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The budding poets of Class IV earnestly participated in the ‘English Poetry Recitation Competition’ which was conducted on 26 Sep 2014. We had Wordsworth, Yeats and Kiplings of tomorrow, presenting poetry touching themes of nature, life, humour, patriotism and childhood.  The poems presented by these young minds kept the audience mesmerized. The Judges were impressed by all the participants and the result is a true reflection of the fact that it was a very close competition.

The winners of this event are:

I Position

1.           Aryaman Malik  (IV A)

2.           Taru Satija  (IV A)

 II  Position

1. Dheemant Joshi  (IV B)

2. R.Arundathi  (IV C)

3. Ananya Vasisht  (IV A)

III Position

1. DishaSrivastava  (IV A)

2. Nireeksha Tomar  (IV B)

Consolation Prize

1. Ansh Bhrigu  (IV E)

2. Aditri Sahni  (IV E)

3. Bhoomi Singh (IV D)














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    The little angels of TAFS Kindergarten, had a fun filled day on the occasion of ‘Costume Parade’ activity on 26 Sep 14.  The theme of this activity was ‘Toys’.

           Children presented themselves, as their favourite toy, in their creative costumes and props and spoke a few lines too. The venue came alive with toy cars, aeroplane, cell phone, ball, soft toys like teddy bear, mickey mouse, doremon etc. there were hard toys too, a variety of animals, existing as well as extinct and imaginary! It was truly a great delight to watch!

           The aim of this activity was to educate on the need to play with safe toys, blend learning with fun, develop confidence and hone their speaking skills. It proved to be a joyous and exhilarating learning experience for our tiny tots!

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      Class II organized an English Poem Recitation Competition, on 24 Sep 2014. The students were provided with a learning opportunity as they went about researching and rummaging through the vast ocean of poetry to find the perfect one that appealed to their hearts. As the participants recited their poems, their expression, voice modulation and impressive presentation rendered the audience spell bound. The poems ranged from the classics to the contemporary.  The results are:


         I POSITION

           II  POSITION



      II A


      Raghav Singh

      1. Palak   Guliyani

      2. Sahil C S

      1. Suryansh Tyagi

      2. Rakshanda Karolia

      3. Plaboni Dutta

      II B

      1.Tanishqua Punia

      2. Kanishka Rathee


      1.Deban Mukherjee

      2.Manasvi Joshi

      N R Pradhiyuksha

      1.Tanvi Malhotra

      2. Sanvee

      3. Bhuvana Guddad

      II C

      Manya Sabharwal

      1. Jaiveer Rattu

      2. Sneha Tyagi

      1. Krishna Upadhyay

      2. Samriddhi Tripathi

      1. Nishtha Verma

      2. Sidhartha Bansal

      II D

      Shambhavi Bahuguna

      Drishti Goel

      1. Aditya Sharma

      2. Harjeet Singh

      1. Aditya Thakur

      2. Ajitesh Sharma

      3. Soham Sarkar

      II E

      Padm Neelabh

      Palak Gupta

      1. Shreya Gupta

      2. Manas Shori

      1. Aditya Yadav

      2. Ananya Vyas

      3. Jeevanjot Singh


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        Class III students of TAFS were transported to the poetic world of freedom, struggle, love & harmony on 22 Sep’14, during the English Recitation Competition, organised for them.

        Poems are great means of expressing your views , thoughts and feelings which was very well presented by the children, who recited poems like “Our Mother”, “Simplest things of our life”,” Mother Earth” and “Life is like a race “ that touched hearts of everyone present there .

        Poems like “Teacher”, “Mathematics “,”All my great excuses” and “Sick” tickled our funny bones. Some children chose the more famous poems like the “Daffodils”, “Someone somewhere is not happy as you” and “God’s flight” which impressed everyone. This exciting journey was concluded by the judges who declared the results and appreciated the efforts made by the children.

        The winners are :

        I Position – Keona Sangwan (III D)

        II Position – Incia Bajwa (III A)

                            Tushita (III B)

        III Position – Jahanvi (III E)

        Consolation Prizes:

        1. Ariza (III C)

        2. Sneha Malik

        3. Lavya Tanotra

        4. Ria Dixit

        5. V. Aasrita

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          The students of Class V participated in the Hindi “HASYA KAVITA” Competition held in the Junior Wing on 20 September 2014.

          The children recited various humorous poems which kept the audience in splits. The judges appreciated the efforts of the participants and praised their oratory skill. They lauded the talent among the children for being expressive and able to amuse the audience.

          The prize winning participants are-

          I Position          

          1.     Shambhavi Tripathi V D                  

          2.     Reshav Sawarn V A


          II Position           

          1.     Taarini Ajit Negi V B                       

          2.     Y. Smara Reddy V E


          III Position

          1.     Tanya Shukla V  E                            

          2.     Sanshray Choudhary V C

            Consolation Prizes 

          1.    Tanya Mudel V E                             

          2.  Shailja Shrivastav V B                    


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            Class III students of TAFS dressed up as their favourite cartoons enjoyed the Toon Town party by participating in “Dress Me Up “activity held on 17 Sep ’14 in school. These young “Toons” amazed everyone with their talent of acting like one of them. Their toon world had them all from Jerry, Mowgli, Sponge Bob, to Chotta Bheem and many many more......

            Dora ‘the explorer ‘carried all her tools including map to explore the new world of happiness. Mickey Mouse came running out of his club house to help his friends Goofy and Minnie shouting “O DOODLE” . Then came CHUTKI’s mom “Tun Tun” aunty who made each child remind of her yummy Ladoos. Handy Man too came with all his tools ready to repair. There were Doremons and Nobita’s who were checking out all the new gadgets from Doreamon’s three dimensional pockets ........children carried interesting gadgets like watches and torches as Doreamon’s new gadgets which made the show interesting....

            Children enjoyed the show by singing to the tunes of DOREAMON and JUNGLE BOOK.

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              English Poem Recitation for Class I was held on 17th Sept 2014. Children recited poems in their own unique style which along with emphasizing their innocence spoke volumes about their confidence and a deep sense of assurance. It was pleasure to hear their tiny voices trained and modulated to suit the ideas of their respective poems. Children were awarded with certificate of appreciation.
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                  A colourful extravaganza marked the Teachers’ Day celebration in The Air Force School on 5th September 2014.

                  Teachers, full of enthusiasm showcased their talent in the form of a puppet dance, a medley of songs, nrityanatika and nukkadnatak. The ambience thus created re-energised everybody’s mood. Teachers sang and danced together. The programme culminated in a hearty lunch organized for the staff. The teachers received gifts from the school and reveled in the atmosphere of bonhomie as the junior & senior school got together

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                    The Air Force School celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5th September 2014 with great enthusiasm.

                    Preparations were in full swing for nearly 2 days in advance. On the D-day, the air was palpable with excitement, expectation, happiness and an element of surprise planned by the students of Classes X, XI & XII for their teachers. Since this was the last Teachers’ Day celebration for Class-XII batch, the children participated excitedly.

                    The children sang and danced on various songs. The skit presented by Class XI and the dummy dance by Class X were appreciated. Sahil, the Sports Captain of our school, a class XI student, also impressed everyone with his solo performance.

                    The celebration ended with encouraging words spoken by the Principal, Ms Deepika Thapar Singh. Ma’am said that music if integrated with academics can make the learning process more interesting.

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                      News Reporters meet was held on 29 August 2014 at Manav Rachna University, Faridabad. The occasion was to bring together the student editors from all schools subscribing the student newspaper, NIE. The meet began at 10’0clock in the morning. All the young reporters were given a batch.

                      All the students had been initially (before the event) given a novel to read, ‘The PetPost Secret’ and the event was a question-answer round; we could ask one question to the resident editor of Times of India, Mr Vikas Singh or the author of the book, ‘The PetPost secret’- Mrs Radhika R. Dhariwal.  Before the question-answer round, Vikas sir and Radhika ma’am had a small talk with us. Then the organiser announced the commencement of the round.

                      Most of the questions that were addressed to Vikas sir were about journalism. One such question was “What do you expect from the reporters of NIE?” He requested the organizer to answer the query. Ma’am told us that we are the budding journalists, speakers and writers. As NIE is student’s newspaper; we as students know what children of our age would like to read. She also said that we should write for NIE.

                      ‘The PetPost Secret’ was a debut novel by Radhika ma’am. A lot of students asked how should one go about writing a novel, as writing such lengthy scripts was not an easy task and all Radhika ma’am said was that one needs to have patience while writing a novel. Jayagauri and myself(reporters from our school) had questions which were related to the novel and our answer was that she is going to make a sequel!

                      Autographed copies of the novel were given to the students.

                      This was a great opportunity for both of us and we shall cherish it. We both thank our school for believing in us that we can represent our school at such august gathering.

                      -          Avni Vishnoi

                      -          Jayagauri


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                        Students of Class V participated in a Famous Speeches competition “QUOTE-UNQUOTE” held in the school on 30 September 2014.  The children donned the roles of famous personalities and leaders and quoted them with great fervour and expressions. The confidence and enthusiasm displayed by the speakers managed to make the audience sit up and imagine the period of the original speech in all its glory. The judges greatly appreciated the efforts of the contestants and encouraged the children to keep up the good work.

                        The winners of the competition were

                            I Position                                     II Position                                       III Position

                        Harshit Punia V E                      Sanshray Choudhary V C             Taarini Ajit Negi V B

                        Aryaman S Pendse V D            Tanya Mudel  V E                          Suvigya Verma V C                                                                   

                        Shambhavi Tripathi V D                                                                   Tanisha Aneja V A

                                                                                                                                     Manya Khattar V B

                        Consolation Prize – Suhani Bharadwaj V C

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                          "An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. ~ Henry David Thoreau "