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    'Maintaining one's culture, values and traditions is beyond price' ~ Getano Lui Jnr

     Children learning about their cultural heritage helps them understand their uniqueness in society. The best way to teach about our heritage is by celebrating the customs and traditions that have been passed on through generations. To celebrate this festival of joy, fun and naughtiness of childhood, the children of TAFS Junior Wing did festival craft activities for Janamashtami, from 06-09 August 2020.
    The students of UKG adorned the headgear with peacock feather made of paper and decorations and stole our heart with their mischievous smiles. Class I children made paper flute using newspaper roll, coloured paper, decorations and reminded us of Venugopal Rupa of Shri Krishna his lyrical and rhythmic self .The students of class II engaged in a 'Matka decoration activity'. In an artistic manner they learned about Shri Krishna, his antiques as a young boy where he would steal butter kept in the earthen pots with the help of his friends. As they decorated the matkas using mirrors , glitter, cotton and stars they learned about the story of Krishna Janmashtami and the triumph of good over evil.The students then clicked a photo with their art work and shared it with their class teachers


      CLASS IV


      The online dance competition held on 06.08.2020 for class IV students to celebrate the 74th Independence Day proved to be a roaring success.  With an enthusiastic response from the students and ample support from the parents, it had to be.

      The instructions had been carefully followed and the choice of song, props used, grace with which the students danced was laudable indeed. It was a pleasure to see all the participants give it their best shot and a challenge for the judges to decide on the winners.

      The winners from each of the five sections are listed as below-

      Class / Sec


      Name of the student

      Class IV A

      First prize

      Kavni Kathuria


      Second prize

      Lakshya Rana,

      Pranjal Singh


      Third prize

      Shruti Raj





      Class IV B

      First prize

      Osheen Kaushik


      Second prize

      Vanshika Gandhi,

      Aarohi Nanda


      Third prize


      Animesh Garg




      Class IV C

      First prize

      Japman Kaur


      Second prize

      Aasa Singh Sabharwal,

      Advaith Narayanan


      Third prize

      Kavya Powdel,

      Ridhima Sharma




      Class IV D

      First prize

      Hiteshi Bhakar


      Second prize

      Syona Singh,

      Vaishnavi Das


      Third prize

      Ewan Rajput,

      Aradhya Kaushalya




      Class IV E

      First prize

      Inaya Khan


      Second prize

      Ashmita Singh,

      Kavya Singh


      Third prize

      Avantika Dey,

      S Tarun Chandru


        Raksha Bandhan is a beautiful festival that  celebrates the unique and adorable bond of a brother and sister. 
        Any relationship needs constant care and nurturing and this was the objective behind teaching children about the importance of this festival. This year's Rakhi celebration focussed on emotional and social development of our students. Helping them to realise the importance of maintaining healthy relationships  and giving them the confidence required to develop new bonds in the future.
        To celebrate this festival of love, art and craft activities were organised for the students of classes UKG- II on 30 & 31 July 2020. Class II children engaged in a ' Rakhi card making Activity'. The girls designed a card each wishing their brothers a safe and secure life and the boys designed a card for their sisters thanking them for their unflinching support and belief in them.The students decorated the cards using art materials like lace, mirrors and beads. The cards went to siblings who will in all probability cherish them for ever !
        Children of classes UKG & I were digitally shown new and creative ways of making eco friendly rakhis at home with material easily available to them. They enjoyed a lot as they got an opportunity to  experiment and get messy with glue and various interesting craft materials. This activity showcased their confidence and enthusiasm in doing an activity with their family.  It was an absolute treat to watch them explore their creative side on this auspicious occasion.




          Inter house Power Point presentation activity was conducted on 31 July 2020.

          Each house presented a glimpse of a celebrated day, highlighting the various aspects connected with that day. A spectacular panorama of slides was presented by each house  

          The results are as follows. Congratulations to the winners.
















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            "Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. ~ Thomas Henry Huxley "