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The Air Force School celebrated ‘Van Mahotsav’ on Monday, 31 July 2017, at the Junior Wing, during school hours. Van Mahotsava ‘the festival of forests’ is an annual tree plantation movement  in India since 1950.  Creating awareness in the impressionable minds of the young children is an important social responsibility. With that objective in mind the following activities were  organised  as part of the celebrations.

1.    Plantation Drive :

                     I.        The UKG students planted saplings of mango, guava and Jamun in the school grounds with great enthusiasm. They pledged to look after their saplings and are happily looking forward to growing tall with them.

                   II.        Some crotons and evergreen plants will be planted  on the ground and  in terracota pots by students of class I, in the next few days. 

2.    Special Assembly:

                     I.        A special assembly was organised during which students of class II recited poems, in English and Hindi, on creating a green earth.

                   II.        A melodious group song based on ‘Raag Malhaar’ was presented by the Junior school choir, to invoke the blessings of the rain god.

                  III.         A nukkad natak presented by the students of class IV stressed upon the disadvantages of cutting down trees for our own greed. 

3.    Poster Making: Class III students made colourful posters with thoughtful slogans to spread the message of maintaining our forest cover. 

4.    Awareness Drive by the ‘Green Warriors’: An awareness drive by class V students through role play was conducted to emphasise the point of the need for conserving our natural resources. These ‘Green Warriors’, went to classes UKG-III, and conveyed their message through Power Point Presentations and placards with slogans written on them. 

Let’s take a pledge to live a lifestyle that will make the planet green and clean.



    With the aim to encourage the students to develop their narrative skills and build confidence in using languages, a Hindi Story Narration Activity was held, for class I, on 27 August 2017.

    All students participated in this event and narrated their favourite stories with great zeal. They used various techniques of telling a story and show cased their creativity. A wide variety of stories were narrated, from ‘Panchtantra’, ‘Eospo’s Fables’, folk tales and some contemporary stories too.   Some participants also used props to make the story seem more realistic and effective. The teachers had prepared a slide show for each story that was shown on the class smart boards.

    This activity proved to be a great learning experience as the children were encouraged to interact during the story session. This not only enhanced their thought process but also improved their listening skills. The stories also helped them to understand the different cultures prevalent in our country and also to improve their attention span.

      UKG – Hindi Story Telling Activity -27 July 2017

      The little story tellers of UKG TAFS enthusiciastically participated in the Hindi Story telling activity organized for them on 27 July 2017.

      The whole class participated in this activity, presenting their favourite stories, with excitement and eagerness. Each child had a unique way of narrating the story which they selected from Panchatantra, fairy tales and folk stories. They had fun enacting different characters with interesting actions and sounds and enjoyed watching other story tellers in action.

      This activity helped them to hone their oratory skills, enhanced their listening and encouraged their creativity and imagination. They also learned new words and where able to comprehend their meanings in the context of the story being narrated.

        Power Point Presentation Competition 


        Power Point Presentation competition was organized by the Computer Club on 27th July 2017 for classes IX & X. 

        Students participated with enthusiasm and zeal. All entries were original and reflected the efforts made by the students. 

        The judgment was carried out on the basis of following criterion.

        1.   Creativity

        2.   Originality

        3.   Animation

        4.   Presentation 

        The topic for the Power Point Presentation was Social Issues.

        Presentation by Ayush Kumar IXE and Prajwal Uday of XD were adjudged as the best presentations. Presentation by Sandhya Eshwaran of XD was adjudged second and the third position was bagged by the presentation made by Chaitanya of XD. 

        Varied topics were covered in presentations like Women Empowerment, Poverty, Illiteracy, Caste System, Water Scarcity etc. 

        It educated our students about the social issues gripping our society.


           Mr Anand Vardhan, a TAFS Alumnus (2007-08 batch) who scored an all India 7th rank in the UPSC exam was felicitated at a special ceremony held at The Air Force School. He was awarded a guard of honour by the NCC cadets. The band played stirring tunes to welcome him. Mr Anand Vardhan was presented a stole by Wing Commander S M Sharma Executive Director, the Air Force School. Mrs Krishna Mall, Mr Vardhan’s mother was also felicitated. Speaking on the occasion Principal, Ms Amita Gupta,said, “ You (Anand) were ready, willing and more than able to grasp the torch that we(TAFS) bestowed on you.” She added that the school believed in nurturing the intellectual and sports capital, so that students would in the future turn out to be professionals, who would make significant contributions.

          Anand’s Physics Teacher Ms. Vandana Prashar speaking on behalf of the faculty remarked that he had been an unforgettable student with a persona that combined intelligence and discipline with a fun loving approach. She pointed out that Anand’s example just goes to prove that the extraordinary lies in each of our students.

           Addressing the students Mr Vardhan described his emotional experience of walking through the gates of his Alma Mater. He said that of all the felicitations held for him, the one accorded by his old school was completely over whelming. He urged them to never give up their dreams, for they sustained one through all the ups and downs one faced in life. In an interactive session with students he answered a wide ranging set of questions. Students asked questions on techniques for preparation for UPSC exams and how to handle the vast syllabus for clearing the aforesaid exam. Anand suggested a balanced approach on part of the students. He advised students to be consistent in their efforts to gather knowledge. On being asked about what motivated him to keep going he replied that during his preparation he had loved the knowledge he was slowly gaining and that provided him satisfaction. He also remarked that one is a product of one’s circumstances, and what one does with those circumstances makes all the difference. On being asked about the need for innovation and inventions in the country, Anand admitted there were hurdles. However, he said that on his part he would ensure that entrepreneurs got all the support they needed in terms of licenses, seed funding and other support. Anand revealed that his first posting would be in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The program ended with the vote of thanks by Vice Principal, Ms Lomina Rajiv. She recited a specially composed poem in Hindi in Anand’s honour. 

            Show and Tell Activity - Class I (25 July 2017)

            On Tuesday 25 July 2017 class I children participated in a ‘Show and Tell Activity’ on the theme ‘Clean, Fit and Healthy’. Students enthusiastically spoke about things that help them keep clean and healthy like toothbrush, soap, comb, nail cutter, sanitizer, apple, lemonade, fruit juice etc. It was truly a delight to watch them speak confidently holding their props. This activity not only helped them to improve their oratory skills but also in building confidence and bringing awareness about personal cleanliness and healthy life style.


            I Prize

            II Prize

            III Prize

            I A

            Mahima Singh

            Reyansh Pandey

            Hammad Khan, Pranjal Singh, Reyansh K Shukla, Rishabh Verma

            I B

            Kushal Banthia, Tanishka Pundir

            Darshil Malick, Ayaan Sagwal

            Darsh Chaudhary, Shreyash Singh

            I C

            Cheitransha Ahuja, Avneet Kaur

            Shabd Nagpal, Japman Kaur, Dhruv Roy

            Raghav Nand Kumar, Aasa Singh Sabharwal, Sovant Singh Rajput, Gayatri Kohli

            I D

            Syona Singh

            Reina Dhingra,

            V Bhavya Krithi Reddy, Vihaan Sharma, Aditi Ojha

            Sehaj Kaur, Ashima Singh, Vaishnavi Das, Arpita

            I E

            Gauri Mohla

            Rohit Jakhar, Sanchit Patel, Mehith Shiv Kumar

            Saachi Chavan, Manasi Kashyap, Nishtha, Aarush Kapil, Azaan Muddasar



              A grand Investiture Ceremony for The Air Force School, Primary Wing, Student Council 2017-18 was held on 22 July, 2017 at the Aravali Hall. The programme commenced with the auspicious lamp lighting ceremony followed by the melodious rendering of a beautiful inspirational song by the students of Class III, IV and V. Students of class IV presented a Mauli Dance and enthralled the audience.

              The newly appointed Student Council was administered the oath of allegiance by the Chief Guest, Wg Cdr S M Sharma, Executive Director TAFS. It was a proud moment for one and all when the young leaders pledged to uphold the values of the school.  In his inspiring address Wg Cdr S M Sharma congratulated the new members of the student council and their parents and commended the staff for guiding students towards excellence. He encouraged the students to be involved in all school activities. Ms. Amita Gupta, the Principal, congratulated the new office bearers, interacted with them and motivated them to do their best, always.

              The Investiture Ceremony culminated with the Air Force song presented by the school choir. 

              The Air Force School, Primary Wing, Students’ Council for the year 2017-2018 is as follows:

              Head GirlShambhavi  Bahuguna                  Head Boy Venkatesan Venkataramanan 

              Vice Head Girl - Anusha Anand                       Vice Head Boy   Paarth Sharma 

              Games Captain (Girls)Aditi Mishra              Games Captain (Boys) - Pranav Pratap Singh

              Games Vice Captain (Girls)- Jiya                    Games Vice Captain (Boys) Prateek Kumar



              Discipline Prefects


              V A

              V B

              V C

              V D

              V E

              Darsheel Goswami

              Aditi Panicker 

              Sanskaar Arora

              Navya Batra  

              Rohan Arora

              S. Samanvitha

              Aditya Sharma

              Manini Singh

              Tanvi Mahotra

              Drishti Goel

              Sneha Tyagi


              Elina Gupta

              Tiya Prakash

              Karan Vashist

              Chinmayi Vinay

              Krishna Upadhyay

              Kyra Garg

              Prateek S Soudally

              Ajitesh Sharma

              Aadya Yadav



              Vaibhav Bharti

              Swastik Ghosh

              Srishti Chauhan

                Inter House Activity

                Working Science Models

                Inter House Activity – Working Science Models was conducted in Jr Physics Lab at TAFS on 20th July 2017.

                Three participants from each House participated and showcased their creative scientific skills through various working models namely – Eco. Village, Self sustaining city – Various Energy Forms. The judgement was done by our two abled teachers of the Science Department – Mr Sujit Chhikara & Mrs Manju Malhotra. The result is as follows:

                Sl No


                Name of the Participant





                Anagh Sriram,

                Aditya Kushwaha




                Saumil Shankar,












                Ritesh Pandey,


                Aditya Singh






                Kartik Kalra



                  UKG Lemonade Party – 07 July 2017

                  A lemonade party was organised for the students of UKG, TAFS on 07 July 2017, during school hours. The idea was to introduce sweet and sour taste to the tiny tots, show them the process of making lemonade instantly and help in the development of communication skills, gross motor skills, confidence and team spirit.  Children enjoyed the demonstration on how to make instant lemonade by squeezing lemon into a glass of water and adding sugar, a pinch of salt and black pepper to enhance the taste. They enjoyed sipping the lemonade drink, colouring the cut outs of lemon, singing lemon rhymes and watching videos. They also had fun with word puzzles, toys and other equipments.

                  The activity helped the little ones to understand the health benefits of drinking lemonade in summers over the artificial beverages available in the market. 

                    RUN FOR FUN WEEK

                    The school celebrated ‘Run for Fun’ week for the students of classes VI to X from 03-07 July 2017. Sports department has organized 2.5 km health awareness run in the morning during the games periods of respective classes. 1025 students from classes VI to X (class VI-204, class VII-194, class VIII-209, class IX-209, class X-209) enjoy fully completed the course with running / jogging with great excitement.

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