

    Ayonija                    Neelabh Gaur           Sakshi Trivedi                  Aditya Chowdhary         Tia Khanna    

    Avantheka P C       Lavya Chakravarty    Sanshray Choudhary      Amitoj S Anand              Y Smara Reddy

    Harsh Anand           Pulkit Jaiswal             Suhani Sengar                 Aryaman S Pendse        Harshit Punia



      On the Spot Poster Making Competition
      Class VI   ...News & Updates

      An On the Spot Poster Making Competition was organized by the Department of Social Science for class VI. The topic chosen for the poster making was “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”.

      Five students from each section of class VI participated in the competition held on 24 April 2014 in the Activity Hall.

      The students painted their thoughts on the cultural diversity of India in myriad ways.

      The students were at their creative beast & thoroughly enjoyed splashing colours of imagination during the event.


        Air Marshal HB Rajaram, AVSM VSM Air Officer Incharge Administration Chairman Board of Governors, inaugurated the Aravali Hall on April 24, 2014. Speaking on the occasion Air Marshal Rajaram urged the students to explore their capabilities and talents and pursue their interest with joy. He encouraged the students to push themselves, achieve what is within their capacity and not hanker after what others are searching for.

        The Principal Mrs. Deepika T Singh said, “The school offers a multitude of school programs to help students discover their interests and talents, while at the same time developing values and competencies.” The cultural programme presented on the occasion was of an inspirational nature. The group song in Hindi and English extolled the virtues of charting out one’s own course, to discover one’s true propose in life and to live by one’s own standards. The dance was a blend of both contemporary and classical dance forms.

        The programme reached its culmination with a vote of thanks by the officiating Vice-Principal Mrs Lomina Rajiv.


          English & Psychology Department Activity
          Class VII   ...News & Updates

          The English and Psychology department activity had an interesting theme of creating role plays and skits on the theme of “ Teenage issues and problems”.

          Students of class VII were given various topics that are encompassed under “teenage problems”,namely:

          1.      Sibling rivalry

          2.      Bullying

          3.      Peer pressure

          4.      Self identify-weakness-strength/what am I good at

          5.      Eating disorders [body image]

          6.      To cheat or not to cheat-moral dilemma

          7.      Honesty

          8.      Teamwork

          9.      Respecting elders

          The students created innovative role plays with dialogues ,props and new ideas included.This activity saw an enthusiastic response from students as one group performed and the others cheered them on,focusing alongside on the message for all teenagers.

          Topics of being sporting,aggression and parent pressure were also highlighted by the students themselves and meaningful messages were derived from each play.

          This activity aimed at gauging and tapping the creative intelligence and the linguistic –social awareness of a student with regard to teen issues.The students participated with full fervor and were excited as they  performed in front of their respective classes with full confidence .

          Another feature of this activity was the teamwork displayed by the students who worked together as a group and came up with diverse ideas from their daily school experiences. Incidents of teasing,peer pressure and sibling issues were sensitively displayed by all with good control over their language.

          The students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and were keen on exploring even new themes in the future,which made their activities interesting and a new change from academic tasks.

          In the end,Class VII-D were adjudged the winners who performed on parent pressure and peer pressure.Coming a close second was class VII-B which had a play performance on sibling friendship and overcoming teenage anger issues.All the classes certainly deserve encouragement to further hone their creative abilities and think out of the box via such activities.



            A trip to Bharatpur, Ranthambore and  Jaipur was organized for students of class VII from 25th March to 28th March, 2014.

            The journey commenced at 6 am in the morning on 25th March from the school premises. The comfortable and a joyous bus ride finally culminated at the Fatehpur Sikri at 1 in the afternoon. Packed with power and zeal the students were all set to explore the tangible remains of our glorious past.

            After the brief stopover at Fatehpur Sikri,the group headed to Bharatpur. Being located amidst picturesque environs, the Kadamb Kunj resort was both a visual treat and it offered good hospitality

            Following a sumptuous afternoon meal the group headed to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary in the evening. The long walk amidst the lush green Keoladeo Sanctuary was a memorable one was truly a sensory experience. The day ended on a musical note with bonfire and dance!

            Next day the group left for Ankur Resort at Ranthambor which had a sprawling campus. The canter ride during the Jungle Safari in the late afternoon was a novel experience full of thrill and enthusiasm. The day ended on a high cultural note with the students thumping and grooving on the foot tapping folk songs and dance.

            The next morning the students were taken for an interaction to a nearby village where they tried their hands at brick making. Following this once in a lifetime experience the group then left for The Pink City of Jaipur. After a sumptuous lunch at the Hotel –Mapple Empire Regency where we checked in, the students geared up for the much awaited shopping spree. The student shopped to their heart’s content.Evening was filled with fun and frolic with a wonderful dance session organized by the Hotel.

            The next morning the students were taken to City Palace and Jantar Mantar, architectural marvels of the medieval period. It was an enriching encounter with the historical past of the city of Jaipur. The group left for Delhi in the afternoon after lunch.

            The wonderful memories of the trip are surely going to remain etched in the minds of the students. We look forward to a similar experience next year as well.


              ‘The life that we own today have not been inherited by our ancestors, rather we borrow it from our children’

              It is rightly said that in the voyage called life we encounter newness after every few steps. To equip ourselves with the awareness about  the new curriculum, CCE and all the learning activities at school, Junior school organized Orientation sessions for parents of classes I, II, III, IV and V on April 9th, 11th, 15th, 16th and 17th  2014 respectively. It is rightly said and believed that the unheard and the unseen always create anxiousness. So the aim of these workshops was to empower the parents to make this journey meaningful and joyful.

              The Junior school Counsellor also conducted a session to empower the parents in their most coveted role. The importance of “Walking the Talk” in the process of process of upbringing was greatly appreciated by the parents. Parents also acknowledged the efforts put in by the school and came up with some meaningful suggestions too.

              The sessions were successfully concluded by creating a firm understanding amongst the parents that in order to find the best that resides in our children we all need to work together. With scaffolding from teachers and support from parents our young ones will have a year filled with achievements and wonder.

                The Bhopal Sanchi Panchgarhi group comprised a group of 52 students and 4 teachers. It was a taste of Madhya Pradesh with its unique culture and heritage. The group departed by the Shatabdi express on 26th March. At night the group reached the Hotel Highland at Panchgarhi  . A wide variety of dishes were served at dinner.

                The next day the group was taken for local sightseeing (Pandava caves, Mahadeva temple etc.) The evening in the hotel was equally enjoyable as panchgarhi is a beautiful hill station.

                The next day the group left for Bhopal by bus. This journey was interesting with the view of the   village and the fields full of wheat crop. At night we reached hotel  Raja Bhoj in Bhopal. The next day the group was taken to sanchi stupa where the Guide explained every thing about the monument . After having lunch the group reached Bhopal railway station safely an hour before the departure of the shatabdi expresses.

                The group arrived TAFS on 29th March at night


                  CLASS VI (March 25th-28th, 2014)


                  The 4 day trip to Camp Riviera- Padampuri was a life time experience where students got an opportunity to know others and learn to live with others. It is situated at village Aksora, Padampuri, besides Kalsa river stream, on Bhimtal- Champawat road in Nainital district of Uttaranchal. The Camp Pine Riviera- Padampuri comprised a group of 66 students and 5 teachers. The group departed by Shatabdi Express in the morning of 25th March. For most of the students travelling by train was itself a new experience. After reaching Kathgodam students travelled by bus to the campsite. On the way they observed various relief and vegetation on Shiwaliks. The location of the camp was extremely unique which acted as an add-on to the adventurous mood. It is surrounded with the pine and deodar trees and located just beside the river which brought out the adventurous zeal within us.


                  The moment students stepped out from the bus, adventure was waiting for them. The excitement was in the air. Everybody was busy giggling and chirping around like birds and talking about the fun that was on cards for them for the next four days. Students were divided into groups and tents were allotted to them. Post lunch students went for acclimatization walk. On the way they observed mathematics all around them. Students were then divided into four teams and leaders were appointed for each team. Students were given some materials and asked to think of some slogan and logo for their own teams. While working in a team they learnt team-spirit, how to face challenges in life, time management, discipline, leadership qualities etc. After this wonderful activity students did river crossing followed by dinner and bonfire.


                  From the very beginning of the trip, students got to experience the true meaning of punctuality. The next day students were involved in action packed and thrilling activities which included Commando obstacles, cliff jumping, jumaring and suspension method of river crossing. Cliff jumping was most enjoyed by the students. There were times when some students were hesitant, but it was amazing to see them win over their fears and push their boundaries. An important learning that they got from this entire outbound experience is that they just need to make the first attempt whenever they are afraid of something, the other things will just follow because their initial fear would be taken over by their belief that they are capable of doing it once they take a step forward.


                  The next day started with rappelling which was done by most of the students, followed by River Fording which involved students walking in the river against its flow. In the evening students participated in Tyrolean Traverse and bonfire along with light music and dance.


                  The last day students visited a nearby village to interact with local community. They got a chance to ask questions to the villagers and see their homes. Students learnt a lot about villagers’ lifestyle. At last the students were given certificates and prizes for the best performer, the best team, the tidiest tent etc. Students got so attached to the place that it became impossible for them to leave it. They left the camp with lots of good memories and friends.


                  On the way back to Kathgodam the students saw the famous Bhimtal Lake. The group boarded the train on time and arrived Delhi on 28th March night.

                    A group of 87 students of class X, accompanied by 4 teachers, embarked upon an adventure of a lifetime on 22 March 2014. The group left for Camp Bodhisatva, Rajgarh making an overnight bus journey. They reached the camp in the early hours of 23 March.


                    The students were greeted by a serene and picturesque camp site, nestled in the scenic hills of Himachal, surrounded by pine trees and a gurgling stream. A very qualified and amiable group of instructors took over immediately after we reached the site. Allotment of tents and a hearty breakfast heralded the beginning of an adventure, not to be easily forgotten.


                    The adventure camp saw the students zealously participate in activities like rock climbing, rappelling, flying-fox, river crossing, knot tying, training of survival and rescue skills and every other task that was organized. Under the able and firm guidance of the instructors the group performed these tasks with exemplary enthusiasm. Long treks along slippery hills were the most awaited for by the students. A night trek, in a single file, in the quiet darkness of the hills was something that the group will remember. There was also a little stream that the students soaked themselves in, squealing like infants, with joy and happiness.

                    There were several team building games that the children played. The students showed camaraderie and egged each other on, when someone would think of giving up.


                    The three days at the camp were filled with thrill, team spirit, games, fun and laughter. They were served healthy and wholesome, yet delicious, food that would provide fuel to the young explorers to do the tasks at hand.


                    These three days fostered new bonds of camaraderie and friendship among the students. They were also excellent times for them to understand their teachers and vice versa. The atmosphere was filled with good cheer and positivity. There was never a dull moment!


                    The students learnt how to face adverse weather conditions like erratic rains, severe cold and bright sunshine. They braved difficulties with smiles-never once complaining about the lack of luxuries that they get in everyday life. They learnt to share, to understand, to give and to support. They learnt patience, kindness and tolerance towards their mates and towards the others. They learnt to imbibe values of appreciating what they have and not whine about what they haven't. The students learnt how to survive in a crisis situation and how to rescue those in need. They learnt to display perseverance, and that quitting is not an option.


                    A visit to Chandigarh, on the way back home, was another rich experience for the children. The Rock Garden, The Rose Garden, Sukna Lake and Pinjore Garden were places that the students enjoyed visiting. They appreciated walking along the alleys of the rock Garden, lazing on the lush green grass at the Rose Garden, the cool breeze from the Sukna Lake and the brilliant lighting at the Pinjore Garden.

                    A wonderful display of disciplined behavior by the students must be mentioned, too.


                    The trip came to a close after an overnight bus ride back to the school premise. The students, and the teachers, almost wished that the excursion would never end! The group was already looking forward to the next expedition! 

                      In the wee hours of 23rd March,our journey  for Khurpatal-Nainitaal began with a comfortable and fun filled train ride,that made the students excited in anticipation.We arrived at Haldwani station at 10am and boared jeeps for travel to camp site,at khurpatal.

                      Amidst the lush,green pine trees and scenic views,we arrived at our camp site.The camps were custom made for students,with colorful tents,n vibrant seating areas,making us comfortable.The 1st day was spent getting accustomed to camp manners,alongwith sumptuous meals and trekking among hills.

                      This,however saw an enthralling peak experience with a night trek towards the highest mountain point where twilight skies and stars shined atop us.

                       The 2nd day was filled with adventure and agility,as students participated in sports activities like  free fall,river crossing,commando net,and rope climbing.This,was followed by a culminating night cultural programme next to bonfire.The programme saw various local artists,singers,dancers and a play on Jim corbett,that the students enjoyed thoroughly.Coming to the final day at the camp,a closing ceremony with certificates was organised by the camp members for students,which they enjoyed.

                       Thereafter,the camp location changed to a resort at jim corbett,which had luxurious rooms and a music party for students.In the early morning hours next day,we headed in a jeep ride for jim corbett park.Students got a glimpse of tigers,elephants and exotic birds.

                       On the way back,the students had a visit to the river kosi and corbett museum,which made them extremely content as the trip concluded.Among, frolics and memorable experiences,the trip turned out to be a great adventurous retreat for students and teachers alike.

                        The first Inter House Activity (2014-15) started with a vibrant and enthusiastic response as Poster cum Slogan Writing Competition was conducted at the Boarding House Dining Hall, on 17 April 2014. A total of 125 students (25 per House) from classes VI-X took part in the activity. The topic for classes VI-VIII was ‘Earth Day’ and for IX-X, it was ‘Labour Day’. It was joy watching children creating magic with colors and creativity.


                          Make your own Manuscript
                          Class VII   ...News & Updates

                          An endeavor to unfold the mystery behind history!

                          Learning by doing ensures holistic learning! Based on the same ideals an activity titled 'MAKE YOUR OWN MANUSCRIPT' was conducted by the Social Science teachers of Class 7-B,7-C & 7-D on 2/4/14 & 3/4/14. The aim of the activity was to acquaint the students with the writing of historical sources.

                          It was a spectacle to see the think tanks of TAFS put in their vivid imagination and creative best to make the activity a success.

                          History is surely going to be a delight for the students now!!

                            Audio On
                            "Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by children.~ Oliver Wendell Holmes "