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Special Assembly by the Prefects of Class VIII (19 Feb 2020)

The Prefects of Class VIII put up a special morning assembly on the theme of leadership on 19 February 2020, for the students of classes VI to VIII. 

The Prefects, conducted the assembly with the objective of helping children understand the true meaning of leadership. They spoke about the some of the great leaders that the world has seen in history and in the recent times. They highlighted incidents from the lives of inspiring personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Malala Yusufzai, J K Rowling, Greta Thunberg and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. They also spoke of the National Cadet Corps, and how their cadets instill the spirit of patriotism among us. 

The Prefects enacted excerpts from the speeches that these personalities have delivered which have changed the course of how the world is perceived today. These enactments brought to light how a leader needs to be honest, sincere, brave, dedicated towards a cause and how he must not let the difficulties of life weigh him down. The primary objective of a true leader should be to lead by example, and not just dictate procedures. He should face all hurdles head on, and not whine and complain. The NCC is also an example of the zeal to fight all odds and to love the Motherland selflessly. Daizel Dandona of VIII E recited a self-composed poem on the theme of leadership. 

The audience seemed much moved by the performance of their Prefects. They appreciated that their student leaders are embodiments of the values they spoke of. The Vice Principal, Mrs Lomina Rajiv, applauded the Prefects’ efforts and congratulated them on putting up an impactful assembly and gave them their Prefect Certificates. She also appreciated the teachers who guided these students in their endeavour.

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