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Mathematics is an incredibly important subject which is used in all walks of life.

To encourage young learners to get involved, to dispel math phobia, to create a love for the subject and to perceive the connection of mathematical concepts with real life situations, ‘Measurement Week’ was celebrated at TAFS junior school. This was a fantastic opportunity for students of classes I-V to engage in Math activities, designed to challenge their thinking and develop their math problem solving skills.

Children worked in small groups and used cuboidal and cubic shaped objects to measure the length and breadth, and use it to find Area and Perimeter. Students of class I used crayons to measure various objects in the class. Students also measured the dimensions of the school stage, and classroom using metre scale and 1m ribbons. We also calculated the BMI of each child after measuring their weight and height. They learnt the significance of maintaining the right weight for a healthy body. It was great fun for the students to measure their bags, water bottles etc. and record these measurements. The celebration also saw a lot of mathematical games like ‘Array Capture’ game and other fun games.

These week long activities generated intense interest in the students and it was indeed an interesting and educational experience for them.


    A Hindi recitation competition was organized on 16th of January 2020 by the junior wing for the students of Class IV. All students participated in the preliminary round of this event during the last week and 30 students were shortlisted for the final round.

    With the 71st Republic Day just a few days away, the theme of the competition was chosen as ‘Love for one’s Country - Patriotism / Courage/ Bravery’. Some of the poems recited were - gk¡ bl ns’k dk oklh gw¡] fla/kq esa Tokj] eSa Hkkjr dk toku gw¡] 'kfDr vkSj {kek] gS ueu mudks] psrd dh ohjrk] flikgh dh vkRedFkk] deZohj

    With the zeal of a true patriot, the enthusiasm of the participants, the audience and the judges had to be seen to be believed. At such a tender age, the students displayed an amazing amount of passion while reciting the poems. The atmosphere in the room was electric and the audience was left spellbound by the performance.  This pride for one’s motherland will surely hold these students in good stead in the years to come.

    The winners of the competition are listed as follows –



    First Position

    Shreya Joshi- IV A

    Siffat Kaur- IV E

    Second Position

    Sidhiksha Shivkumar- IV D

    Aanya Kukreti- IV A


    Third Position

    Dakshika Chauhan- IV C

    Naemat Chopra-  IV B

    Saanvi Sah- IV A


    Consolation Prize

    Amrita Thakur- IV D

    Gauttami Verma- IV C

    Ansh Adgotra- IV D

    Aaena Tiwari- IV A

    Kamya Singh- IV E


      Chemistry department conducted an activity-JUST-A-MINUTE on the topic ‘SAVE WATER, SAVE LIFE’ for class-VI students on 16th January 2020.Two students from each section participated in the activity & presented the theme within the time limit. The activity was witnessed by class-VI students.

      Students participated enthusiastically & exhibited their scientific knowledge. They showcased their creative talent by enactment on the given topic along with presentation through relevant posters.

      Result of the activity is as follows:-

      1st Position:-

      Joyce Sarah-VI-E

      Pallavi Negi-VI-E

      2nd  Position:-

      Kavya Prakash-VI-A

      Ananta Rai-VI-A

      3rd Position:-

      Laurel Arora-VI-D

      Ayannya Ghosh-VI-D

      Congratulations to all the prize winners!!

        Library Activity by VII A Students on "The Grace darling"

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