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Keep healthy students and workers in schools is an important task and also involves cleaning. In an endeavour to spread awareness about importance of Swachhata Mission and its implementation across the country, various activities were organized by the EVS at school from 02 Sep to 15 Sep 2019. This event was titled, ‘Swachhata Pakhwada’ that involved the students of classes VI-XI and helped in bringing about mindfulness regarding cleanliness and making them feel responsible towards it.

1.    SWACHHATA SHAPATH (02-Sep 2019) – Classes VI-IX took a pledge to keep their surroundings clean, avoid littering and check the cleanliness of their surroundings regularly. They also promised to do ‘Shramdaan’ at least once every week as their contribution towards this drive. 

2.    SWACHHATA  AWARENESS DAY (03 Sep 2019) – TAFS organized special assembly to create awareness about Swachhta Pakhwada on 03 Sep 2019 to emphasize the need and importance of cleanliness. Speeches, Poems and Skit were the highlights of the assembly.

3.  COMMUNITY OUTREACH  (4-5  Sep 2019) – Students took the task of cleaning the surroundings by doing Shramdan. In assembly students through poem and speech explained the importance of cleanliness and promise to carry on task in their future endeavour. 

4.   GREEN SCHOOL DRIVE (7 Sep 2019) - To spread awareness about the role of plants in combating pollution and their importance in our day to day life, students of class VI planted saplings as a part of Green School Drive under Swachhata Pakhwada. 

5.  SWACHHTA ACTION DAY (13 Sep19) –  Students made beautiful posters, wrote meaningful slogans depicting awareness about importance of cleanliness in our life.Various posters and slogans prepared by students were exhibited in the assembly on the bulletin board. 

6.  LETTER WRITING DAY(13 Sep 19) students  of class IX wrote various letters to municipal co –operations and other civil bodies regarding complaints for maintaining cleanliness and expressing their regards for taking steps for cleanliness. 

7.  PRIZE DISTRIBUTION DAY(14 Sep 19)the event was winded up by giving away prizes to the winners and with a hope that our efforts towards cleanliness will continue forever.



    Recognizing the vital role of the schools in spreading awareness about Swachhata Mission and its implementation across the country, various activities were organized at school from 02 Sep to 15 Sep 2019. This cleanliness drive titled, ‘Swachhata Pakhwada’ involved the students of classes UKG-V and helped in bringing about mindfulness regarding cleanliness and making them feel responsible towards it.

    1.    SWACHHATA SHAPATH (03-04 Sep 2019) – Classes I & II took a pledge to keep their surroundings clean, avoid littering and check the cleanliness of their surroundings regularly. They also promised to do ‘Shramdaan’ at least once every week as their contribution towards this drive. 

    2.    HAND WASH DAY (09 Sep 2019) – The students of classes I & II practiced all steps involved in washing hands properly using a liquid soap. They vowed to always wash their hands properly after using the toilets and before taking their meals.

    3.    PERSONAL HYGIENE DAY (11 Sep 2019) – The students of classes UKG-II made a special effort to check their personal hygiene and pledged to take care to turn out neat and clean, always. They promised to keep their nails short and clean, polish their shoes, wear clean uniform to school, keep their hair clean and combed tidily, take a bath every day and brush their teeth twice a day. 

    4.    SWACHHATA SCHOOL EXHIBITION DAY (12 Sep 2019) - Classes III-V put up an exhibition of their art and craft work on the theme, ‘Swachhata’. Their posters and informative display materials emphasized on the responsibility towards cleanliness, they have taken upon themselves. 

    5.    SWACHHATA ACTION DAY- Shramdaan (13 Sep 2019) – The students of class V did a ‘Shramdaan’ in the school premises and helped the house keeping staff to keep the garbage segregated in the dry and wet garbage bins. They felt great pride in leaving the school grounds spic-n-span.

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        Planting a sapling and caring for it by a child is very significant as the child and the sapling can grow and develop alongside. We at TAFS encourage tree plantation to help children make an emotional connection with the saplings they plant. So the idea is to get the students to play a role in protecting the environment through personal involvement. The milestones of the sapling and the child can be recorded as important events in the family. 

        The students of class III- A received a ‘Mahua’ tree sapling as a gift from their classmate on the occasion of her sister’s birthday. It was a wonderful surprise for everyone and the children took a pledge that they will not only adopt the sapling but care for it and look after it properly. They also will maintain growth and development charts for their plant and become a significant part of its life and see it grow into healthy trees. 

        Trees not only provide oxygen thereby improving the air quality but also help in a great way in conserving water, preserving top soil and supporting wild life. We believe that the experience of planting trees will help children make intelligent decisions about conservation and use of our valuable natural resources as they grow. Also the notion of gifting a sapling to family and friends, on significant and happy occasions has taken deep root in the young minds!


          CLASS VI

          The mathematics department of our school conducted card making activity using geometrical shapes in class 6 on 2nd September 2019. Creative activities such as drawing  , cutting  and painting help to develop fine motor skills.  It was a fun way to help students learn shapes.  The winners of the card making activity are as follows  :

          1.   Ananta 6A

          2.   Nahad Ali 6A

          3.   Twisha 6C

          4.   KM Krishna 6C

          5.   Anwita 6A


            The I-Care club of TAFS in collaboration with the NGO ‘GOONJ’ organized a flood relief campaign in the month of September  to help our fellow countrymen affected by floods , especially in Assam .

            Students were sensitised about this issue at various forums and the modalities were put on the school website. There was  whole hearted cooperation of students ( from senior as well as junior wing ) and staff alike to take part in this noble cause .

            On 6th September a group of 6 students and 2 teachers went to ‘GOONJ’ with the collected material. The students went around the place , saw their processing centre and learnt about the working of the organization . The NGO  works at 22 cities  at rural areas and   they are involved in improvement of infrastructure facilities in rural areas .

            Through this activity , students were once again subjected to the humanitarian aspects of sharing and caring which forms an integral part of any education system . 


              An inter house model making competition was held on 29th August 2019, Thursday on the topic TAFS GREEN BRIGADE. Students from class IX-XI participated in the competition very enthusiastically. It was a great learning experience for the students as they incorporated lots of innovative ideas related to how they can conserve our natural resources and help in saving the environment. Each house presented one model supporting the banner. The models were judged by a team of 02 teachers. The house positions are as follows:







              SIDDARTH , XIB

              ABHEER TANWAR, XIB





              SAKSHI, XID

              ASHISH, IXC




              SHUBHANGI MEHTA, IXC

              KASHISH, IXC





                  MATHEMATICAL TAMBOLA

                The Mathematics Department of our school conducted Mathematical Tambola in Class IX on 2nd September 2019. A game which stirs your mind, which creates the interest of students was excessively enjoyed by class IX. The rules for the game were simple and were followed by them efficiently. The winners of the game are as follows:

                FULL HOUSE - Arnav Juneja IX E
                1st ROW - Vaishnavi IX A
                2nd ROW - Harshit Singh IX E
                3rd ROW- Dadhichi IX A

                  ‘WRITE TO WIN’ A WORKSHOP FOR CLASSES IV & V (03 SEP 2019)

                  ‘Cello Pens India’ conducted an exclusive and unique experiential learning programme for students under their, ‘Write To Win’ Initiative. This initiative was aimed to empower students with techniques that can help develop handwriting skills.

                  A workshop on the topic, ‘Secret to Good Handwriting’ was conducted for students of Classes IV, V & VI in the Aravali Hall on Tuesday, 03 September 2019. Ms. Divya Malhotra was the lead trainer for this event. The workshop involved a handwriting test that students themselves conducted and with the help of the trainer analysed their own handwriting skills in the area of speed, neatness & precision of strokes.

                  Further students were acquainted with ‘Hand Yoga’, which involved various hand exercises of how one can bring flexibility in their fingers in order to write neatly. Students were also helped to identify the right pen according to the shape of their nails. The workshop involved some time bound tasks which students enthusiastically participated in. Students were also helped to identify various zones that all English alphabets comprise of and how their formation bring beauty in handwriting

                  This initiative was a novel experience for students as they took notes on how to bring out good handwriting. Through this effective workshop students could actually observe, correct, reflect and upon their handwriting skills.

                    Biology Department Activity

                    Collage Making

                    Theme- Junk v/s healthy food

                    An activity ‘collage Making’ was organized by the Biology Department for the students of class VI on 29 August 2019. Collage Making enables the students to think creatively and express their thoughts in an organised manner. This would also help them to be more creative and enhance their drawing and artistic skills.

                    Each entry was judged on the following rubrics:

                    •        Creativity
                    •        Presentation
                    •        Colour coordination and number of pictures used

                    The activity was done individually and they enjoyed decorating their entries with vibrant colours. it was a good opportunity for students to show their creative skills.

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