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Yoga plays a crucial role in holistically promoting health by improving physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Yoga is one approach through which we can solve many physical, mental, and spiritual ailments.

The 6th International Day of Yoga was celebrated by our school through a virtual platform. Keeping up with the theme this year, ‘Yoga at home- Yoga with family’ the student were encouraged to practice yoga with all members of their family, in the morning. A web link of common yoga protocol by the Ministry of Ayush was sent to student. The regular practice of yoga will surely help student to achieve a better life, physically, mentally, and spiritually as well.

A yoga session from 0630 hrs to 0730 hrs was commenced with the relevance of yoga and welcome address. After that, the practical session was taken by Ms. Vinita, the junior school yoga instructor. The practical session included sukshma vyayayama, asanas, and pranayama. During the session, the yoga teacher also narrated the usefulness of different asanas as a precautionary measure, in curing many diseases and the usefulness of yoga in the overall wellbeing of a human being.  It was conducted very effectively with the proper demonstration and explanation. The teaching staff, admin staff, support staff, and their families of the junior and senior school joined the session. They enjoyed the yoga session with great enthusiasm. It was a very insightful and informative session.


The International Yoga Day was celebrated by the students of junior school with great gusto on 21 June 2020. Keeping up with the theme this year, 'Yoga at Home- Yoga with Family', the children were encouraged to practice yoga with all members of their family, in the morning.
With the demonstration by the school yoga coach as guidance, the students with their families enthusiastically participated in this online event, enjoying the family fitness time. The children have promised to make the practice of yoga an integral part of their lives. 
The idea was not only to create awareness about how yoga truly embodies unity of mind and body but also to provide this holistic approach to health and wellness during these times of pandemic to our students.
Our School aims at creating consciousness amongst children that by bringing small little changes in our lifestyle and doing yoga can help them remain happy and healthy.
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    "What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul. ~ Yiddish Proverb "