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‘We Shall Overcome’ 

22 July, 2020

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” ? Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Fear and anxiety are the most basic of human emotions. On many occasions, they protect us from dangers but on many other occasions, they hinder us from doing what is necessary. Just knowing what makes you afraid and why can be the first step to sorting out problems with fear.

To help students process their feelings of fear and anxiety thereby expressing these feelings in writing, a creative writing activity was organised for class V on 22 July 2020. The topic was 'We Shall Overcome'. Children were encouraged to share with us what causes them fear and how they try to cope with their feelings.

Students shared how they overcame their fears with their Class Teachers. We were touched when the students chose to trust us with their vulnerabilities and how they won over them. May this journey of courage that our little ones have begun, overcome many more barriers of their minds.


    Doodles are simple drawings that can be composed of random and abstract lines.
    Doodling can help a person to focus on the current situation.
    Doodling can also be used as a stress relieving technique.
    Promoting new forms of creativity in children is important.  imagination formed during early childhood affects the entire life of an individual.  Colouring  improves the fine motor skills of the child to perform precise movements with the hands.
    To improve the cognitive skills in the students of Class II, an activity was planned to bring combination of visual arts, memory and design in the form of doodling geometrical patterns which is also apart of their Math lesson. The students were asked to create patterns in a grid of 100 and then colour them.
    The result was a beautiful array of work , made by little hands. Some used warm colours while the others preferred cooler tones.
    Some displayed chequered patterns while the others dappled with shades. Some patterns were flowery which contrasted with the fluted ones.
    The children stood proudly with their art and got their pictures clicked. The smilling faces were brimming with joy!
      Kindergarden kids are able to understand newer concepts better by practically doing things. Towards this, the principle of “Learning by Doing” was used in the family activity ‘Watermelon party in my living room' organised on 24th July 2020 for UKG class. The activity provided them with an opportunity to explore their creativity  by  drawing, colouring and pasting of watermelon seeds .The children also got to experience the sweet taste of watermelon while bonding with their families.
       Students were introduced to the activity by narration of an interesting story about a crocodile that had swallowed a watermelon seed, during their online class. The video and audio of the story and a watermelon song were also streamed online for the kids. In the story the crocodile that had swallowed watermelon seed was afraid that wines would start to grow inside him. Children learnt that germination of seeds need proper conditions to grow and cannot grow inside a human or an animal’s body. Apart from this, the kids were demonstrated by teachers how to draw slices of watermelon, colour it and paste watermelon seeds on it after counting them.  
      The aim of this activity was to practice and develop concentration, coordination and fine motor skills needed for early writing  with correct finger grip. It also allowed the children to explore their creativity, enhance their colour awareness and helped develop a sense of achievement. Young children need extended periods of time and as much space as possible to explore, investigate and play, with a variety of materials, in order to learn about themselves, other people and the world around them by using available objects/ materials in flexible and imaginative ways.
        The basic foundation of Maths is understanding of numbers and quantities. One of the best ways to help develop these concepts is through handling objects and counting them. Keeping this point in view, a Mathematics activity, 'COUNT COUNT LOOK AROUND!', was organised for class I on 21 July 2020.
        The objective of this activity was to make the students practice how to observe and count number of objects found at home as mentioned in the provided list like windows, fans, chairs, mirrors, tables, doors etc. Students were also required to draw some of these objects of their choice.
        The kids enjoyed walking around their house observing and counting the number of the mentioned objects. They found it engaging to fill up their survey document and draw neat and beautiful pictures of them.
        It was a great experience for teachers to see such enthusiastic effort put in by children learning a lesson in environmental awareness as well as counting. 


          CLASS IV


          A bookmark making activity was organised for the students of class IV on 15th July 2020. The idea behind this activity was to inculcate in the students the habit of using bookmarks rather than dogearing the books and damaging them. While it’s a known fact that buying books is expensive and e-books and audible books are definitely the way of the future, it’s still hard to resist the lure of a physical book, each of them having a distinct smell and feel.

          The response for this activity was very encouraging with the entries received being amazingly innovative, colourful, well designed and with a thought-provoking quote as suggested. These handmade bookmarks can definitely be used for all your books ensuring their longevity in the process. 

          Happy Reading !

            THE SALAD PLATTER- CLASS II (16 JULY 2020)
            "You don't need a silver fork to eat good food" ~ Paul Prudhomme
            Food is a basic necessity of life and presenting food in a creative manner is like producing a picture on a plate. With the hot weather outside a cool crispy salad adds to a light refreshing meal. 
            Eating fresh raw vegetables has significant health benefits. To develop the skill of 'cooking without fire' a weekly activity 'The Salad Platter' was organised for the students of class II, on 16 July 2020. The activity was aimed to provide a platform for students to display their talents and explore a new area of interest. The parents were advised to help the children with the chopping of the vegetables. As the students set about finding the ingredients for their salads (fruits, vegetables and dairy products) they learned about the nutritional value of different items and the importance of having a variety of colours in their diet. They participated whole heartedly and came up with unique themes such as 'my country', ' save trees' and 'my favourite scene' They clicked pictures of their creations and sent them to their class teachers. The response was stupendous.
              The pandemic has prevented the classmates to meet up with each other in a real classroom. But the memories they have of time spent with their best of friends talking and laughing, sharing food, pencils and crayons, playing games together and visiting the water joint during recess all bring infinite joy sitting at home.
              In memory of 'friends' an English Speech Activity was organised for class 1 on 14 July 2020 on the topic- My Best Friend. Children spoke confidently and enthusiastically about their best friend. The objective of this activity was to promote English speaking skills, in terms of pronunciation, delivery and voice modulation and also to develop confidence. It was an interesting and thrilling experience for the teacher too, to see her students share their feelings freely about their best friend.
              The highlight of the activity was the students' home production team at work. The kids enjoyed performing in front of the camera while their parents shot the video and released it online by sending it to the class teacher. 


                It is the words that are read, but the calligraphy that is felt - Steven Skaggs

                Writing is a medium of human communication that involves the representation of a language and symbols .It is a way of representing our thoughts. Artistic writing is always pleasing to the eyes .Keeping this in mind, TAFS Junior Wing organised a Hindi Calligraphy Competition for the students of class III on 13th July 2020. A passage was given to them from a story. The teachers were flooded with handwriting artwork as the students submitted their entries with a lot of enthusiasm. Their participation, style and flair for the handiwork are worthy of appreciation for one and all. 

                Following are the names of winners from each section:



                NAME OF THE STUDENT

                III A


                SWAYAMDEEP SAHOO



                PRANAV PRAKASH



                YAKSHIT KAJAL




                III B


                ARSHIYA PARIHAR



                ARSHIYA CHAUDHARY



                GANIV RAJ SINGH CHAHAL




                III C


                MANIT CHUGH



                AKSHTA PANDEY







                III D


                VIHAAN DEBNATH



                RISHAAN SAINI



                CHHAYA SAINI, YUG RATHEE




                III E


                ETHAN THOMSON



                ATHARVA RAJ Y.



                AYUSH SHARMA



                  THE QUEST 2020

                  Click here to view the report

                    STORY NARRATION ACTIVITY- CLASS UKG (10 JULY 2020)

                    Keeping in mind the significance of story telling in child development, a story narration and clay modelling activity was organised for the students of kindergarten on July 10, 2020. The children were taken through the story of a frizzy wizzy caterpillar and how it transforms from a cocoon into a butterfly. This not only helped in development of language skills through exposure to sound and words but also to spark imagination, a sense of wonder and understand emotions. 

                    Furthermore, the children were taught the art of making colourful caterpillars using clay balls, cloves and black pepper. This fine motor skills development activity through creative play was aimed to enhance the development of hand muscles and foster eye-hand coordination. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves taking part in this activity along with their classmates and teachers, in their virtual classroom.


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                      "Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. ~ Thomas Henry Huxley "