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A webinar was organized by EDU TV  on  Career  Counseling  on  Saturday  ,29th may  at 14:30  hrs. The webinar was held for students of class XIIth  students , batch 2020-21 .Students from different schools participated enthusiastically in the session .  The webinar helped in understanding the current trends, courses and the admission processes.

In the webinar there were many faculty members from different universities interacting and guiding students about the changes. There were faculty members prestigious universities like – Flames University, Alliance university , Shobhit university etc .

Overall it was a very enlightening experience.

 Teachers and Students feedback :

  • Ms Neelam Ruhil ,Pgt Mathematics

“ The webinar was very insightful and informative. It gave us an overview of what universities expect of the students and what are the various parameters they are upholding . There were speakers from various universities who communicated about requirements , courses , admission procedures etc”.

  • Ms Neeharika Bhatnagar,  Tgt Home Science

“ The session was well presented and information pertaining to various career avenues was disseminated to a diverse groups of students . The quiz conducted to involve students and keep them involved in the session”

  • S. Nivetha – class XII

“ The webinar was very insightful and through it I got to know a lot about new courses like liberal arts . The webinar was very useful and it actually helped me to broaden my approach towards my career”.

  • Sia- class XII

“ It touched all necessary queries of all students , I would like to extend our thanks to EDU tv for conducting such an informative session , in times of uncertainty” .

Some images of the session :


     (24 to 28 May 2021)

    Our five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch open the world to us and help us to experience our environment in a complete way. Children that are exposed to tactile learning when they are young, have better learning success in the future.

    The sense of touch helps us to gather information about our surroundings through tactile experiences. When we feel something, we get clues about objects around us. Is it wet or dry, hot or cold, rough or smooth, hard or soft?

    To explore the sense of touch, an activity based on these tactile clues was organised for students of class II from 24 to 28 May 2021. The activity was put together keeping in mind the lockdown situation and using material available around home. The students made a cut-out of their palms from an A4 sheet. They looked around their house and collected objects representing different textures like soft, hard, smooth, rough, grainy, bumpy etc. They were required to stick these objects on the tips of the palm cut-out. The activity proved to be a fun way to get an understanding for what objects are and what they feel like by experiencing various textures. The students proudly clicked pictures of their creations and sent them to their class teachers.